Sunday, May 9, 2010

This week in horror movies and paranormal tv

Discovery Channel “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” Talks about the possibility of finding alien life. This is followed by “Alien Galaxies” about how galaxies form. This is followed by “Extreme Stars” about how stars form and change the universe.



Discovery Channel: “Weird or What?” Is time travel possible? Can pets tell if we’re going to die?
FX channel: “30 Days of Night” A movie I think to be the most honest portrayal of vampires.
SyFy channel: Repeats of “Ghost Hunters”


Discovery: “Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska” show about monsters and UFOs seen in Alaska.

Travel Channel: Repeats of “Ghost Adventures”

July 14th: "Ghost Hunters International" starts up again
June 2nd: "Ghost Hunters Academy" starts up again
September: "Ghost Adventures" starts up again


  1. Becca;
    Yeah, I admit it's not the greatest plot and acting, but dang--I love the ice cold location and the vampires make the entire movie!

  2. The Stephen Hawking special was fabulous! I really like him anyway and his theories. He certainly gives you a lot to think about and consider.

  3. I agree. He's the most open-minded of scientists which is something I suppose you're allowed to do once you become "king" in the field. It seems the "lower" level scientists are afraid to broach the big questions we all ask.