Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dale the Doll: Ik-snay on the Talk-Say

The human found my last blog post and I had a little talking to (oh, and Cindi, she took away my letter opener). Well, as you can see, she redressed me appropriately and we are on talking terms again (see the grin on my face? Wonder why? Look where she holds me! It's very soft.)

She has promised that whenever she is thinking of it, she will tell me all her concerns and worries and I will be her listener. She said she trusts me because I won't tell anyone (hee hee). So, I am in an important place in her life again and, hell, a pretty good place in her arms when she decides to hold me... What more could a doll ask?


  1. Ugh, man, that thing is so ugly. Why do you keep posting it? Chop it up and throw it in the fireplace where it belongs!

  2. Hey, I wouldn't do that to the human! (from Dale)

  3. i love dale...he's kinda like the dog (sorry dale), you can hug & cry to, & know he'll still love you!

  4. Libby;
    Don't know if I'd cry around him. He'd probably chuckle at me (Autumn)

    I'm better than a dog. I don't hump her leg. Well, hardly ever (Dale)

  5. Now we can see why Dale has that evil grin on his face.

    BOOBIES !!!!!
    YEAH !

  6. Sorry Dale but a DOG is much better.
    Actually better than most humans I know.
    I love old discarded vintage stuff...if I was the human, I'd find a cool old suitcase and
    HA! HA! HA! HA!
    (That's my diabolical laugh!)

  7. Come on Dale don't let her pull your strings and manipulate you.

    Get your own blog account and speak your mind. Fight the power!

    You might consider reading "Blogging for Dummies" I think that book might be right down your alley.

    If you can speak what you will never hear, if you can write what you will never read, you have done rare things.
    Henry David Thoreau

  8. Barry, right?
    I like that idea, actually. I don't know how often I can get away with it. The human puts her laptop up on the fireplace mantle at night so I have to try to get at it when she goes out during the day...She did give me a talking to yesterday and she said she would be fine with me doing my own posts on the blog, so long as I made sure to turn the computer off when I'm done (forgot last time and the battery died). Maybe you'll hear more from me. I am bright guy and the human could use a bright mind on her blog because I'm not so sure about hers... the woman chases ghosts and wander abandoned sites without my protection, so maybe not the brightest bulb in the batch!

  9. I strongly disagree with you Dale. I think she is a very clever lady.


  10. I'll give you that, buddy. She did choose me of all the dolls in the whole damn antique warehouse!

  11. Nice to see your human talking to you. Perhaps showing an interest in her projects and writings might get her to ignore you less. When she bounces ideas off you, put a smile on your face and deal with it.

  12. Miss Julie;
    I will surely do that if it pleases you (wink)