Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pineal Gland Stimulation: My Experiment

As I’m researching more and more about ways to induce and contribute to the necessary elements to witness a paranormal activity, I look back at my log and know that geomagnetic storms seem to be the very most promising days to hunt, but what can we personally do to perhaps amplify our ability to witness phenomenon? You can have several people in a home together and only 2 perhaps witness events. Is it that phenomenon occurs for them because they are sensitive or perhaps they have better developed abilities to discern such activity…

I studied the pineal gland because it seems to be linked to the “third eye” and associated with the spiritual and psychic abilities in human beings. It actually contains magnetite and so reacts to magnetic changes—which might explain why humans do seem to have more vivid dreams on nights of geomagnetic activity. It is much like the way birds are able to hone in on locations when migrating. We have an internal compass, of sorts!

Experiments have been done applying a magnet to the third eye location (between the eyebrows extending up to the middle of the forehead)

In “The Power of our Pineal Gland” it said, “when a correct relationship is established between the personality, operating through the pituitary, and the soul, operating through the pineal, a magnetic field is created. The pineal can generate its own magnetic field because it contains magnetite. This field can interact with the earth's magnetic field. The solar wind at dawn, charging the earth’s magnetic field, stimulates the pineal gland. This is why the period between 4 and 6 am is the best time to meditate and why sunrise is the best time to sungaze. At these times, the pineal stimulates the pituitary to secrete Human Growth Hormone. That's why alot of sungazers have reported to have experienced rapid nail and hair growth, restoration of hair color, and general rejuvenation. (by the way, Wheatgrass Juice is like synthetic Sunlight) Cleopatra used to place a magnet on her forehead to stimulate the pituitary to restore her youth and good looks. She didn't know she already had a magnet in her head. At dawn, the negatively charged pineal and the positively charged pituitary combine their essences to create a "light in the head" while meditating. This light has been seen by mystics, initiates, prophets and shamans throughout the ages. They refer to it as the experience of God or of a universal intelligence.”

Experiments using north pole magnets in the third eye region have produced the sense of something moving out of the corner of the eye and then apparitions walking through walls. Interesting, huh?

So, proposing that this might be a factor in paranormal activity perception, should we actually be carrying meters for measuring magnetism in an area to find out if it is promising for a human to perceive what might be there all the time, but we rarely have the right conditions to witness? It also might mean that simple iron objects around the home or building could become magnetized and have an effect on the human body. Even further, the right geology might affect a site.

Gauss meters will measure DC or AC magnetism created by electrical currents so in a way EMF meters could be helpful, but a kilogauss meter would be ideal simply because it can also measure earth’s magnetism and metal magnetism that has occurred in objects. This might also be a way of explaining why some geology seems to be more “haunted.”

It may not be that certain places are necessarily more haunted, but we as humans with pineal glands are more capable of registering the hauntings with the right conditions.

I am going to take some head sweatbands and some north pole magnets and create a device to wear on the head and use in a group ghost hunt to see how the participants in a controlled situation (everyone together for an EVP session) manage to perceive any activity. In an ideal situation, I will have fake magnets in some of the head bands and see if people consistently experienced more who were wearing headbands with real magnets. I will be doing this at a site that is geologically very rich. This is an experiment I hope to hold this summer and will, of course, report the results. I also will bring a compass to check the geology and magnetism of the site.

For now, this information I am gathering is going to be compiled into the book Julie and I are working on-the one which ya’all have been helping to name. These past 2 years of knocking around ghost hunting theories is beginning to produce some interesting concepts.

As always, I love your input—this blog is an ongoing bull session about ghost hunting and phenomenon and you are my esteemed colleagues.


  1. Hiya Sis!!
    Sorry so late getting by- this was a very fascinating post on several levels for me- loved the Cleopatra information too!!
    I think in Buddhism? they say that it takes a soul around 49 days to reincarnate- if I remember right- one researcher was looking into the pineal gland and remembered the "49" days in Buddhism when he realized that is the amount of time it takes the pineal gland to form in fetal development - great and interesting post- actually i will try to double-check the infor- and come back either tonight or tomorrow -
    your little bror

  2. The peneal gland regulates circadian rhythms. If you get insomnia or hypersomnia or some disregulation in your sleep wake cycle, you know you've effectively disrupted its functioning.

  3. Hey Bror;
    I want to hear about reincarnation--that was cool--glad to see you on here baby bror.

    Yeah, the pineal gland is responsible for melatonin and the cicadian rhythms in the body. In fact, folks with insominia are often told to try magnet therapy. I don't know about its efficacy, but fascinating idea.

  4. That was very interesting. And it reminded me that I need to drink more wheat grass.

  5. Missed Periods;
    You're a heartier girl than me. Wheat grass makes me belch all day long--just can't do it. Nothing worse than belching grass--I don't know how cows do it (hee hee)

  6. Wow, cool experiment. I can't wait to see what happens. :) I was lost by words like "kilogauss" though. lol.
    I replied over on my blog btw. :)

  7. Kim;
    Thanks. I will go over to your blog and be sure to followup your followup. Your discussion has my mind whirling.

  8. Sounds like an interesting experiment.

    ...and cows have four stomach chambers!

  9. I am not wearing a sweatband! LOL

    How do you like working with a kilagauss meter? Mine is very old model:( Do you have a newer one?

    I love trying new experiments! Always fun! I still remember the first time when Megan and I got a map of Phoenix out, a bag of stick pins, and marked all of the MVD Ghostchsers investigation locations on the map. That was when we came up with the notion that most were near the canals(water source) and railroad tracks(electrical sours) and after 15 years, that is still the first thing I check when am investigation call comes in today! LOVE IT! It is my favorite theory! 2nd one is that all hauntings have a ghost named "SARA" LOL

  10. Very interesting! Did you know (yes, you probably did) that many European Churches are built on former Pagan sites and that many of these had been constructed where ley lines cross and over underground water courses? Prime places for hauntings and other phenomena.

  11. Pangs; I swear, I gotta meet you. I don't think you ever leave a comment that doesn't make me laugh. You're my idol!

    Debe; Yeah, I was actually going to do the experiment with a small group who are interested in doing it and for a controlled period of time. Just want to see if anyone experiences anything different. Yes, the HoHoKam canal connection was something that I noted very early on and found that rather fascinating. It might be that underground sources still run there. It's something I want to pursue further. The train track one I truly believe is an incidental finding, as older places tended to be built along trains in towns where goods and transportation depended upon them, so generally where the tracks are, the older homes are. I'm not certain the degree of iron present in the tracks themselves would have a signficant impact.

    Yes, in fact, the leyline part of my studies is involving some ancient sites built over vortexes where leylines meet and I'm hoping to get some more info from the wonderful group who mapped Seattle's leylines to hopefully learn more. I think humans also know where these converge naturally and that is why we choose these power locations to build. The house I grew up in was atop of springs and that I believe would make it an ideal vortex and a perfect spot for a haunting to take place. Some places have great histories, but no hauntings--why? Perhaps where they're located and how they're constructed? Hmm....

  12. Hi, I have been looking into this same information regarding the Pineal gland. From what I have discovered, it does in fact become stimulated from magnetic energy. Not just any magnet though, but Magnetic fields that mimic the earth's magnetic field. The Q-Link SRT pendant simulates this. It activates the pineal gland and helps amplify your own spiritual protective aura. Also, it does indeed produce the seratonin during the day, and the rebound melatonin during the night that helps promote restful sleeping. The extra seratonin during the day causes the adrenalin gland to kick in to try to reduce the excess neurotransmitter and give the Q-Link wearer an adrenalin rush. This is why the magnet helps with physical strength, energy and promotes better circulation and stimulates breathing. All of these things help the body's immune system. The Pineal gland also is the link to the spiritual world. I would not suggest dealing with attempting to contact or entering the astral plane. It is inhabited with spirits that are not necessarily good, and your spirit itself will become vulnerable to these things. The only way to protect yourself is to follow the Truth who is Jesus Christ. I know this started off as technical, yet ended up to be some sort of a wacko religious proclaimation, but when dealing with your personal soul, one should be very careful, for it is the only part of us that exists beyond death. Don't you want to find the right path? Dealing with ghosts and spirits and the occult, you should already suspect that there is another plane of existence out there that our souls can traverse into beyond death. Don't you want to find yourself with Truth and Riteousness rather than deception and eternal damnation? Take this with a grain of salt, but magnets themselves and magnetic therapy is definitely a good thing for your body to protect it from the EMF radiation we are fighting with our immune systems every day. Wearing the magnet is kind of like eating healthy without having to be obsessive about eating healthy. :D

  13. i glad i ran into this site, i have been trying for 2yrs to activate the 3rd eye, this info is just blowing me away, thanks for the info