Thursday, May 13, 2010

QUIZ: Who Should Play You in a Movie?

It’s quiz time again! Count how many a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s you get, then scroll down to find out what actor/actress should play you.

There’s one quiz but below there are the correlating stars for guys and one for gals, but hey, if you’re sexually ambiguous, look at the opposite sex and see what girl or guy might play you well too...

1. When I’m faced with a task to do that I’ve never done before, I…
a. Research it ahead of time, take notes.
b. Act casual and confident like I know what I'm doing.
c. Talk to people who’ve done it before and ask questions.
d. Kid around and act bumbling and let others do it for me.

2. If I had a free Saturday to do something I love, I’d…
a. Go to the planetarium and museum.
b. Hang out on the beach.
c. Have a dinner party with close friends.
d. Go to the renaissance festival and get goofy photos with the Vikings.

3. At the mall, you’d likely find me…
a. In Barnes and Noble
b. In Abercrombie & Fitch
c. In Nordstrom’s
d. In the video game store.

4. I think my worth can be found in…
a. My intelligence.
b. How well I’m liked.
c. My integrity.
d. How happy I make others.

5. I could see me driving …
a. Something earth-friendly.
b. Something sporty and convertible.
c. Something classy and stylish.
d. Something bright and different than anyone else’s car.

Add up your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and scroll down…

a. Jeff Goldblum
b. Matthew McConaughey
c. George Clooney
d. Steve Carrell

a. Glenn Close
b. Kate Hudson
c. Julia Roberts
d. Julia Louise-Dreyfus


  1. Well I'm surprised but apparently I would be played by Julia Roberts

  2. Um...I like Meagan Pryce. I'd love to have her figure and sass too. And since that's who I'd want to look like, that's who I'd want playing me!

  3. Yeah, I always said either Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts, but I think as far as mannerisms, looks, and gestures and voice--I'd probably be better with Ashley Judd. However, on the quiz I was a toss-up between Glenn Close and Julia Roberts. Honestly, my personality is Sandra/Julia totally but my intelligence level is more like Glenn. Oh, if only we could part them out, but that would be the Frankenstein version of my life, no doubt.

  4. Um, okay...I didn't read carefully enough. I took the quiz now. I got mostly Cs so I guess Julia, but I'm so not like her. She'd definitely have to pull out her acting abilities and use them to be like me!

  5. Court;
    You could so be played by Julia! She's the warmest and bubbliest.

  6. Jeff Goldblum, huh.

    I suppose I can be pangsfly...

  7. Pangs;
    I just knew you were Jeff! (He's my fav!) I am not a George Clooney type! I could really hang with him and have a laughing good time. Hey, and just think, you could do "Jurpangsic Park" or "The Big Pangschill" We could do this all night!

  8. Julia Roberts would play me with Kate Hudson taking the part if she was busy.

  9. If I had a choice, I would pick Sandra Bullock. I think our personalities are very similar. However, this little quiz has chosen Glenn Close. Another good choice but I think it may be hard for her to play a 20-year-old, appearance-wise.

  10. Andrea;
    I gotta tell ya, I had a hard time thinking of any younger actresses who are smart. Kind of scary, huh? Maybe Katherine Heigl could do it...

  11. Debe;
    I actually totally agree, but she's too old. How about Marcia Brady?

  12. OMG!

    Jeff Goldblum

    "Oooo Ahhh, that's how it starts out and then there's running and screaming....."

    Glenn Close

    "Bring me those puppies!!!"