Friday, May 14, 2010

What Am I Up To Now?

My friends know me as a Lucille Ball type--spastic, rushing two directions at one time and just about as clumsy. So, what's "Lucy" up to now???

I am preparing to open a shop on Etsy called "Autumnforest Haunted" that will marry my artistic tendencies to my psychic abilities. I am taking pieces that are found that have very strong emotions attached to them and putting them together in art pieces, wall hangings and jewelry that will amplify the emotions and complement them. This is my first piece (above) which is a clock made from an old air filter cover, a rusted circular saw blade, leather binding,rusted washer and bolt, and vintage dominos for the numbers. The name of it is "Alpha Male" and the pieces are extremely strongly permeated with masculine energy, intelligence, and a need to direct and command as a leader. The banner I just designed and I hope to open the shop during this hot summer, probably in June. I am trying to finish assembling more items so there's enough to open a shop with. I've been collecting them a lot. My home is looking like a junk shop and I love it!

Next week, I'm taking a ghost hunting overnighter in the mining town of Globe. You recall a month or so ago I went there with Julie from Above The Norm and Debe and Ginny. Well, we decided we needed to stay in a haunted B&B schoolhouse up on the hillside looking down at the town atop of the all the wonderful mining geology! I will be doing a short film involving Dale the Doll at some abandoned places and cemeteries along the way for something sinister and spooky. I will be also getting to hug another blogger, Devin from My Favorite Monsters who is on the road the way we're headed.

Now, speaking of the hugging a blogger, I have am right now writing up a proposal for the book and going to submit it, hoping to get a publisher to bite. My hope is to take maybe a month off and get a buddy so I don't have to drive around the country alone and hit the road to meet and hug bloggers that I interact with on here. I'm looking for a nice variety of folks who when I get to hug them and spend some time doing whatever hobby it is they write about on their blog, I can interview them and learn more about the bloggers and why they blog and what they get from it. We all know each other so well, it's crazy that we're like a family and yet we haven't met face-to-face. I think it's a great symbol of the Internet and the connections we make, but this is making them real and 3-dimensional. So keep in mind I may be wanting to contact some of you for a potential part in the book.

As well, I am compiling the Haunted Formula book with Julie from Above the Norm and that will actually be dedicated to the people who followed my last summer's research on my blog, so you lucky folks will have your name and blog address in a dedication if you want.

Okay, did I mention I have a day job? What the hell! I'm hoping to give it up real soon and be able to do the things I'm passionate about. I have all of you to thank for my endeavors. You take ideas and make them seem feasible. I hope I can repay you some day--with a big hug in person!


  1. I need to sit down and rest after reading all your activities. I will finally have time this weekend to work on the list you sent me. I have a part-time summer job, working two days a week so my weekends will be my days to catch up. I can't wait for our trip next week and meet Devin. I am ready for alittle ghost hunting. I love the idea of traveling around meeting other bloggers and giving them a hug. I wish I could go but not sure how things are going to go this year...maybe next year?!

  2. Yeah, I don't know how long it'll take to get a proposal in and read and accepted and all that rot, but I sure would love to go in October just cause the weather would still be good most places and I could see Halloween and autumn crop up around the country. So, keep your mind on it. It might be another writing gig for us. I can't imagine us on a road trip-look out world. :-) I'm pumped for the ghost hunt and to have some gal time in that creepy town. That place is like catnip for ghost hunters. We will have to find just the right way to portray Dale in the scary short movie. I found just the right music for it. I need to find him the right costume--I hate his usual preppie look. He definitely needs something like a little cowboy outfit. Hee hee. As for all my activities, I do a little here, a little there. I can write at night when it's dark and relaxing and I can work on crafts by daylight, so I manage to get it done. I figure if I throw enough stuff in the air, I'll catch some of it...

  3. Hey, cool idea. Yeah, I wish I had the initiative to make stuff but the only thing I seem capable of making is a mess. You never did tell me more about that Marshal badge you sent. I'm still wondering about it. Oh, and I'm shooting you an email right after this.

  4. Hurry up and open it up Lucy! You know damn well I'm buying something!

  5. Brian;
    I suspect that you are sensitive enough to probably tell what emotions are embedded in the objects without me even having to tell you. It's hitting 100 at the end of the week and I vowed myself that when it hit the 100s, I'd buckle down and assemble. I am thrilled to be doing something that might help others stop and feel the aura coming off objects. We are all sensitive to it but we don't even realize it most of the time. "Lucy" will be running an assembly line, but it won't be like that episode at the chocolate factory--what a disaster!

  6. head is spinning, girl. How do you do it all. What fun, though. Great ideas, you busy bee!! I cannot wait for updates!!! HUGS

  7. Hey! Just read your stuff on my blog! You and I have alot of the same stuff! My mom died when I was 15...and sadly I wasn't there! Anyway...I been meaning to on FB? Let me know if I'm being nosey please?

  8. MarZel;
    I will be keeping you updated for sure. It is a fun kind of exhaustion.

    Wow, we really do have a lot in common. I am on Facebook under Sharon Clauss, but I almost never go on there. I'm on Twitter as "autumn_forest" Loved the quiz--it's a great way to get to know folks--I think I'll have to do something like that on my blog. I know my followers well, but it's those surprise questions that really bring them to life.

  9. Good Luck with the Etsy shop.
    I have mine all set up! and my basement is loaded with vintage items! and I have several black cat dolls made! and I have paintings that I'm working on! and....I haven't listed anything yet! I got confused with the pixel thing for the close-up shots and the shipping stuff and it just came screeching to a halt.
    Geez...How lame I am sometimes, standing on the edge and afraid to jump in the water....
    Changing the subject back to you...
    GOOD LUCK! I LOVE that clock! I adore recycled, upcycled and vintage! Very Cool.

  10. Cindi;
    I do relate! I just finally signed up at Etsy and I'm going to open a separate checking account so I don't mix the deals up with my own bank acct, then there's PayPal and boxes and mailing... It's ambitious, but it's like the blog world--once you start, it becomes easy and second nature, plus I really want to share with people parts that exude really strong feelings--they're rare to find.
    I can't wait to see all your things!

  11. I'm still going to look for you on FB! That;s how I keep in touch with my friends!

  12. You must have more energy than always seem to have so much going on!

    A road trip sounds like so much fun....hopefully you can find a travel buddy. I've traveled overseas alone before...there is a certain amount of 'adventure' to taking a foreign trip alone, but after you've done it once or twice, the 'adventure' of traveling sort of loses its appeal once you've proved to yourself you can do it. Now I'd prefer to travel with a buddy.

  13. The adventure of traveling **alone sort of loses its what I meant to say. I don't know if traveling itself ever loses its appeal!

  14. Jeff;
    Yeah, this week I'm going on an overnight ghost hunt with Julie from Above the Norm and my other hunting partners, Debe and Ginny in a mining town's old schoolhouse. Should be cool. Julie and I are going to swing by Devin from My Favorite Monsters blog and meet him finally. I think of him as a baby brother, so it'll be great to get my blogger hug from him. I will eventually get around to all the bloggers I adore and get my hugs. Hope you have some hot tea brewing. No doubt we would have some long insightful talks about all things unexplained.