Quiz: What kind of Ghostly Encounter Should You Have?

It’s quiz time again my sweeties! You know the routine by now. Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s, find out which one you have the most of and scroll down to find out what sort of ghost would be best for you to encounter.

1. In bed, I prefer to…
a. Have sex
b. Get a good night’s sleep
c. Watch TV
d. Get caught up with my loved one on the day’s events

2. A sexy movie to me…
a. Shows it all
b. Is subtle and more evocative.
c. Has a little of everything from suspense to action to sex
d. Has romantic dialogue and intelligent interactions, substance

3. I prefer to watch sports that involve
a. opponents meeting body to body like football and wrestling
b. Soothing and repetitive and rhythmic like tennis
c. Fast action like basketball
d. Artistic skill such as ice skating/gymnastics

4. My favorite foods group below…
a. Mangos/strawberries/kiwi
b. Chips/French fries
c. Spicy Asian/Mexican/Curry
d. Beer/chocolate

5. Biggest thrill in high school…
a. First time going all the way
b. Hanging out with friends at the usual places
c. Getting into trouble, lots of exploits
d. Winning awards

Okay, count your a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s and find out which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out what kind of ghost would be best for you to encounter…

a. Incubus/Succubus
b. Residual/Repetitive loop
c. Poltergeist
d. Intelligent haunting


  1. Intelligent haunting was my result. Great quiz!

  2. All over the map for me once again, but it leans toward a residual succubus....lol.....

  3. Yeah, I'm completely and totally an incubus. No surprise there.

  4. Poltergeist barely beat out Succubus.

    Maybe I can go with succubus while a poltergeist pounds a rhythmic drum beat on the walls.

  5. Pangs;
    Now, that sounds like a rush--sex and ghostly activity--thrill/thrill!

  6. Damn !

    I wanted a succubus and all I got was an Intelligent haunting.

  7. Perhaps you need a little conversation before just jumping right to it...

  8. Jessica;
    The rare person can handle that encounter. We had a lot of that where I grew up and I have to admit, when I was young I thought that was part of the way the world worked. I didn't have any framework to say it was weird to see stuff moving around on its own.

  9. I am a wee bit residual/repetitive loop with a strong lean towards poltergeist. I better not see snow on my tv or I will freak out....he's here!

  10. Yeah, if the dog barks at a spot on the wall--move the hell out of the house--fast.

  11. i'm a residential/repetitive loop.

    i've been laying low here in blog land. we are getting closer to our move. so i'll try to check in when i can. miss reading your blog. but i'll be back in full swing in august, when we get settled in TN.

    have a great day my friend.


  12. Sandra, sweetie, you have a safe and fun relocation. Be sure to check out Courtney at HauntJaunts. http://hauntjaunts.net/blog/
    She is in TN and she is the sweetest and most wonderful lady who would love to have someone in-state to maybe go to some haunted inns or restaurants and check them out.

  13. Bs straight across...and that is exactly the kind of haunting I do have! You are good!

  14. Gail
    I ain't psychic for nothing. hee hee. That's a nice kind to have-nonthreatening and even kind of reassuring cause it's fairly predictable.

  15. Ok...B. Residual/Repetitive loop

    and I have no idea what that is
    (hopefully it's just in a dream)

  16. Cindi;
    Residual hauntings are like memories held in an environment, like footsteps, an image that is briefly seen repeatedly. It's not necessarily a ghost there, but as if an image or sound is held and replayed over and over again.


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