Monday, May 3, 2010

Which Bloggers Do I Want To Do What With?

I’ve talked recently about a desire to do a “Hug a Blogger” book and go around to meet ya’all on a crazy road trip, get a hug and spend a day doing something with you. Well, I thought to myself, “what kind of things would I want to do with which bloggers?” Mind you, this is based on knowing these folks for a time and getting a sense of what I’d want to do with them. So, here’s a kind of “best of” blog.

I’d most like to hunt Bigfoot with Gummerfan of Gummerfan’s Monsterhunter HQ. I know he’s too wise to put one over on and he’d keep me well protected. I suspect I’d learn things I never imagined about the habits of the BF, and darnit, I’m sure I’d laugh my head off—he has a wicked sense of the absurd. I wouldn’t mind fighting some giant underground worms with him either! ("Tremors")

I’d most like to cook beside “Jaz” at Octoberfarm. That’s a hard one because I’d also love to go to flea markets with her too, but her cooking and recipes are so amazing. She lives a kind of Pagan Martha Stewart charming life with such grace and beauty. I would sit beside her fluffy pup, Teddy, and await a great-smelling meal served in the lower garden.

I’d most like to construct Halloween with John at Season of Shadows. He lives it year-round. I thought I had a serious “can’t put Halloween away” mentality, but he is my hero in that department. He not only makes amazing displays, but does videos to show us fools how to do it right. I've learned a good deal from just the videos alone, but he also finds nostalgic Halloween items to share and does one of my favorite passtimes, explores old ghost towns and cemeteries. Talk about finding my tribe!

I’d most like to go check out a local weird place where strange things have happened with Julie at Above the Norm. She knows AZ and she loves the unusual and unheard of places. I’m sure we could get into lots of mischief. In fact, because we hunt together, I suspect we will find lots of strange in the coming years to share on our blogs!

I’d most like to spend a day pampering Libby at Thoughts… Usually With Attitude. This woman inspires me so much. She just takes life’s bumps and bends and goes with it, always perky, always forward-thinking. I’d love to just go and give her a hands on healing and cook her up a yummy meal and shoot the breeze all day long so I can get my inspiration from her attitude.

I’d most like to sit on a Saturday night with a couple of beers and MST 3000 a movie with Scott at Anything Horror Central. He seriously knows his horror movies, gives reviews that jive completely, and has wit and humor and doesn’t take it all so seriously which means he’d be a perfect companion to "MST" with. He's "real folk" and speaks with a "real voice" and that is one of the highest honors I can bestow upon a person.

I’d most like to travel to haunted places with Gregg at Gregory Branson-Trent’s Ghost Hunter’s Blog. He’s written an impressive amount of books on paranormal subjects, is a self-professed nerd in paranormal studies and would know all the interesting places to hit and all the insider info.

I’d most like to travel around Alabama and learn about the haunts from Jessica at Ghost Stories and Haunted Places. She knows all the places in her state and I suspect we’d be soaking our swollen feet at the end of the day, having experienced some hair-raising experiences in some less frequented haunts. I get the sense that, like me, she can sit still in a haunted place and just soak up the feel of it.

I’d most like to go to do a ghost study at Waverly with Courtney of Haunt Jaunts. She’s so bubbly and fun and I suspect that I could get her over any nervousness about being in such a haunted place. In fact, by the end of the hunt, she’d probably be insisting on sitting alone for a while in one of the most haunted rooms because she pretty much meets all her goals and exceeds them, she’s very tenacious.

I’d most like to explore a haunted battlefield with Jeff at Histories, Mysteries and Strangeness. He is serious about history and haunts. I think he’d be informative and probably level-headed when I get terribly spastic. He’d be a calming influence on my doing-10-things-at-one-time attitude. As well, I’d love to give him a really truly haunted experience to make him shake his head in wonder.

I’d most like to spend a day in an art gallery discussing the finds, style, art, and having a nice lunch in the city with James from Atomic Annihilation. He’s classy and has a sharp wit and tongue-in-cheek attitude about the Cold War and all things atomic. I’m always amazed by the stylish posters and war propaganda he finds. I would love to spend some time in his head for a while and see the world through his eyes.

I’d most like to have a drink at happy hour with Juz at JuzTick on Planet Capri. I suspect, however, that Justin would probably down more than one! Hopefully, I might end up a character in his amazing comics.

I’d most like to take pictures of abandoned places and crack some blue crabs with Chesapeake Bay Woman at Life in Mathews. She graciously drove by my old summer home and got updated pictures of it for me. What a sweet lady! She takes the most amazing photos of the quiet inlet of the Chesapeake and imparts local wisdom that is timeless. I've nagged her many times to make a coffee table book--I would anxious buy the local wisdom and the photos of the marshes and the waterways, lighthouses and abandoned buildings.

I’d most like to go explore the woods with Becca at Magikal Seasons. She’s so perky and fun and loves nature. I think we’d be a couple of child-like explorers chasing fairies. I'd hopefully come back with an armload of mushrooms and pine cones.

I’d most like to hunt ghosts in my home state with Rowan MacLeod of Appalachian Paranormal and Cryptozoological Research. We could spend a day talking about our Scottish heritage and Bigfoot. Oh heck, I’d like to stay in the haunted cabin I mentioned to her that’s near a graveyard in the woods where I think a Bigfoot was trekking me. Yeah, that’d be the ultimate. What a couple of mischief-makers we would make, especially if I got my hands on some nightvision goggles!

I’d most like to learn how to make jewelry with Sandra at Marbella Jewelry Designs. She is so wonderful and her work is ridiculously beautiful. The woman understands women's tastes. If I could learn one thing with my clunky fingers around her, I’d be thrilled! If she has the patience for me, she'd be a saint too!

I’d most like to go to the movies with Mikey at Mikey at the Movies. He and I pretty much usually always agree on movies. I would love to hear his opinion on some ridiculous movie that he would never want to see, just to hear him word his commentary. I actually plan to meet Mike hopefully in the near future, as he is one of Julie at Above the Norm's buds. (I am slowly but surely meeting the bloggers)

I’d most like to give a big hug to and a plate of my dirty chocolate chip cookies (recipe below, yeah, I know, I had to make my chocolate chip cookies dirty—I’m so bawdy!) to Devin at My Favorite Monsters. Oh wait, I’ll be doing that in a couple weeks! Determined to meet bloggers whenever I can, I’m finally meeting my dear friend who lives across town. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long, but I wanted to bring along Julie from Above the Norm so that three of us bloggers are in the same room together.

I’d most like to wander a creepy old cemetery with Brian from Photographing the Dead. I think he has an equal reverence and thrill at finding old cemeteries that are long forgotten. He’d also take beautiful photos, no doubt. Brian, how about you take a shot of me as a statue at a grave draped in white fabric and weeping?

I’d most like to sit in Jo at Cart Before the Horse’s studio and see how the most amazing artistic projects imaginable are created. Her style is so unique and gorgeous that I just know she is a fantastically dynamic and interesting person. I’d love to just watch her work (she doesn’t want me helping, I’m all thumbs with delicate things).

I’d most like to travel Europe with Duta at Places With Character. Her body of travel experience and knowledge of history would make it not only eye-opening but spiritually awakening.

I’d most want to go a high school reunion and dance disco with the anonymous blogger at Plaidstallions. I know that he’d wear an appropriately dorky outfit and I’d be sure to slip back into my Gloria Vanderbilts. We’d make a mess of The Hustle and look like the Brady Bunch in modern days. BTW, be sure to wear your Oscar Goldman jacket you Plaid Stallion!

I’d most like to sit down with an type the life story of @eloh at elohssanatahw. She’s had a colorful life and a more colorful attitude. I most admire “real” people who have no pretentiousness and make no apologies for just being human. I respect the hell out of her and I'd love to transcribe her life story.

I’d most like to learn a craft from Linda at Gourdqueen. I think she is one of the finest crafters ever and has a much appreciated dark twist. I am in total awe of everything she makes. If I’m lucky a bit of her charm and point of view would rub off on me.

I’d most like to spend a day just having a paranormal think tank discussion with Lon at Phantoms and Monsters. A sort of a theory tossing session. A serious seeker of the truth, if he doesn’t have it on his blog, it doesn’t exist in the human consciousness. I’m intrigued by his constant search for the fact in the sea of fiction.

I’d most love to give a day off to Atrueoriginall from Alien, UFO Casebook Fringe actually has several blogs and is on top of all the latest news of anything paranormal online. I can’t imagine a more exhausting and sometimes unrewarding job because she makes it possible to just go to her site and find the news without searching.

Oh yeah, there’s loads of other ones who impress me and should be given their note, but for now these are the top ones I’d love to do things with in real life. Their blogs have inspired me that much!

Autumnforest’s Dirty Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 c. margarine (I use Smart Balance—no cholesterol) *1 T. vanilla extract
1 c. brown sugar ¾ c. white sugar 2 eggs 4 oz semisweet chocolate shaved or grated
(beat these ingredients well)
2 ½ c. flour 1 tsp baking powder 1-1/4 tsp baking soda ¾ tsp salt
1 bag milk chocolate chips
(mix these in until just mixed)
Scoop 2 T. worth into a ball and put on cookie sheet—keep them far apart. Cook 350 x 10:45 to 11:00 minutes, but check and pull them out a bit early so they’re undercooked a bit. I usually like them to be golden only along the edges. Let them sit on a sheet on the counter for a minute or two before removing. As they cool, they firm up more, but will stay soft. You can store these with a slice of bread in a container and that will keep them super soft. Change the bread daily as it dries out.

*I make my own vanilla extract by cutting open 4 vanilla beans and sliding them into a bottle of bourbon. (Mind, you this can cost about $30, but for this amount of vanilla extract, you would pay easily almost 100 times more and it wouldn't taste anywhere as good.) I shake it up nice and good and store it in the refrigerator. Every now and then, I shake it again. After a month it's great, after 4 months it's amazing!


  1. are too sweet. my kids always tease me that i am "martha stewart gone bad"! when i have time i have all of these new blogs to check out now!

  2. I can't tell you how many cyber friends I have. Some for over 10 years and we have never met. My dream would be to travel the country to meet all these people in person. I like your list too. I can't wait to finally meet Devin. It will be fun. I hope that someday he and Mike can go on a daytrip or overnighter to a haunted location with us.

  3. Awwww, you can come sit in my studio anytime! A warning though: All thumbs or not, everybody works :)

  4. Joyce;
    Yeah, you don't want to be the original Martha Stewart--that lady has a stick up her ass, you however are sweet and warm and genuine.

    I agree! Let's hit the road and meet them all. Where should we take Mikey and Devin on an overnight? I'd honestly love to pile us all in Abby's room in Prescott at the Hotel Vendome just because I'd love to see them sitting amongst the zillions of doilies and dollies. I felt like a bull in a china shop there myself.

    Hmm... Maybe I could be the cook? I'm pretty good with that.

  5. I appreciate the comments and mention....

  6. Okay, so you told me you mentioned me but you failed to mention you also shared your Dirty Choco Chip Cookie recipe. You gave it to me a while back and I've been meaning to make it. This is a good reminder I need to get my butt in gear and do it! You're going to have some sore, tired arms once you get to do all this hugging. Great list. Greater bunch of bloggers. Some I know, some are new and I'll enjoy checking them out. If you recommend them that's a seal of approval they're awesome

  7. awww, thanks so much, autumn! if you ever get here, it has to be in autumn, just for the colors & the smell of fall!!

  8. I love this post! Not just because you mentioned me..... but because you introduced me to some other interesting blogs. It's always good to find new reading material. Thanks! And I would love to ghost hunt with you. You know so much. It would be very educational!

  9. I am flattered and honored by your mention. Thank you!

    I wish I had your energies as it stands out from your writing and adventures. You're one of a kind!

  10. I've recommended blogs before, but I thought--why not show people why I love these blogs and the ones I especially feel connected to. Sometimes it's better to show than tell and so I figured I'd show you why ya'all are so unique.

  11. Now that's entertaining! Lol! I am familiar with some on your list and I totally agree! Thanks for thinking of me. Well I know who I'd want to go Ghost hunting with!

  12. So, Becca, if we can find some haunted woods-we'll be able to do both at the same time.

  13. You're too kind! Thanks so much, and just know that any time at all, I'll be ready to grab the camera and trespass - I mean take shots of houses from the road. You just say when.

    Thanks again.

  14. CBW;
    I am so into that idea! I have a goal to get back there and do a ghost study at home home in Fairfax some day and hit the Newpoint Comfort Lighthouse too and I would never go there without contacting you and hanging out. Abandoned building photography is my obsession and unfortunately ya'all have quite a few down there. I so wish I lived there full-time. I miss the folks there a lot.

  15. Thanks for the mention! You'd be welcome anytime! (just let me know when you're coming so I can disarm some of the defenses!)

  16. BG;
    Yeah, definitely wanna send up a warning signal first, although usually my laughter can set your hair to standing on end, so that might be a good harbinger that I'm close by.

  17. Very cool, autumnforest! Thank you, my friend, for your kind words about my Halloween stuff. I pretty much feel like a fool myself who's just fumbling around in the dark when it comes to prop work--every once in a while I just happen to get it "right." ;)

    There's always a hug waiting for you at my haunt once you do start working on the Hug a Blogger project!

  18. Thanks John;
    We're practically neighbors, so expect me to just up and take to the road and drop on by to help you out. I sure would love to see the Angel of Death up close!

  19. OOOHHHHH! We would get in so much trouble! LOL I think we would have ol' BF tamed right down and singing campfire songs right along with us. That would be a hoot! Hey, rates for the cabins down there are cheaper in late fall after the tourist season. Maybe you could kidnap Julie and bring her along. Sweet!

  20. Rowan;
    I keep threatening that Julie and I should hit the road and meet all the bloggers. I think I'd stop by TN and pick up Courtney from HauntJaunts too. She would fit in quite well with our crazy hunting group. I was kidding with one of my buddies that when we go hunting BF this next September, we should make some pot brownies and see if that'll bring him out. She laughed because, well, we're not the pot brownie types, but then I went online and found a great recipe... Hee hee

  21. Thanks for the mention! If you're ever in town, I can certainly think of a few possible places to check out! There's some old cemeteries, a museum with local historical pieces from the colonial period onwards that is built next to the ruins of an old Confederate arsenal, and there's a Civil War battlefield about an hour from here. Thanks again for the mention!

  22. wow, thanks for the nice comments. wouldn't it be fun to get together with all these cool people.
    i too have to go around and visit some of these blogs i haven't seen.

  23. What a cool post... I'm very curious to see who you'd be hangin out with... My mom had a mexican saying that went something like 'I'll tell you who you are by the company you keep."

  24. Paula;
    I would have to say -- you'd be my gateway to Northern CA! The company I keep, huh? I have such a wide variety of friends that it plays out a lot like the Breakfast Club group... One thing I do not have anywhere in my friend pool is pretentious self-absorbed status-seeking types. They are my #1 turnoff and always have been. So, yeah, I guess the company I keep is a group of "real folks."

  25. Thanks so much for the nice words AutumnForest!! I think if the 2 of us were to watch an MST3K flick together we'd be "out shooting" the robots and Joel/Mike!!!

    Thanks again .... you're a sweetheart!!!

  26. What a great idea for making vanilla. I think I will make some this weekend. I know, there are so many blog owners that I would love to spend some time with...luckily with a blog you can virtually spend time with them. Wonderful post. The Lupine were in Florence....

  27. Yeah, Florence would definitely be the place for lupine! Jeez, you're in the Valley--we should meet up! Another bloger face to face! :-)

  28. Come on down to my dungeon deary! I make em you name em, heck you could even name em and I could make em!
    I have met so many wonderful and interesting people such as yourself because of blogs.
    I am honored to be included as one of your incredible blogging buddies!
    Oh and when you go to Joee's, I wanna go too!