Short Story Contest!!!

Okay, okay, I admit, a good idea is a good idea. It started with my recent post on Friday about if you could haunt yourself. Barry from Gnostalgia replied asking what if a zombie’s soul could haunt him? Well, that sparked a fun discussion with Grim, the winner of my last short story contest. I wanted to have a contest on here again, but couldn’t come up with a premise. Well, howdy doo—here’s your premise:

A short story (1000 words or less) and the premise is; what if a zombie’s soul haunted him?

You can let your mind just go with that one. It can be a total beginning to end story, it can be a piece of a story--just a scene, it can be an interview, a dialogue, a diary page…whatever way you want to portray this.

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1000 words or less
Premise: What if a zombie’s soul haunted him/her?
Deadline: Get the story to me at by midnight EST July 3rd—winner to be announced on my 4th of July post.

The prize will be a box in the mail with a real mix of wonderful things from books to movies and something made by my (soon to be opened at the end of the month) Etsy shop line “Autumnforest Haunted.” There will be one winner of the prize showcased on the blog, but there will be 2 honorable mentions whose stories will be posted on the blog for all to read.

Happy writing!


  1. Yarg... flash fiction... I hate flash. Why couldn't it be a novella. lol Short pieces are the bane of my existence.

    Any preference for the type of zombie? traditional? Romero? African? There's an African creature that's considered a precursor to the Haitian zombie called the isithfentula...

  2. Candace;
    Yeah, I'm working your skills. I relate. Last contest, I did 500 or less, so you're lucky this time. You can go any direction you want.

  3. I'm going to powwow with the zombie possum that sleeps in my garage. He might have some ideas.

    My word captcha is "monska". Strangely, that is the possum's name.

    Coincidence? :O

  4. Pangs;
    My day doesn't start till I hear from you, buddy. You always make me smile, even though I have stitches in my mouth and my cheek looks like a chipmunk and it hurts like hell to grin--it hurts good. I think the word was a psychic sign that you need to write a short story about a zombie's soul...

  5. I feel my creative juices flowing, lol. I like the zombie idea and have a story in mind. I tend to get wordy, so adding an extra 500 words is great. I must get typing...

  6. Yahoo! I'm the luckiest gal in the world to read shorts about this subject. It's freaking unique and I think someone should make it into a film.

  7. Its a good thing that I didn't wonder about zombie poop. I mean, they don't digest it so what happens to what they eat? We wouldn't want a contest on that .... eeewwww.

    The contest sounds like fun, I plan to get my crayons and write something.

  8. Barry;
    You are the inspiration, dude! Get at it with the writing tools! (Yeah, and I don't think the zombie poop would have inspired me as much). I admit I would love to write a novella with this theme, but honest to gosh, I'm writing a nonfiction book, a novel series, and two novellas right now..oh, and a blog...

  9. I haven't written anything since I was a senior in high school, decades ago...really! so long ago that both the fashion and the furniture is back in style!
    But maybe........
    Is there an easy way to know what 1000 words are without actually counting?

  10. Cindi;
    If you use Word program for your writing on your laptop, simply click on the "tools" up at the very top left of the screen and it will scroll down the option of word count, click on it. Good luck!

  11. Thanks Autumn....
    ummm...I don't have a laptop or Word, just wordpad....maybe the little mouse that runs the wheel in the back of this computer can count it for me! Ha! Ha!
    (laptop is my next big purchase!)

  12. Cindi;
    It appears that wordpad doesn't have a word count function, but there is an online word counter for you. Just copy and paste what you wrote into this
    and it should give you the word count. If all else fails, send it to me and I'll count it for you and send it back for you to finish. Hope that helps.

  13. Thanks!
    Now I have to go Google Zombies!
    (just kidding!)

  14. It's me AGAIN!
    So I REALLY did Google Zombies...and then I got distracted by the Voodoo ones because suddenly I had all these "mixed media" ideas swirling in my head...I know that I'm going to have to paint something involving Voodoo now!
    Anyway, last night I got an idea and typed it out and used your link- 1108 words, Hmmm... guess I need to tighten it up but here's my NEWEST question - Any kind of Zombie right? And just the question of whether there's still a soul or tiny bit of human in there right? (Sorry to keep bugging you but this is so different and FUN!) XOXO - Cindi

  15. Hey Cindi-sweet; You can do any kind of zombie you desire. Getting rid of some words isn't too hard if you look for sentences that don't really add anything or extra long sentences made shorter. I had a contest recently I entered that asked for 500 words or less and the story I had to whittle down was 2500! Ouch! It was like making concentrate from juice. The premise is what if the soul haunts the zombie and that can take on any form. You could tell it from the soul's point of view watching the massacre or the soul trying to make contact with the zombie or from an outside perspective of the zombie occasionally being inhabited by the soul that tries to curb his tendencies...whatever you want. Have fun!


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