Thursday, June 3, 2010

LESSER KNOWN: Boyd's Sanitarium

This is the start of a series about lesser known haunted spots.

Boyd’s Sanitarium is intriguing.

I hadn’t heard of it until someone mentioned to me the possibility of us going to this location in July and then, with a little research, I was sold!

This is a set of buildings tucked into some mountains in New Mexico near Las Cruces. They were originally a TB clinic built in the early 1900s by a Dr. Boyd who wanted to save his wife from TB. He believed the mountain air would be good for her. Later, it was used as a mental hospital. That had my attention, but what really sold me was the location! The mountains are made of limestone, the spires are granite and there is quartz all over the place! Talk about the perfect geological top 3 rocks for hauntings! Not only that, but upon further investigation, hikers and campers in the canyon complained about restless spirits, dark shadows, wandering ghosts without knowledge of the clinic hidden in the rocks. Haunted land! Now, that intrigues me with that kind of geology and history combined.

It’s not an easy site. You have to actually hike in, but it makes for an ideal quiet and shielded EVP location with no worries of interference from signals (granite all around) or nearby traffic and buildings.

The drive to Las Cruces would take us past some amazing sites like “The Thing” (famous billboards along I-10 advertising it for decades—to see the mummified thing in the roadside gift shop). There will also be lots of old dusty forgotten cemeteries and abandoned buildings (you know, that’s my heaven)!

It would be quite an interesting location to touch and walk around and get the feel for. I am totally up for something more rustic and away from the beaten path. It’ll be “cooler” there in July than here. Here, it’ll be over 110 and humid. There it’ll be 90 and humid. Wahoo! (yeah, the desert has made me lose my friggin’ mind!)


  1. Filled with potential...enjoy.

  2. I never heard of this place until you told me of a possible trip there. After reading what others experience there and what you wrote about the place, I can't wait to see it in person. As for the temperature, plenty of water, sunscreen, sun glasses and a big floppy hat will help.

  3. I love hearing about little places like this. Hope you have a fun trip.

  4. Thanks Andrea;
    I'm finding some pretty weird ones I'd never heard of. I am so tired of the "big" haunted places. It's the obscure ones that are less tapped I'm interested in, especially as a psychic--being in a place with less traffic really helps when feeling the walls and floors and such.

  5. This sounds like such a cool location! Oh how I would love to be wealthy and just travel around and visit such places I read about :)

  6. Hey Heather;
    There's always something to do in one's hometown. If you let me know your area, I could probably direct you to some possible jaunts. I know how you feel, though. I would love so much to travel all around the world to haunted places. I would feel like my life's purpose is completed (oh, and be a published author--of course)

  7. I live in Cruces and would love to explore Boyd's Sanitarium, but I'm not entirely sure how to get there. If anyone has directions I would be very grateful.

  8. So far as I know, it's east of Las Cruces in the Organ Mountains. I'm sure the Park Services has better directions because the hiking paths to get to it are in the park system.