Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seattle's Ley Lines

Did you know that Seattle is the first city to have its ley lines mapped?

What are ley lines? Ley lines more popularly refer to spiritual energy pathways in the earth—pathways of electromagnetic fields. Some people believe that UFOs even travel along ley lines. Some believe that Stonehenge, the pyramids, and Nazca lines in Peru were designed with these in mind. Where ley lines intersect, there are “vortexes” of energy. It is said that in these locations, one can experience psychic enhancement and spiritual and physical healing, such as in Sedona, Arizona.

The Seattle Ley Line mapping project was created by the Geo Group. This group was hired as an art project for the city to map the ley lines and produce pieces of environmental artwork to enhance the ley lines. Here you’ll see the proposals for the artwork.

It’s an exciting and interesting innovation. I really love the idea of tying people from the city to the earth and keeping them alive with reminders that we’re all earthlings not “concrete-ians.” There are plans for stone circles, earth mounds, standing stones, even beacon buoys for lines that are in the water. I believe encouraging citizens to stop at such structures and renew their batteries is a positive thing, whether they believe in the powers of the Earth or not. Imagine how you’d feel if you could study Stonehenge on your way to work every day? Sort of puts things into perspective.

No matter how one feels about the concept of ley lines, it is an unavoidable truth that our ancestors believed in the use of stones in ideal locations for what they believed to be more powerful uses. What did they know that we have lost touch with? Those subtle fluctuations in the human body that occur when electromagnetic fields change. If you’re a fan of “Ghost Hunters” you’ve probably heard the TAPS team talk about the changes EMF can have on the human body, creating sensations of being watched, headaches, nausea and such. Just how attuned our bodies to the Earth’s energy fields and ley lines? What does placing a heavy solid stone in such a location do?

These questions riddle me as I continue to find the correlations between hauntings and geology and construction materials. The only thing to ask next is, which locations are atop of ley line intersections? I keep hoping someone will finish mapping the US ley lines and then, perhaps, the last piece will fall into place.


  1. That is great. I wish more would do it. I'd love for New York City to do it. There is a lot of power here.

  2. Mary;
    I agree. I would love to see AZ do it because there are so many spiritual sites including the 4 vortexes in Sedona. I think it would be fun to research how it was done and then see if such a group could be set up in my state and begin the process. Eventually a ley line map of the US would make my work on the Haunted Formula a helluva lot easier!

  3. if only this could be done in Athens!
    Can you imagine meditating inside that circle?

  4. Georgina--I would really want to be there! I'd love to take dowsing rods into the historic old colliseums and buildings and see what happens there. I suspect our ancestors really understood the motto real estate agents use, "location, location, location." It's everything!

  5. I join the others in hoping that more ley lines will eventually be mapped.
    It would be really handy when researching "hot spots".
    Hmmm... I wonder if ley line intersections contributed to the origins of the "crossroads" folklore?

  6. Hey BG; you mean spirits come to the crossroads? On our ghost trip this week, I'm having us try a lot of weird ghost hunting techniques in our research, but one was a ceremony at the crossroads to be able to see ghosts. I think it'd be wicked cool to do! I don't know if you use dowsing rods, but they are something you might consider in your arsenal. I always had my doubts about them until I started using them and I was astonished at the results! You can make your own easily. I made my own pair. Two lengths of 20" wire (you can use wire hangers or heavy gauge wire) Stick 5" into your vice (I'm guessing you have one) and bend at a right angle. You now have one rod. Make the other, and then how to get started... Look at their instructions for power centers.

  7. How do they know exactly where the lines are? I've seen a couple of maps of ley lines around the world before, but I don't know how accurate they are.

  8. Jeff, the old fashioned way of doing it is to use dowsing rods. They do usually run along paths of waterways and underground springs. I find it intriguing the whole concept because running water near a haunted site is crucial in my haunted formula and I didn't understand why until I began to look at ley lines and realize that a site built where leylines meet is a vortex and that might be a factor in why some places are haunted and others are not...