Monday, May 24, 2010

This week in horror movie and paranormal TV

I know, I know…kinda slim pickin's, but there is still a pulse, so I will continue to find those shows in this between-season time. I’m going to put an asterisk next to the ones I will be watching in case you’re wondering.

SyFy: “Ghost Whisperer” marathon
Animal Planet: “River Monsters Unhooked” creepy underwater creatures marathon

Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” marathon
*The History Channel: “Ancient Aliens” followed by “The Universe”

SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” marathon
Animal Planet: “River Monsters Unhooked” marathon
*The History Channel “Monsterquest” marathon

*ABC Family “The Goonies” (movie)
SyFy “Jeepers Creepers” (movie) followed by “Hostel II” (movie)

ABC Family: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azaban” (movie)
SyFy “Yeti” (movie—absolutely hilariously bad—worth the watch!)


  1. Love the Goonies and can watch it everytime it is on. I even own a copy of the movie. I might check out some of the marathons especially the MonsterQuest ones with Bigfoot.

  2. I agree... I hate the Monsterquests about big fish and stuff. I want BF and Mothman and Chuppies! Goonies is probably one of my favorite movies of all time, right beside "Jaws." They provide me all I want!

  3. I love the Goonies too! My boys enjoy this one as well. There are never enough pirate treasure hunts. There is more on TV than I can keep up with. I really need to watch more.