Q&A (No, Not T&A)!

(*remember the short story contest is going on until July 3rd!*)

First off, I want to tell you (proudly) I survived my last class in bellydancing. Although I'm not keen on the music, I did really appreciate learning how isolate body parts and put some wicked moves into my club dancing. I did, however, manage to come up with two new moves the "Train Wreck" and the "Ralph Macchio Wax On/Wax Off" move. Both unintentional, mind you, but I did say I'm all arms and legs like a praying mantis. It's pretty funny. I did manage to get through 2 hours of doing the entire dance repeatedly until we all wanted to vomit.

It's time for me to let ya'all give me your questions. Consider this "truth or dare," but without the dare--that's for something we do in person, although in the future, I might take dares and videotape them and put them on, but we'll see... Ya'all are too creative and deviant--I might be getting myself into trouble--more than usual. So, I'm open for any questions at all from psychic, ghosts, Bigfoot, afterlife, personal crap, anything. I'll put my responses in the comments with your questions. Enjoy!

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  1. Congrats on the "belly dancing survival"!

    I've been trying to think of a question to ask, but apparently I'm a quart low on coffee.

    No further questions, your Honor!


  2. Now, Dan, you say "I rest my case..." Well, today's my day off and I'm watching horror movies and goofing off with "Seek the Sun" or as everyone might have heard me refer to my hunting pal, Ginny. I'll be around online and ready for any weird things you can come up with.

  3. Would you ever date a cute young lad like me?

  4. Gabriel;
    I'm afraid I wouldn't live up to your image of me, sweetie. You can't tell me there aren't any sweet 20-somethings that would jump at a date with Gabriel? I get the feeling you are not lacking for companionship.

  5. LaughingWolf;
    We are probably one of the UFO capitals. One reason--never have clouds--ever! Phoenix Lights were famous, but I myself have seen and even photographed many UFOs. Sedona is one of the biggest UFO sighting places with a UFO cafe and tours at night. It is the mecca.

  6. Okay, let's try this:

    What's the best way to attract a succubus?

    (Hey, you said "truth or dare", I dare you to answer!)

  7. ....and I know you will! :)

  8. Dan, first you get super kudos for wanting a succubus and not an incubus--unlike Zak baby you know the difference. Second, since I've had no success attracting an incubus, I'm not sure what a guy's gotta do. I'd suspect he'd have to have some built up needs that only a talented demon could take care of.

  9. Well, I did attract an incubus once....the little bastard got me when I was tying my shoe. It gave a whole new meaning to being "filled with the spirit".

    (I know....I am one sick puppy....)

  10. Well, you gotta take it when you can get it, right?

  11. It's much better to give than receive!!! Or something like that....

  12. Well, someone needs to tell the succubi and incubi, cause they seriously are not giving enough to the cause.

  13. Would you rather be a rat or a hippopotamus? Explain.

    If you had to lose one of your five senses, which one?

    What's your favorite smell-memory?

    How long do you think this rain will keep up?

  14. Pangs;

    Dammit! Every time you write something, I smile or laugh. You are a crazy nut, you know that?

    Well, I think I'd be a hippo. Yeah, there'd be some weight issues, but I'd really like to shake the ground and make people cower instead of being chased by a screaming woman with a broom into a hole in the wall.

    I adore playing hypothetical mind games, so I've actually considered what senses I HAVE to keep--I include psychometry. If I couldn't have foreknowledge when touching someone or something, it would drive me insane. I think a silent world would scare the crap out of me, even though I complain about the noise levels. Sight would be too important to me, especially seeing someone's expression when I make them laugh. Smell is just so immediate and brings vivid memories, can't lose that. I would have to give up sense of taste. I know what foods taste like and honestly if I never tasted again, I'd only eat when hungry and would stay rather thin, so as a female--sense of taste.

    Favorite smell memory Ban De Soleil tanning oil. Used it in the early 80s--smelled like coconut. This was when I was modeling and doing pageants and I would tan with the reflective blanket under me and lots of oil. But, the smell reminds me of making out and summer sun and chlorine and lying out nude under the sun--all the summertime sins...

    Rain, what is that? We haven't seen it for months and probably won't for another few weeks at least--please let it be a real monsoon. If it's not letting up where you are, baby, send it my way. I get the feeling you're area's in for a wet summer. Just a hunch. Get used to it, sweets.

  15. Hmmmmmmmm

    What movie always makes you cry?

    What clothing do you want to be buried in?

    Best or worst 2-sided compliment you've been given?

    under or over? (the toilet paper roll of course!)

  16. Cindi;
    I'll tell you the truth--I despise movies that make me cry. I avoid them like the plague. I had so much loss in my life, I hate to milk the feeling a second longer than necessary, but I will say that the movie "Prince of Tides" was my upbringing eerily close and so much like it, I think the writer was looking into my family dynamics. That movie makes me sob when Nolte is in therapy with Striesand and kind of makes an emotional breakthrough. You realize finally what a shitty bunch of dysfunction you were raised in and you kind of go--how did I survive? Then you realize not looking at it is how you survived--not talking about it...

    Well, I'm not being buried--I'm giving my organs and being burned, and the whole process better be naked cause I want to give someone a last thrill.

    Best compliment--someone gave it to me recently, actually. I had been emailing this person for a while and I called him to talk to him and he told me that I sound exactly like my blog, the way I write. That said I was a genuine and true to myself and my personality and I am still beaming when I recall him saying that. Being authentic is critical to me. I guess if you want to put 2-sided in there, I wondered if that was a good thing that I sound like my crazy train-ride of a blog...

    I'm virgo and vehemently for the over the roll application--nothing else will do.


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