Monday, June 7, 2010

This Week in Horror Movie and Paranormal TV

I will put an *asterisk near the ones I’m watching.

***NBC: “Persons Unknown” (Pilot of a new show) This show has me curling my toes and I haven’t even seen it. Along the lines of “Harper’s Island,” this show has a limited run and packs a lot of punch. It’s about people who are kidnapped and wake up in a fake town with a lot of cameras watching their every move. They either have to work together or total anarchy takes over.
SyFy: “Ghost Whisperer” marathon.

Nothing, unless VH1’s “Hip Hop Honors” can be categorized as horror…

Discovery Channel: “Weird or What?” (TV show)
SyFy: “Ghost Hunters Academy” followed by repeats of “Ghost Hunters”


Travel Channel: “Most Terrifying Places in America” followed by “Mysteries of the Smithsonian,” followed by “Bermuda Triangle: Beneath the Waves”
SyFy: “Stephen King’s Desperation” (perfect title BTW)

TNT: “Men in Black” (movie)
Travel Channel: Repeats of “Ghost Adventures”

***SyFy: Nothing will keep me away from another fantastically cheesy and fun SyFy Original. This one is called “Stonehenge Apocalypse” and I know my good buddy at AnythingHorror, Scott, will be doing a fantastic review of this, so I can hardly wait to hear what he has to say. Can Stonehenge cause the end of the world? Hey, I wanna see. Supposedly it’s the same director who did “Yeti,” so if you’re watching it and wanna email back and forth during it, I’m totally up for some good laughs:


  1. Hey Autumn, I'm sorry I didn't get back w/ you but just wanted to thank you for the last comment you left me and thank you b/c you totally get me and my situation. It's nice to have a kindred friend. Thank you for the positive energy you've sent me...I can feel it so keep sending it. Blessings on you and yours. I will be catching up w/ your blog soon. Oh, and btw...I've got Ghost Hunters season 1 on DVD right maybe I'll get the parodies you write about them and not just the Zack portions after I watch it. lol!☺

  2. Thursday on the travel channel looks like my day. Thanks for keeping me up to date!

  3. Hey Kim;
    Yeah, I totally get you. You have such an honest and wonderful blog. I'm glad you stick with it because it helps you make sense of life but it does the same for your followers. You make wonderful discussions and shed insight for all of us.

    Yup, every Monday you can expect to know what's up for the week.

  4. Scott does love to review those Syfy movies and does a great job doing it. I am with you on Persons Unknown, which is on tonight. I can't wait and hope my excitement isn't dashed by a bad premiere. I will continue to watch because Harper's Island took 5 weeks to get real good and then it just kept getting better. BTW, I like those cheesy Syfy movies too.