This Week In Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

(**Remember the short story contest is still going on until July 3rd**)

*Asterisk is next to what I plan to watch

I know, still slim pickings, but let me tell ya’all, I am excited about mid July—why??? Shows are coming back and a new one is arriving! I’m very excited about SyFy’s “Fact or Faked” show. Jeez, is there a blog that should be watching this more than mine? They are going to test all kinds of paranormal supposed captured evidence and figure out if it can be faked and if it might be real. Seeing them do some hardcore hands-on debunking makes me terribly envious! I will warn you when it’s coming on with lots of fanfare. If it’s good enough, it might even get its own drinking game like “Destination Truth” and “Ghost Adventures” do!

*NBC: “Persons Unknown” (show) I’ll tell ya’all the truth. I watched the episodes of it so far and I’m having trouble being hooked. With “Harper’s Island” I saw one episode and that was it—I was hooked. But this show…I can’t seem to get caught in it. There’s something overly rehearsed about it and I don’t give a shit about any character, although the mysterious main guy who seems to know a lot about tactical stuff is pretty sexy, but that ain’t even enough to get me hooked. I’ll give it one more try tonight and then I’m outta there. My time is too precious.
SyFy: “Aliens” (movie)


ABC Family channel: “Van Helsing” (movie)
SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” (repeats) and new “Ghost Hunters Academy”

SyFy: “Stephen King’s The Stand”

Travel Channel: Repeats of “Ghost Adventures”
*History Channel: “Apocalypse Island” Explorer goes to prove theory on Pacific Island about regarding Mayan predictions about the apocalypse.

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  1. I'm glad there's no asterisk next to VAN HELSING!

  2. I watched about 30 seconds of "The Gates" last night. No idea if it is any good. All I can say for sure about it is Rhona Mitra is nice to look at.

  3. i don't watch tv, last time was more'n 3 years ago...

    too much crap outta hollyweird is overdone with sfx and has a weak storyline, if any GRRRRRRRRRRR

  4. Aaron;
    I ain' stupid--even though the leader actor is a dish and a half, the movie was a pile and a half!

    Didn't miss a thing, baby. You will need to find something else with Rhona in it--like something with a scripted dialogue and plot line...

    Why watch TV when the Internet is more interesting, huh?

  5. I have “Apocalypse Island” taped on my DVR. It's a decent show...

  6. Gabriel;
    I haven't heard of that one, but now I'm intrigued.

  7. Lol what you smokin? It was listed in this post! :)

  8. Gabriel;
    I am duly chastized. I looked at it and went "oh, that's the name" cause on the post-it pad near my TV (reminder note) I just put "South Pacific Apocalypse" and the channel and time). Hee hee. No smoking. I inhale enough traffic smells living near a freeway--jeez, maybe that's what it is--I shouldn't have gone outside during morning traffic!

  9. I tried and watched The Gate last night a couldn't get into it. As for Persons Unknown, I am still watching because Harper's Island was slow at first and then took off with a fantastic ride. I am hoping this show will too. I haven't been watching GHA, I opt for other shows instead. Not a good week for horror shows.

  10. Julie;
    Yeah, I'm just watching my Netflix until mid July and then I'll actually watch the TV. No, I mean WATCH the TV, cause 99% of the time I'm on the laptop and kind of watching it, but when "Fact or Faked" comes on--it has my full attention, laptop closed and set aside...

  11. i love the stand, i'll watch that anytime!!
    ...and is anyone else watching 'happytown' on abc, wednesday nights? i like it...slow at times, but, what isn't? teehee!
    ...and the new show coming to a&e in july, 'the glades', looks good...not ghostly or anything, murders, etc...

  12. Hey Libby Girl;
    There's another one coming out called Haven that I can't wait to see. I should look that up. I meant to put a thing on here about it... Hope all is well with you sweets! :-)

  13. Hey Gabriel;
    It has the feel of The Langoliers (so far as writing/directing/filming) so you know what kind of quality to expect. It's an end of the world scenario with a plague knocking out almost everyone and the few who survive are into factions of good and evil...


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