Thursday, June 10, 2010

QUIZ: What's Your Worst Way To Die?

(On a miserable note, I'm on painkillers today and taking the day off work. I had a rear top molar removed yesterday and it took 90 whole minutes! Apparently, my teeth are as stubborn as I am. It was so freaking grisly. The first thing I thought of was Tom Hanks in "Castaway." You know, removing his bad tooth with an ice skate. Then, when I got a bit more white knuckled and delirious as she pulled, tugged, cracked, snapped and tried to loosen the tooth, I began to think "I should have brought my flipcam to film this horror movie..." Eventually, she drilled it into pieces and got down to the last big root to be removed and I cracked a smile. Why, you ask? I was thinking about something Pangs said on a comment on my pineal gland post. I'm sure the sweating and exhausted dentist and tech thought I was delirious, and perhaps I was, but the point here is that bloggers leave little trails of sunshine everywhere they go and you never know when something absurd you say makes someone smile when they most need it, so while I'm here recovering and a bit giddy from the pain killers, I thank ya'all for being so adorable and so wickedly warped as I am. Especially you, Pangs, you're one in a million!)

So, it’s quiz time again. I know, it’s your favorite, right? Let’s learn more about you, my pretties…. Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and find out what you would consider to be the most horrifying way to die… (hey, this might actually help you make a game plan to avoid the worst way to go)

1. I most enjoy a 4th of July …
a. Having a barbecue because I hate crowds
b. I don’t usually celebrate, I hate fireworks
c. On a boat in the water watching the fireworks over the lake
d. Fireworks show with the crowd

2. I best describe myself as…
a. Not assertive, follow the crowd
b. In control, like to be the driver, make the decisions
c. Intimidated by my boss, spouse, anyone whose opinion matters
d. A people person, hate to be alone

3. The vacation activity that sounds the least enjoyable is…
a. A day shopping the marketplace in an exotic country
b. Pontoon boat trip to a lake in Alaska
c. Hiking in a wildlife preserve
d. Vigorous myofascial release massage

4. The worst nightmares involve…
a. Being chased
b. Falling
c. Being attacked
d. Unable to get help (lose voice, can’t remember phone number, no one around)

5. I’m most proud that I…
a. Am independent, don't follow the crowd
b. Command my own life
c. Have endured despite hardships
d. Have close relationships and lots of loved ones

Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and find out which one you have the most of, scroll down and see which way you think is the worst way to die.

a. Stampeded by a terror-filled crowd in a nightclub
b. Airplane plummeting to earth
c. Mauled by a bear in the wild
d. Gut shot and left to die slow and painfully alone


  1. Ooh you poor baby!! I hate dentists! Yep talk about nightmare!
    You rest and enjoy those painkillers.
    I will visit with you more next week. Lots of gourds to finish and then headed out of town.
    Oh and by the way I don't go to night clubs much anymore, but for sure I won't now!

  2. Oh, I know what you are going through. To me, there is nothing worse than a trip to the dentist. Get some rest and pamper yourself. That always made me feel favorite soft foods...chocolate shakes, pea soup, pudding...Oh yummy.

  3. Linda; Thanks. Good luck on the gourds--I am always excited to see what you do next!

    Mary; Thanks. I have to admit, I broke down and took a pain pill last night even though I know they always make me super queasy. Woke up this morning super queasy. Ick! Guess I'm on Motrin from now on. I had my Achilles tendon reattached and used only Motrin during recovery, so I'm a pretty tough cookie when it comes to pain, but I suck at dental procedures. From now on--put me out! Luckily, I have really good teeth-just one bad apple.

  4. Best part of dental work, the pk's. Call it crude but I'm honest. Haha. Dental-ly things hurt like all hell.

    Oh and my biggest fear is being mauled by a bear. I thought it would be by a shark, but I'm not arguing. ;)

  5. Yes do enjoy the pain killers! Not a fan of the dental procedures. Ok I don't really like any of the ways to die. I have to say that Dummy floating on the raft in your pool would be the worst way to go. Just because I'd be caught off guard!

  6. 1-a 2-b 1-d 1-c
    noooo not B , that's the one I'd PICK if I had to pick out of those as a way to die.........
    worse way? I think it would be either burning or something SLOW and painful.

    I'd like to sink that Dale! Lucky doll, it's HOT and Humid here.

  7. Geof;
    Better it happens on land versus water, right? They'd at least find your carcass to bury.

    Yeah, Dale taking in the sun--not a pretty sight, huh?

    It's just plain old hot and hot here--100s, but hey, it's AZ in the summertime. Dale put up quite a fight about the photo op. He said I was treating him like a pocket puppy by posing him like that. Hee hee I agree too about the slow death. You really don't want the time to think about what's happening.

  8. I should have known that I would end up with the airplane one... Which is actually true.

  9. Dr. Heckle;
    I'd actually be okay with that one because all my life I've had premonition dreams about crashes and I get to witness the entire thing to the end and they are 100% accurate, so I've basically been in several dozen plane crashes. Still, I do admit I hate to fly cause I know what it's like to be in a crash...

  10. It's death by airplane for me. Which is weird, 'cause I'm not afraid at all to fly. I have however pondered the sheer horror of having several minutes to think about what's going to happen as you fall for seven miles.....

  11. Dan;
    You know, I hate takeoff and getting up to cruising altitude and then I'm totally fine (unless there is turbulence) and the minute we begin to descend even slightly, I'm completely comfortable and I love landing. I'm the same way with heights, hate going up glass elevators or escalators, but love coming down. It's the craziest thing.

  12. Yeah, isn't it funny how that works? Especially since landing is actually the most risky part of the whole trip.....

  13. Dan;
    I actually know that from all the plane crashes I've been on in dreams. The worst was the hijacking on the Ethiopia plane--crashed into the water off the shore. I got to see that through the window. There's something mentally about getting closer to earth that just reassures me. Don't burst my bubble, buddy!

  14. I took an Oxycontin once for a migraine and I was passed out for 24 hours. It was kind of cool, but I'm just glad I was at home when I did it. It could have gotten messy, if for instance, I'd been at work at the time.

    Worst way to die? None of your suggestion. Worst way to die would be leprosy or flesh eating disease. Even if you weren't alone when it happened, you still wouldn't be able to take comfort in the people around you because they'd all want to be as far away from you as possible.

  15. CandaceMcBride;
    Yeah, I regret taking that stupid pain pill. I'm still unable to keep anything down halfway through the next day! I agree--having something that would make people run from you wouldn't be cool. Honestly, I think the really worst would be like in the movie "Aliens" with the parasite ripping its way out of you! (reminds me of childbirth, actually since I had a C-section)

  16. I am sorry it lasted so long! I hope it did n't hurt much.I feel the same way, by the way. There is nothing worse than the dentist. I know i should be grateful, because so many people suffer without dental care, but there is nothing freaking me out as much!

  17. Georgina;
    I definitely agree. I've had a lot of things done to me over the years from a ruptured Achilles tendon, to a C-section and cancer treatments as a teen, but the worst to me is always the dental stuff. The only person that should be in my head is me!