The Tao of the Paranormal Investigators

The wise television paranormal investigators gave me all the wonderful humor for my LAUGH series (righthand side of the blog). They also leave us with some precious rules for living, some guidelines to finding our bliss, and a method by which we will attain a higher level of understanding. We are wiser by their example.

The Tao of Jason Hawes:

“Commit yourself not to commit” (i.e., be noncommittally committed)

The Tao of Grant Wilson:
“Life is baffling” (so remain perpetually perplexed)

The Tao of Steve Gonsalves:
“Explain things slowly” (and you will penetrate deep skulls, i.e. Tango’s)

The Tao of Josh Gates:
“Life has many paths” (by which you can take a plane, boat, automobile, bicycle, donkey, moped, paraglider, ATV, jeep, bus, train, jet pack…)

The Tao of Ryan Buell:
“Evil is all around us” (after gestating in our minds first)

The Tao of Barry Klinge:
“Go at it with both barrels” (and 8 recording devices, 10 videocameras, 4 motion detectors, 6 digital cameras, 5 EMF meters, 7 thermometers, 4 KII meters…)

The Tao of Zak Bagans:
“Enter the room screaming” (leave the room screaming like a girl)

Now, it's your turn, ya'all. Give me the tao of Kris Williams from "Ghost Hunters"


  1. LOL Autumn Forest!!
    I love it when people do Zak Bagans (among other "manly men" ) stuff - You and Julie have given me some much needed smiles today-thanks so much !!
    your little bror in mesa;-)

  2. Dev;
    Stick with us--we'll crack you up, sweetie. Julie and I are going on a hunt in late July. Cool, huh? We're having a new member from the blog world (from your neck of the woods) joining us for an overnight hunt. Cool, huh? It's a downtown hotel in Phoenix. I am hoping to make a funny video of it for the blog. I gotta start doing more crazy videos. I was going to take the camera out sometimes on reconnaisance. Julie and I and Ginny are going to have a girl's sleepover one night and raid the abandoned trailer park in the desert at night--dressed like thieves in black outfits--stealing up little rusted parts for my Etsy shop. Will video that too. Maybe some nighttime graveyard trips and abandoned towns. I gotta take ya'all with me on trips.

  3. hahaha! Bravo, Autumn!!!

    Funny post!

    Oh, and Kris Williams....hmmmmm....

    "The Tao of 'Act like your tough, but not really'....and 'I'm cold'...."

  4. Dan;
    I couldn't help it. I was wondering what wisdom we have been imparted with by all the paranormal shows after repeating viewing. Kris...yeah, I love when she taunts (it's like a whiny child at the checkout stand wanting her mom to buy her a candy bar)

  5. Kris Williams would be:

    "Behold the power of the enhanced orbs."

  6. Hey, puts a whole new meaning to getting orbs in your pictures and wondering if they're authentic?

  7. I had the privilege to witness a orb up close for nearly 10 minutes. It was blue--about the size of a baseball. It was transparent but you couldn't see through it.

  8. Gabriel;
    I call those earth lights. We had them in the graveyard across from our summer home. I used to watch them at nighttime. They were baseball-sized and floating and hovering and bobbing in and out sometimes. There's a lot of theories on what causes them. Ironically, it was in the Dismal Swamp area and I do believe folks thought they were related to swamp gases (oh brother!) But, they only happened in the cemetery, not our yard or anywhere else..

  9. When I seen the "orb" it wasn't near anything that could be even remotely related to death or a cemetery. I was at a hotel (which I owned) and as far as I know, there have never been any deaths on the property or in the building. However, there have been discoveries of Indian artifacts in and around the property. That could have something to do with it.

  10. Gabriel;
    Just give me the general city area and I can probably look up geology and such... I'd be curious.

  11. Kris Williams Tao would probably be
    "Always remain invisible and nondescript....have no attachment to
    a personality."

  12. SeekTheSun; Yeah, definitely a flat affect...


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