Friday, June 25, 2010

My Etsy Shop Opens: Holy Shit!

Well, I did mention recently that I would give ya’all a warning that the shop is opening on Etsy. This is the only time you will hear me gabbing about my Etsy shop because, well, honestly I want my blog to be my blog about Ghost Hunting Theories and most of all a fantastic place for posting comments—I think our comments are more interesting than my damn posts which says my followers are one step ahead of me! Upon occasion, I may make a tiny blurb about what just went into the shop for you just so you can know about the ghost-related/haunted items going up.

So, here’s the story about my “AutumnForest Haunted” Etsy Shop. It opens tomorrow Saturday the 26th at 11 am EST. I have 4 clocks and 1 necklace to start. Believe me, the clocks will be the predominant item in my shop because the power that comes off these babies is exquisite and I get to use more “*haunted” items. I also hope to do more jewelry like the necklace that is featured in which powerful items are combined in a charm like fashion to empower the wearer.

Those who don’t know about my affliction (holy hell, I have a lot of them) of psychometric abilities will learn on my shop how I have always been able to touch items and learn the history of those who have possessed them and the emotions associated with them. When I discovered that not everyone has this strange aptitude, I wanted to do something to make it possible to visually see the memories and emotions of the items and if you dare put a battery into the clock or wear the jewelry on your energetic body, you would feel it yourself, maybe even get flashes of the memories they hold.

To have one of the clocks hanging in your home is to create a space that is heavy with that emotion. Some clocks may be peaceful, others energetic, and yet others protective or mysterious. To wear the jewelry is to live with the psychometric feelers all the time.

Some folks will be more sensitive than others and some folks may be unsettled by the visual and that will make it hard to feel the visceral based on personal biases about certain objects. But, when you look at the photos, hear the descriptions, something will call to you. Do trust your gut. That’s the first instinct based on your own psychic abilities. If you work those abilities more, I promise you will learn to trust that gut voice.

I have literally sifted through thousands of items to find objects with potent and complementing histories and emotions and combining them with a visual aesthetic that suits the mood of the piece and the setting of their histories.

I will be doing more and more of the creepy ones coming up and you can expect themes such as scary baby dolls, vampires, ventriloquist dolls (at Dale’s insistence), a fortunetelling seer’s eye, and a whole line of ghost-in-a-clock themed clocks. These will have some very eerie ghost images on the face of them as if the ghost is trying to escape and items that are very heavily “*haunted” by past owners who are deceased. None of these will contain any “bad” histories, but will be very energetic feeling and only for those who want something a little potent and unsettling in their home.

Come Labor Day, I should be putting up a lot of Halloween items, so it’s going to be a helluva fun season and my poor hands and mind are going to be worn from touching so many objects to find the right ones.

Quality assurance: How do you do this with a psychometric piece? Well, not only are the items picked out to have complementary backgrounds to give an overwhelming visual and visceral sense of their content, but once placed down, they are constantly handled to be certain the items “get along” with each and that when the battery is in the clock or the jewelry is on the body, the sensations are so strong that I can actually stand back from it and feel it without touching it.

*Okay, I need to differentiate “haunted” and “HAUNTED.” Items chosen for the projects have lingering histories that can be read and emotions that can be felt, but there is no spirit attached to these items (haunted). In the future, I do not mind making some items out of objects that seem to have spirit attachment, but those will be sold with a warning that funky stuff might happen with it in your home (HAUNTED).

In the case of using "haunted" items, all you will sense is simply the emotions attached to the items, such as the déjà vu abandoned house clock has a sense of a faint memory you can’t quite recall, something familiar and yet hard to grasp. It is actually a good clock for exercising your mind because it will activate the part of your mind that is attached to memory and therefore work that stupid part of your brain that makes you forget people’s names all the time…

So, there you have it. This will be my only mention of the shop unless something absolutely bizarre comes along you need to know about, like a wild and insane Halloween season or ghostly themed items.

I have installed a button on the right-hand side of my screen that will take you to my Etsy shop. Feel free to look around and tell friends if you want. I also have the capability of making custom clocks even using items you choose to incorporate, such as loved one’s items or pet’s toys, or simply a theme you desire.

The clocks going up tomorrow will be:

Alpha Male:
This is a powerful, leader type male, self-made, and highly intelligent.

Haunted Cemetery: This is serene, peaceful, and spiritual.

Bullet Protection: This is powerful and has an orderly protective feel to it as if you have your own guard nearby.

Déjà vu Abandoned House:
As I mentioned above, this piece is great for stoking your memory, like some faint distant image you can’t quite recall and then—boom! You remember it!

Pagan Power Necklace: There will also be a necklace that is a pagan magical power necklace that is made of objects that will empower the wearer in performing magic, as their histories were held by people with a great deal of magical power.


  1. I am jumping up and down and clapping my hands!!!!
    I am so excited! It's that feeling like when you're a little kid and waiting for it to be Christmas morning to see all that Santa has left!
    Your shop is going to be SO cool and different from everything else! I can't hardly wait for it's opening!
    You have also motivated me to get my butt in gear and work on my new blog and open up my own shop... that's been sitting there FOREVER...empty.
    I understand why you are just going to do "blurbs" in the future but I'll be anxiously waiting for them!
    So Cool!

  2. Cool. The domino and bullet clocks are my favorite and the necklace is a pretty neat concept too. I hope to see you make more jewelry in the future. I'm especially awaiting the more creepy and haunted stuff.

  3. Cindi;
    Yeah, you gotta open your shop! Julie at Above-the-Norm will be opening a shop too in which she uses parts from abandoned AZ that ties in with her Bizarre AZ blog so I'm excited for her too. It's unbelievably rewarding to find the items that work together and feel the response from the object. It really is amazing.

    I am making some bullet amulets for protection and more charm necklaces too, so there will be some cool stuff in the jewelry dept. I am thrilled about doing more HAUNTED items if people dare having items with haunted objects in them. Those will be in my ghost-in-a-clock collection which will probably be in the next batch of items that go up.

    When haunted stuff goes up, I will be letting folks know about that for sure.

  4. Jessica;

    This is really a blast because I get to play with items and put them together accordingly. I've never tried just lining up "like" items to support each other, but they do send off a lot of power. I'm thrilled and hope folks can feel it too.

  5. I Love it! You know I don't think there is a shop like this on Etsy. And believe me I spend a ton of time in the haunted sections. Haunting good fun. The clocks are very cool!

  6. damn, i almost feel things just from looking at the pics!

  7. Becca;
    Thank you. I am such an oddball, leave it to me to find the one thing no one else is tinkering with. Being able to use this tactile ability is so rewarding, putting them down and moving them around until they lock their personalities into place is so exciting and then putting the battery in and feeling it...At one time, I had all the clocks powered up in the kitchen and I walked by and got a ton of crazy flashes of memories and weird images and feelings and I stopped and looked around, thinking "is my kitchen haunted?" I really felt like I was being watched. I walked over to the island and looked down at the clocks running and got WHAM! All these images and feelings at once. It was like sifting through a crowd. I pulled the batteries out and I still felt vague recollections, but nothing so potent. So, I think the clocks are a winner. I know the necklace is. That thing will take a very confident pagan cause it's very powerful.

  8. LaughingWolf;
    I've talked for a long time about doing a series of paintings based on psychic visions, but I suck at painting, I readily admit it. So, this was a wonderful chance for me to take the images I see in my head and put them into the objects so you can see their origins too and if you can't feel it psychically (I believe everyone can), you can look at it and know its intent. The serenity in the haunted cemetery clock is amazing--it feels like someone fully grieved and having a calm universal picture of the world and their place in it. The bullet clock had a man's den room feel, like a cop in his home--very neat and orderly and precise and yet there's some wood tones and manliness to it. The man who shot the bullets (casings) into that target was methodical, on guard, and rather protective, so it's a nice one. I love them all for the different feelings they evoke, but that abandoned house one is amazing--I tried to recreate the building it was actually in... This is so fun! I can't wait to make ones with spirit attachment to items--that will be truly HAUNTED and sold with warnings...

  9. i'm sure they'll all have special qualities, as they should :)

  10. Gabriel;
    Thanks, the chain is an old piece I came across with a lot of male power attached to it--controlling male power, but then the pentacle and skeleton key had a lot of magical feel to them and when added with the crystal and does something very powerful spellbinding.

  11. I am so excited for you to finally open up your store. You have talked about it for so long. I love the finished products of the clocks and necklace. I am actually checking out the necklace...hum, I like it.

  12. Oh yeah, I can't wait to open mine. So exciting...

  13. autumnforest, this is so exciting!! i always love to look for haunted feeling things on ebay, too, but now that youu'll have a specific site for this stuff, I'LL BE THERE!! ;-)

  14. Hey Libby-Girl;
    Thanks. I gotta do something with my weird talent and try to spread the sensations.

  15. I just finally opened mine too!!

    HA HA

    I will add you to my favorite sellers!!

  16. very cool! much to check it out.

  17. YOU GO AUTUMNFOREST! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in a while and just now saw this. Your shop is WONDERFUL! I love what you put in there. My 2 faves are the angel clock and the bullet protection clock. BUT I LOVED your write up and shop info. (Well, the blog one yes, but I mean the write up on your Etsy shop. It's AWESOME! Very captivating and unique!!!) I wish you much success with your store. Your items are wonderful and the story behind them are so freaking unique. It's such a good angle! (And it comes from an angel! ;)