Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quiz: What Horror Movie is Made For You?

(Ya'all wish me luck. My best buddy talked me into taking belly dancing lessons tonight and every Tuesday for the next month. Considering I'm built like a dude with no hips--it should be pretty funny. I told her that for making me to do this, I might just have to make her take striptease classes--now there's a practical skill!)

Quiz time again. Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and scroll down to find out which horror movie is made for you!

1. Emotionally, I tend to be…
a. Repressed, it’s all inside my head churning up
b. Am given to let things build up until I explode
c. Expressive, whatever I am feeling, it shows
d. Logical, task-oriented, not particularly aware

2. In relation to other people around me, I see myself as…
a. A loner
b. Part of the crowd
c. Skeptical and cautious
d. A leader

3. To me, sex is…
a. Romantic, intimate, close
b. About teasing and prolonging the anticipation
c. It’s a raw and natural animal-like
d. Pretty straightforward and functional

4. Given a day off, I’d rather…
a. Go to a museum
b. Go for a road trip to somewhere I haven’t been
c. Hiking in the woods
d. Fix up the house, projects

5. Fondest children's story...
a. Princess and the Pea
b. Hansel and Gretel
c. Little Red Riding Hood
d. Three Little Pigs

Now, count up your a’s, b’s, c’s, d’s and whichever one you have the most of…correlate it with the letter below (scroll down)…

a. The Haunting.(original)
b. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
c. The Howling
d. Night of the Living Dead


  1. Meh? Figures. Howling is what I am …. sigh .… I much preferred Howling VI, wherein a carnival master, Harker, is portrayed by actor Bruce Payne who'd've made thee best choice for Anne Rice's Lestat de Lioncourt, don't you think? I love your quizes. Have an otherworldly week, Sharon ~ Bror the Boar ~ (•8-D

  2. I'm all over the map on this one. The Haunting by a nose.

    BTW, one of my friends loved her belly dancing classes and is going to start striptease this week :P

  3. Thanks bror!
    I loved Howling V because of the castle location. The quizzes are weekly now cause they're so popular. You should check out some of the past ones too. You might learn what horror character you make love like... hee hee

    The Haunting--nice! I would have figured that one for you. Oh, and you hang out with awesome folks! I will definitely not be doning the outfit--it would be hilarious. :-)

  4. Ha ha! Apparently I'd like to see a movie about taking out the Living Dead with a chainsaw!!!

  5. Hey Dan;
    That's a movie I wanna see! I was part Howling and part Night of the Living Dead, but Living Dead barely won out for me.

  6. I've been out of touch-have been so busy. I'll have to catch up on your posts.
    I'm all over the place too, but a "Howling" was it for me. Ha!
    I've taken belly dancing and strip tease. I liked to belly dancing much better. It's a good workout too!

  7. Sandra;
    Thanks for the insight. I like to pride myself on keeping the important lower body parts flexible, but we'll see. I still think the striptease would pay off in the long run much more since me swiveling my nonexistent hips is not about to arouse anyone, well except for their sense of humor!

  8. OK, apparently I need to go rent a few movies! I was ALL over the place! But mostly I'm half -"The Howling" (I haven't seen it) and "The Night of the Living Dead"...is that the old black & white Zombie movie? If so - WRONG!
    The movies that scared the Hell out of me were (OF COURSE) - THE OMEN (the original,the remake is a joke) Poltergeist (I think... It's been sooooo long) and "What lies Beneath"!
    Seriously, that bathroom suance scene makes me keep looking behind me! It scares me thinking about it...and favorite story (Again, not sure if this counts) and I was SO young when I saw it, you probably weren't born yet, but there was this special TV movie musical called "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf" and Mick Jagger was the WOLF! I can't remember it very clearly except I wanted that wolf to eat me all up!

  9. Cindi;
    "The Howling" would be one you'd like.