Monday, June 14, 2010

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

***This is my 1000th post! Yes, 1000! Considering I've been blogging since September 2008, that's damn amazing! You know the scary thing? I never run out of things to talk to ya'all about because all of you are so terribly interesting, the conversation never stops!***

*Means it’s one I’m watching.


*NBC “Persons Unknown” (show about people abducted and put in a fake town)
SyFy “Ghost Whisperer” marathon


AMC “Outbreak” (movie) Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo trying to stop an outbreak of a virus in a small California town.
*HISTORY CHANNEL: “Ancient Aliens” show

SyFy: Repeats of “Ghost Hunters” and a new “Ghost Hunters Academy”

*TNT: “Disturbia” (this is seriously one of my favorite suspense movies, I’m a total dork!)
SyFy: “Stephen King’s The Langoliers” (miniseries marathon)

*Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” episodes followed by “Ghost Stories” episodes

SyFy: Keep it on all day! Lots of great horror movies in a row including "Mothman" and "Jeepers Creepers" and in the evening "The Seamstress" (teens on an island are chased and tormented by a mutilated spectre)

Don’t worry, my pretties, it appears that mid July a lot more stuff comes on and it will amp up super big-time as we cruise towards the Halloween month, so I know I’m also going to be gearing up and we can expect the ride to be wild cause we all get the Halloween bug once we’re sick and tired of being hot and sticky (for all the wrong reasons) I am most looking forward to SyFy's "Fact or Faked." Looks like they get to have a kickass time proving once and for all if a lot of that viral paranormal stuff running around the Internet is real or not. Yet more lucky bastards to add to the Lucky Bastards Club!


  1. Congrats on your 1000th post!

  2. I would say....that you have a plethora of posts! Congrats, Sharon!!!

  3. 1000th post...hum, not surprised, lol. Just when I'm not sure what else you can post, you surprise me. There must be many stories, ideas and theories running around in your head, lol.

    I like Disturbia too and very excited about Persons Unknown tonight! They are giving us just enough information to keep us coming back.

  4. Thanks ya'all! I admit I'm not a chatterbox, so the fact that I write a lot is a sign that the subject is a favorite. Of course, I've had a few decades of life to get myself well versed in the subject matter and then there's ya'all--you really do inspire a lot of the posts--even the one on how much sex it takes to burn of Halloween candy on the May 26th post. Hee hee! Ya'll seemed to enjoy that one way too much and I might have created a candy obsession for all concerned....

  5. I'll be watching ancient aliens! It's my favorite show!

  6. Gabriel; I admit, I love it too!!!

  7. Yay, I'm not the only one then lol

  8. Duuuuuuuude! LOL! Your elf older brother here clicks on your site & the captcha for my comment is … wait for it … impsitte! Outreal, totally outreal. Will synchronicities ever ? Nope. Probably not. congratulations, Baby Girl, for your milestone one-thousandth blogticle. You are, indeeeeeeeed, an endless resource & inspiration & oasis from which to quench our thirst for knowledge.

    Disturbia? Very disturbing & fun to jump out of our seats to! gee, I must be a total dork then, also! Carrie-Anne Moss as Shia LaBeouf's mother is all-too-real, as is Method Actor David Morse's sociopathic serial killer character.

    I can't recall iffen I've ever raved about another of Matrix Mistress Carrie-Anne Moss' stellar performances. It's for Suspect Zero. She portrays a detective in a team desperately tracking down a serial killer who uses what was once called astral projection but is nowadays termed remote-viewing. You must know that all kinds of police & security & military units nowadays respect remote viewing as a time-tested means in apprehending criminals, right? A definite must-see & a pleasant surprise ~ (•8-D

  9. Gabriel;
    There's actually a lot of us who were weaned on "Chariots of the Gods" in the 70s and went on to follow it for life. Of course, you're too much of a pup to recall that bandwagon, but timelines are funny. The 70s occult/paganism/aliens/Bigfoot stuff came back around this past decade and then it'll go out of style again and we'll all be struggling to find good movies and entertainment and events based on it, then another 20-30 years it'll be back again and expect me to be a white-haired crazy lady dancing around at some pagan event then, no doubt, waiting for the mothership to finally come. I love this stuff!

    Big Bror;
    You are the source of knowledge, my wise older brother. You have been with me since my inception here in the blog world. I really love Rear Window but Disturbia has a more kicking soundtrack and is just so fun. I must have seen it dozens of times. I am going to check into that movie. Remote viewing is one of my favorite passtimes!

  10. I'll have to get in my time machine and go back to see what your talking about :)