Sunday, May 2, 2010

Virginia's Finest Paranormal Group

Hey, it’s my home state and so I hold high standards for paranormal groups who use a wide variety of techniques, are highly intelligent and inquisitive, and have an appreciation for the glorious history of the Old Dominion. So, when I met up with Ann, aka “Rowan MacLeod” of NW Virginia, I was thrilled to find a ghost hunting soulmate.

She’s begun a new group revised from an earlier group with a larger scope. Because of the team’s love of cryptids and my favorite hairy beast, Bigfoot, they’ve entitled themselves “Appalachian Paranormal and Cryptozoological Research.” You can find their fantastically informative new blog here. You can also find their Website here (which is still undergoing its construction, but I have it bookmarked and ready).

This is a team I encourage you to follow and see what they’re up to. They are go-getters. When they were recently in Fairfax, they stopped by Aspen Grove, my childhood home, and got fantastic pictures that I am ever so grateful to have. They’re just a good-hearted bunch. I hope to do work with them in the future when I get a chance to hit the home state and do some studies. They are the ones I would call on. If you’re in that region, they’re the ones you should count on too.

I am proud to call them friends and colleagues!


  1. I checked it out, added her to my blog list and will be following her blog. I have so much family history in VA and glad to know someone that may be able to find some answers for me.

  2. Hey Julie;
    I gotta get you to come along when I investigate VA--wouldn't that be awesome? You're of VA origins, you totally get the mesmerizing history and beauty and romance of the state. Makes perfect sense I'm the way I am, being raised there, huh?

  3. awe thats so sweet !! Thanks for the compliments!!! We love you too!!! I just met you thru Ann feel like I've knowen you forever! Can't wait til we meet! Gidget

  4. Hey Gidget;
    I love ya'all too! That you're looking after my home state and the Bigfoots in the woods makes me quite content.

  5. OMG!!!! You are so sweet! I had not been online since late last week so I just got your emails and saw the posts. We can hardly wait until you get the chance to make it back here. You have to bring Julie too! Thank you so much for all that you have done for us and all of your support. We love ya'll!

  6. Hey Rowan;
    I have very good instincts about these things--I know we could seriously tear up the hills of VA with our exploits and no doubt find some of the strongest evidence ever!