Saturday, June 19, 2010

QUIZ: What Horror Movie Best Represents Your Life?

It’s your favorite--quiz time. Today’s quiz is one of my fav’s…"what horror movie represents your life." I won’t even begin to answer why this one popped into my mind, but enjoy the ride. Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and then scroll way way down and find out!

1. In the work arena, I generally feel…
a. Invisible, ignored, a drone
b. The go-to-guy putting out all the fires
c. Never recognized for all I do
d. Caught in drama and misunderstandings all the time

2. Physically, I think I’m…
a. Always too fat, too short, too weird looking, not normal
b. Tired, wrung out, overextended
c. Work out hard and not getting anywhere with my physique
d. Hair falls flat on my way out the door, stain on my shirt, watch breaks…

3. In a group of friends at a bar, I’m likely to be the one…
a. Quiet and not picked up on by anyone
b. The designated driver, keep my friends from doing stupid shit
c. I talk to someone and think I’m charming but it goes nowhere
d. Get drunk, do something stupid, leave my cell phone behind, someone hates me the next day

4. In my childhood family, my role was…
a. Be seen and not heard
b. The referee
c. The overacheiver
d. The troublemaker, always being punished

5. Picking out a new puppy, I choose the one that…
a. Is the quietest and less needy
b. The one that protects the others
c. The one that is well behaved and not noisy
d. The one that is totally crazy and spastic and excited

Okay, my pretties, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see which one you have the most of and scroll way down to find out which horror movie best represents your life…

a. The Haunting (1963) – “always an outcast”
b. The Changeling – “caretaker”
c. Halloween – “shit happens to hardworking folks”
d. Phantasm – “one drama after another”


  1. LaughingWolf, I believe that. You seem to be a very kind and smart person but I hope life doesn't dump Michael Meyers on you... The do-gooder part should give you some karmic payback in the right way.

  2. welllllll
    1. was b or c
    2. was a or b
    3. was b or d
    4. was b
    5. was a,b,c AND d
    so what's that make me? -crazy!
    no, I quess a "B"
    taking care of everyone!

  3. Well, I'm mostly the Haunting, with a dash of Halloween. Maybe I'm the ghost of Michael Myers!

  4. Cindi;
    No going back and forth on your answers, girl. I'd say you are a B.

    I was an A, except for the bar question and then I was the girl who talks to people but nothing comes of it. I pal around with men so much I can't tell if they like me or think I'm a bawdy buddy.

    Yahoo, I'm not alone. I always thought of myself as a caretaker, but apparently by the questions I decided to present, I came out as an outsider. Yeah, I am a bit of a freak...

  5. Two C's and Two A's. Ironically, I just woke up to a snooze to see a guy on 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' with those pins in his head. I was wondering what would happen if he happened to bang his head on something.

  6. Yup got caretaker is that a good thing?


  7. Mary;
    C? You're a good girl. You know what that picture reminds me of? One time when I was a teen and got drunk with my friends on a sleepover and decided to walk through a wealthy neighborhood amongst the mansions NAKED. A car came and I leapt back..rolling down a hill into a huge cactus garden of every kind of needle. I was much much more needly than that dude--even had them in my nails and gums. My gal pals picked them out of my ass so I could soak in a tub and get them loose. Went back to school in a sundress with huge slash marks all over my body and lots of rumors that I got into a fight with a dude with a knife in an alley behind a bar. Haha. It was a compliment of a rumor I think. At least I survived the knife fight. haha

  8. Barry;
    If you're gonna live a horror movie, it doesn't get more realistic than Halloween--good guy survives an onslaught of grizzly encounters---sounds like a typical workday to me.

  9. C and D. Michael chasing me with that silver orb. I'm OK with that, I guess. As long as I don't run into any of those dwarf zombies.

  10. Pangs;
    I'm with ya there, buddy! It's funny for a tall gal to be scared of little midget things but holy heck! They're like crawling cockroaches... I have to admit, I'm very surprised you got any D's. You naughty boy! Now I'm intrigued, tell me more...

  11. I am frickin' all over the place on this one. I guess my life is just one big horro movie, lol.

  12. LOL, "horro" movie...what is up with that...I meant "horror"

  13. Julie;
    I think I'd put you as Jamie Lee Curtis, responsible, but things happen around her.

  14. thx, with my brave sheltie pup beside me i fear nothing... and no one ;) lol

    wv: nottedno

  15. Looks to me I belong in Haddonfield after all ha ha

  16. Living Dead Girl Nicole;
    Poor girl--dangerous neighborhood!