QUIZ: What Paranormal Adventure is Ideal For You?

Take the quiz and add up your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see which one you have the most of, scroll down the page and see what paranormal adventure is ideal for you.

1. If I had my choice of being somewhere for 10 hours, I’d rather be…
a. In a large historic building
b. Hiking in the woods
c. In a field with the sun on my face
d. Deep in a jungle

2. I am most interested in…
a. Historic sites
b. Anthropology/evolution
c. Earth mysteries
d. Forgotten creatures

3. When it comes to travel, I most like to go to…
a. The city
b. State parks
c. Countryside
d. Some place exotic

4. I think to discover something paranormal you need to…
a. Observe
b. Get in the field
c. Study it from all angles
d. Break a sweat

5. I’d be in paranormal research in order to…
a. Have an experience that rings true for me
b. To get physical evidence
c. To create theories and hypothesize
d. To make a name in the field

(scroll down after you find out if you have more a’s, b’s, c’s or d’s)

a. A ghost hunt at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
b. A Bigfoot hunt in Northern California
c. Investigating a crop circle in England
d. Looking for dinosaurs in the Congo


  1. Do I even have to reply? :) Trans-Allegenhy here I come!! (some day!)

  2. Dan;
    That is my mecca--in the book I'm writing, "An Alchemy For Hauntings," that is considered to be the perfect haunting alchemy--don't go there without me, buddy!

  3. I guess I'm packing for Northern Cali, but I would happily take a jaunt to do any of those things.

  4. Pangs;
    Seriously--if you did do that--I'd so want to go! Hunting BF in Northern California--on my bucket list!

  5. I am a Trans-Allegenhy person.

  6. I love the quiz but it was hard for me... I wanted to choose all the answers!!! What fun!

  7. MarZel;
    I guess you answer them for how you feel today and then take it again tomorrow. Hee hee

  8. This is kinda strange, but on just about every question, I wanted to answer BOTH A's & C's!

  9. Cindi;
    Well, they're forms of investigation that are similar...

  10. Congo! Congo! Congo!
    (now taking applications for the position of guide/gun bearer... make that TWO gun bearers!)

  11. BG;
    I would so totally love to look for dinosaurs in the Congo. Not sure the gov't would be all that friendly about it, but damn! I remember seeing those crazy Saturday afternoon movies as a kid, the ones like Land of the Lost and such...I daydreamed about going to the center of the earth on that adventure with James Mason--that movie is a freaking classic!

  12. "A ghost hunt at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum"

    Eh, talk about creepy. Loved the quiz and it actually worked quite well, I really think I'd pick a mental hospital if it were up to me.

  13. Atroxion, I've done loads of these quizzes. On the righthand side of my page is a search bar. You can just type in "quiz" and you'll get the others.


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