Ghost Hunters Academy Begins!

No, no! Don't shoot the messenger!

Ghost Hunters Academy starts tomorrow night on SyFy. Honestly, I wish they'd get that people don't want one more cast-off of GH. I think they jumped the shark completely when they started having wrestlers and celebrities on their shows and then spun-off this godawful childish whiny show with people who have no business investigating the paranormal. They're popping out fast food stamped burger version of how to investigate a haunted location and continuing the same old line without question or originality. They are inbred and repetitive and haven't got one new bit to add to the ghost hunting world. If I hear "can you give me a sign of your presence?" one more freakin' time, I'm going to blow a gasket! I can barely sit through GHI, although I do have a lot of respect for the team and the international locations, so I continue. I just cannot stomach the academy.

If they ever ask for my advice on a new show--I have a great ghost one no one's doing anything like and needs to be on TV. After running this blog for almost 2 years now, I really have learned what people might want, a common thread between many who come here and read and contribute regularly that would be compelling and better the field. (Does my frustration really come across or was I too subtle? Ya'all know me by now...sometimes I have trouble saying what I think! hee hee)

So, SyFy, if you're listening...please let me turn you in the right direction before you drive everyone away from all the ghost shows you offer!


  1. I completely's a car wreck that I have to peek at, but I know I'm not going to like what I see.....

  2. By the way, if I were a ghost and they asked me if I could "give them a sign of my presence" I'd totally try to visibly manifest with my middle finger prominently held out! :)

  3. Yeah, I think I'd produce the smell of sulfur as a sign of my presence--it'd clear the room at least!

  4. Sorry...was already starting to turn away finally last year!

  5. Hey Brian;
    I agree. Do you think anyone but maybe college kids watches it???

  6. I try, but that usually just entails turning any of the GH shows on....and then promptly finding myself engrossed in some other activity. Eventually I notice that the show is over and that it was never compelling enough for me to look at the TV for an extended length of time.

    It is formulaic. It lacks enough starch to take really seriously and lacks enough levity to just have entertainment value. They need to give up the ghost, so to speak, or let someone shake them out of their rut.

  7. Pangs;
    You're totally right! I do the same thing. I mean to see it, but this last season of GH, I literally was writing posts while it played in the background and occasionally I looked up to see the evidence review but then realized it was the same-old/same-old. I really believe the first few years were so good because of geomagnetic activity going on, but the problem with them is they do the exact same thing, pairing off the girls, the boys, and the "grownups" into 3 teams. Same trudging around, stopping and listening, seeing things we don't see. The problem is, ghost hunting is not made for cameras and viewers. It's a face-to-face situation. So, unless you're bouncing off the walls and entertaining us with a lot of energy like GA does (hee hee), we're bored witless. They don't grow, they don't use new techniques or equipment. They're like old people who eat the same meal at Denny's every Wednesday night and barely even make small talk anymore cause they know each other TOO well. Yeah, they're investigators but the minute they signed that contract to be on TV, they were entertainers. They forgot what they themselves would like to see at home--like every stone turned, changes, and signs of life... Yup, SyFy needs to contact me (hint hint)

  8. I'll probably take a look at it.
    I'm weird like that.
    By the way ...
    the word verification said,
    What's up with that ?
    LOL !

  9. I may take a peek too, only if nothing better is on.


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