Thursday, May 27, 2010

Serial Killers: Real Life Horror!

So, what makes a person a serial killer? What do they have in common? Can we predict who might become one?

(From The FBI defines a serial killer by these standards: A minimum of three to four victims, with a "cooling off" period in between; The killer is usually a stranger to the victim — the murders appear unconnected or random; The murders reflect a need to sadistically dominate the victim; The murder is rarely "for profit"; the motive is psychological, not material; The victim may have "symbolic" value for the killer; method of killing may reveal this meaning; Killers often choose victims who are vulnerable (prostitutes, runaways, etc.)

Statistically, the average serial killer is a white male from a lower-to-middle-class background, usually in his twenties or thirties. Many were physically or emotionally abused by parents. Some were adopted. As children, fledgling serial killers often set fires, torture animals, and wet their beds (these red-flag behaviors are known as the "triad" of symptoms.) Brain injuries are common. Some are very intelligent and have shown great promise as successful professionals. They are also fascinated with the police and authority in general. They have either attempted to become police themselves but were rejected, worked as security guards, or served in the military. Many, including John Gacy, the Hillside Stranglers, and Ted Bundy, have disguised themselves as law enforcement officials to gain access to their victims.

So, the soup mix that makes an ideal serial killer includes bedwetting, lighting fires, and torturing and killing animals. It also is a psychopathic/sociopathic personality caused most often by; loss of one parent, withdrawal of attention and love from parents, criticism at home while family acts perfectly normal publically, and inconsistency in discipline with one parent being very tough (end up hating authority) and one is very gentle (manipulates “stupid, weak” mother). Genetically, they appear to have less anxiety and fear and it takes more to stimulate them in that way.

With a combination of isolation and anger, their sick fantasy life becomes their escape. Killing does not live up to the fantasy in their head and so they reenact it over and over in an attempt to satisfy. In their fantasies they are in power, stronger than normal, better than others. Imagine for a moment the power in a sick person’s head if he is walking around thinking “you stupid people, you have no idea how this very minute I am deciding if you live or die.” It is an arrogant and disturbing alternate world in which they exist.

Movie serial killers are chilling. Real life ones even more so. After all, they are the ones swimming in the public pool with us, walking towards us on the sidewalk, shopping in the lane next to us in the grocery story. We can’t know if they wet their beds, torture animals, start fires, or impersonate the police. We could even be holding a door open for one as we exit a store.

Real life is so much more horrifying than movies, isn’t it?


  1. Since the motive is psychological ya can kind of figure out what makes the serial killer is mental as well.

    * Ever hear of the Green River Killer? I waited tables (after my day job of working as a writer) at Shari's. Gary Ridgeway (the serial killer) often came there to eat. I felt relieved, after he was caught, to realize he was never really into waitresses. :-D

  2. Yeah, the Green River Killer was one of the first cases where I used remote viewing to try and learn more about him. It was very on-mark with that one. You just never know. Seemed like a regular guy, too.

  3. I spendt too many years of my life studing these creatures... I could write for days.

  4. @eloh;
    I would love to crack your noggin open and get half that amazing life experience out into a book!

  5. Fort some reason reading this creeped me the hell out!

  6. Brian;
    Yeah, they could be working right alongside you... (shivers)

  7. Speaking of working beside one...
    Ann Rule got rich... I don't know if I spelled her name right.

    She was Teddy Bundy's work mate and now she writes books...

  8. @eloh;
    Jeez, there needs to be laws about profiting off serial killers!

  9. This post really gave me chills! You are so right, real life can be scarier than movies

  10. Dolly;
    Yeah. I've read serial killers before psychically (remote viewing) and the way they live and what's in their head is so amazingly bare bones and primitive/animal-like. I feel no upset about reading them because they have no internal register of conscience to feel it. They have pathways to remove themself or not even realize the usual emotional conclusion to a deed. It's actually surreal.