Conquering the Ice Cave

*You ever want to know what I do on a day off mid week? Ginny my ghost hunting pal and I spend the day together. We began with a nice lunch out whereupon we start laughing over our conversation so loudly people wish they could join our table (or leave the room). When I say I truly don't need to drink to be drunk--yeah, it's true. I'm pretty much a goofball all the time. I sat with a pen and a pad of paper writing down notes. What, you ask could be so funny? Since I find humor in absolutely EVERYTHING, we began the conversation innocently enough. We both know a woman who thinks she is a princess and has no human emotions and sees herself as above the masses. This nasty little ice princess inspired a horror flash short story. This is what you are about to read. Once done with your fun little lunch, we came home and typed up this little story for your pleasure. It was inspired by our imagings of what the woman's husband must go through to do his conjugal visits.*

I awaken from a nightmare, heart pounding, body drenched in sweat. I cannot believe I survived it. Even days later, I reflect on that encounter and I visibly shiver.

I can still hear the creaking rusty hinges as I approached the gaping maw of the cave. Fleeing bats exited the cold blue mist which should have been a harbinger of things to come. I hesitated, wondering if I would be forever altered by that experience.

A chill breeze wafted over me and forewarned of the coming encounter. I stepped over the threshold of the icy damp cave, realizing it would be best to just rush in quickly and get this heinous task over. I gasped as my body plunged into the death tomb. I tried not to look into the face of the beast as I confronted it, but it is human nature to want to know your adversary.

The enemy was rigid, possessing not one bit of humanity or emotion. It would have been a worthy opponent, if it had not been such an intimate encounter. But it was. And the beast did not blink, nor did it encourage my advancement towards it. Left to my own devices, I did what any man would do. I raced to get the task done and withdrew from her body like the coward that I am.

That was my one and only encounter with the ice princess and now I understand the battle-worn faces of her prior lovers. I am chill to the bone and beaten. A shell of the man I once was.

And, we will not speak of this again.


  1. I can see the both of you in those words. Thumbs up and take a bow, that was really kewl.

  2. Cindi;
    Yeah, we take an idea and go to town and this chick really needed a little story told about her...

    Yeah, we were like giggling kids at the restaurant wording it just right. I love Ginny's line there at the end "And we will not speak of this again" hahaha

  3. Jeez....what would we have come up with if we had a couple of drinks??

  4. STS; yeah, we shouldn't drink at lunch. It makes my clothes go flying off, so probably not a good plan in a restaurant. I suspect we would have lost the wonderful plot line and description (and ended up in a jail cell).

  5. I agree with Julie, that was very cool for a few paragraph pun intended. OK, maybe intended a little.....


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