Monday, June 28, 2010

QUIZ: How Will You Survive the Zombie Onslaught?

It's quiz time again! Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and scroll way down to find out how you will hold up to the zombie onslaught.

1. Given a free night after a hard week, I’d probably want to…
a. Stay home and veg-out
b. Get in my car and take off with the windows rolled down, music blaring and find the action
c. Get caught up on chores so I can be free all weekend.
d. Go where the nightlife is, have a few drinks, party

2. One word that typifies the way I tackle my life…
a. Stubborn
b. Spontaneous
c. Responsible
d. Creative

3. The most important things to me are…
a. My home, my family
b. My freedom, my life
c. My reasoning, my perseverance
d. My future, my present

4. Ideal family pet…
a. Dog
b. Cat
c. Fish
d. A menagerie

5. I would rather drive…
a. Something with high safety rating and extended warranty
b. Sports car—faster the better
c. SUV
d. Something different every day

Okay, you know the drill. Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and scroll way down to find out how you would survive a zombie onslaught…

a. I will reinforce my house and hunker down
b. I will get in my car with my loved ones and take off
c. I will take family and friends to a store with lots of supplies and wall ourselves in for the long haul
d. I will get family and friends and seal off the stairwells in the first floor of a high rise and claim the rest of the stories to live in.


  1. mixed bag... but go with 'c' as final

  2. Lots of "C"s. Which fits my theory that we should make a bee-line for the nearest Costco and make a fort out of it!!!

  3. LW; I was D. Perhaps you'll be holed up in a store nearby and I can wave to you from the high-rise. :-)

    Dan; How did I know you'd go all CostCo on me? Yeah, I'll be downtown in one of the sweet residential high-rises... Maybe we can do like in Dawn of the Dead and play chess from afar...

  4. Zombie road trip!


  5. Pangs;
    Come to AZ--I know a nice high rise we can secure.

  6. A few more C's than anything else. zombies, hurricanes similar prep; although, this season I may get an oily hurricane. Thank you BP ...


  7. Barry;
    Seems the men tend to be c's. Yeah, I don't even want to think what a hurricane would do. Best just send them to Baja so we can have some monsoon here. Puh-lease!!!

  8. autumnforest...mine were all B's! all of 'em!! aaauuuuuggghghhhhh! i think i'll go to venice with my old best friend joe! he's always 'napn me on FB there with fuzzy pink!

  9. Libby-Girl;
    Hit the road--I like that. There's gotta be something better over that next hill...or that next hill...or that next bend in the, maybe that next bend in the road???

    Yeah, definitely take a cute companion---those nights can be long in the backseat trying to get some rest while warding off zombies.

  10. Excellent, Courtney--I guess we'll be a couple of high-rise dwellers. Can't wait to find out what's left in all the empty apartments...I love a good puzzle while I'm waiting it out.

  11. Mostly A's. I'd probably do a terrible job at reinforcing my house. Make me an easy target.

  12. Yeah, if you're in the suburbs, your house is likely to be looted. I suppose you could do like the gov't advised and just duct tape and plastic wrap a safe room--hee hee

  13. a and c; I will reinforce my house, hunker down, get my family and lots of supplies and wall ourselves in. As long as I can get the internet to tweet during attack, everything will be fine...

  14. Julie;
    I'm curious what the tweet responses will be when zombies take over? Something like this? "wx2,.*$m:wpovmeo"

  15. I don't know what they would tweet but it could be interesting...

  16. Well, I'm all over the place but I guess I'm an A.
    So I'd be in trouble. Anyone, including me, could probably get in here if they really wanted to. Luckily no one would want to! I'm that little oddball house stuck in between all these huge expensive maybe it IS a good idea after all! They stumble right past me!
    BUT NO WAY would I do the high-rise thing! Not with MY friends and family! One of those knuckleheads would let a Zombie in! And there's probably some zombies hiding in there someplace anyway!

  17. Cindi;
    Oh yeah, I'm definitely doing the high rise. I'm going to be going into the city while everyone rushes out. I'm going to throw all the furnishings I can down the stairwells, disable the elevator and then live in all those tons of stories with all the supplies in them. It'll be sweet--plus I can see further and get better CB radio reception.. Yeah, a new bed every night.