Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

We can’t expect “Ghost Adventures” until the summer is ending (September). Don’t worry, when it does start up again, I will be featuring the show, special teasers and the drinking came along with the weekly music video that suits the gang on their adventure just like last season. You know how I love to play with Zak Baggy Pants and the Scooby Douche Team. Look here for a sample of the usual season teasers I post. They are awesomely awfully fun!

GHI (Ghost Hunters International) and GHA (Ghost Hunters Academy) will be starting up in a month or two, but I’m not terribly thrilled about that. If GHI goes to an interesting locale, I'll watch but under no circumstances will I watch GHA (gag reflex activating). Looks like a rather weak summer for ghost hunting shows, but I will keep my eye on what’s coming up that we hadn’t anticipated such as new shows.

“Paranoid State” (I know, I know, “Paranormal State”) hasn’t listed its new season’s time. “Ghost Lab” has a new season in the fall. No doubt GH will be starting its season around that August/September time period soon followed by my favorite show in the universe, "Destination Truth." In fact, expect soon to hear a warning that another episode of LAUGH is coming onto my blog, spoofing "Destination Truth." So, that'll have to keep you entertained during the paranormal/horror blight.


History Channel “Ancient Aliens”

Discovery Channel “Weird or What?”
SYFY: “Ghost Hunters” Season Finale! “Norwich State.” I will watch it just because we’re ushering them out of another super incredibly dull season (yawn), but I’m hoping that they’ve saved the best for last (which I guess could include pulling out belly button lint and napping by team members, making it very exciting by the season’s standards) I feel for these guys—it’s been a real slow time, but geomagnetic activity is starting up, so if they’re filming for next season now, it should be more active. In fact, you might have noticed strange nighttime dreams--could be attributed to the geomagnetic storms. I will put up a special insider's trailer for the season finale on Wednesday’s post.

TNT “Final Destination 3” movie
SyFy “Joy Ride 2” movie followed by “The Hitcher” movie

Travel Channel: Repeats of “Ghost Adventures”

It’s a boring week, ya’all. I hope you can find some scary movies to tide you over until things pick up. If you have Netflix Instant Watch--I suggest "Animals." (but be sure the kids aren't around--this is totally for adults)


  1. American Paranormal on National geographic is on Monday. I don't think it's a new episode but anyways.

  2. I so wish I had that channel!!! Luckily, they usually show their stuff on the Internet which I so love.

  3. Not much to look forward to this week in the paranormal world. I will not be watching GHA, I thought it was boring. I will continue to watch GHI because of the great locations they investigate. Let's hope they get some interesting evidence to back up the claims.

  4. Julie;
    I agree. GHI at least gets to some interesting places upon occasion. Most teams, I feel like watching one or two people who seem to be magnets for weird stuff. I think Joe and Robb seem to have the most odd things happen when they're around, so I usually like to see what they're up to on the show.