SyFy: "Fact or Faked?"

I’m definitely giving the new SyFy show “Fact or Faked” a shot. It’s on their docket starting July 15th. It’s about Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who has had a fascination for the paranormal all his life (I like this guy already and the FBI agent thing is kinda sexy!) along with a team of investigators (one you will recognize from “Destination Truth” Jael--apparently capable of being plugged into any show), who examine images of supposed paranormal phenomenon and decide if it’s real or faked.

I’m not sure how this’ll stand up over time cause it sounds like a very linear concept. I don't think it's got enough to it to make a compelling show. At least with Josh you get involved in his crazy next adventure and reaction to the locals, but this show... I don't see a continual thread making you feel "I can't miss the next episode."

Unless Ben is great on the eye and really charming like Josh Gates, I’m not really sure, but I’ll give it a look-see and so should you.

I keep hoping some day SyFy figures out what we want and need.


  1. I had not heard of this before. Thanks for the post. I will definitely check it out!

    Mommy D

  2. I vote.....faked! :)

    Yes, looking forward to this, but also wonder how they're going to keep our interest up for more than a season.....

  3. Mommy D;
    Yeah, it's worth a look-see.

    Hey Lucky Bastard,
    You're right! My thought exactly. So they don't actually gather evidence under controlled conditions, they just take some film some Tom, Dick or Harry gave them with a big story along with it and sort through fact of fiction? Hmm... Worthy of about 15 minutes of my time. I don't know...perhaps I'm a bigger skeptic than the ex-FBI dude.

  4. I will have to give this show a look see to form a opinion.

  5. that's where Jael went. I missed her when she left Destination Truth...I thought she was the one that was great on the eye!

  6. Jeff;
    Apparently SyFy thinks so too. I liked her on Destination Truth because she could interpret and she was never scared of doing things unlike Ryder. Perhaps they realized they had another person who might be able to carry a show.


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