Thursday, May 20, 2010

QUIZ: Which Horror movie Killer could you evade?

Ever wonder what kind of horror movie killer you would likely be able to evade? It’s quiz time again since ya’all so enjoy finding out more about yourselves and I know I like to learn more about you too!

1. I take pride in the fact that my approach to life is…
a. Avoiding bad parts of town, and being on the alert at all times
b. Not a party person or a social climber, I’m regular folk
c. Without a dark history or skeletons in my closet
d. Not adventurous at all, not given to impulsive behavior

2. It’s my day off, my ideal thing to do would be…
a. Go into the city’s farmer’s market
b. Head out to the lake
c. Hang at home with my family
d. Get caught up on my chores

3. A skill that I have that I’m most proud of is:
a. Agility/speed/athleticism
b. Knowing bullshit when I hear it
c. Being honest and considerate
d. Enjoying the company of friends rather than being alone

4. I choose a friend because of…
a. Intelligence
b. Not being fake or posing
c. Ethics and honesty
d. Reliability and loyalty

5. Music I prefer most often…
a. Heavy metal
b. Pop
c. Symphony
d. Classic rock

Count your a’s, b’s, c’s, d’s and see which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out which horror movie killer you could evade being killed by…

a. Jason Voorhes “Friday the 13th”
b. Patrick in “American Psycho”
c. Jigsaw “Saw”
d. Norman Bates “Psycho”


  1. Awesome! I love Patrick Batman in that movie, but I don't want him chasing me with a chainsaw. :-)

  2. Ha! I can evade Jason Voorhees and Jigsaw. How cool am I?

  3. Andrea--very cool! There's plenty of those personalities in real life, so you should stay safe.

  4. "American Psycho" evader!

    Now I have to rent the movie to see who I am supposed to be running from. LOL :-P

  5. Rowan;
    It's Christian Bale and honestly he could definitely catch me--yum-a-rama. But, he is one of the most chilling killers ever in a movie...

  6. It's a tie between Patrick and Jigsaw for me. Lovely.

  7. I had 1-A, 1-B, 2-C and 1-D
    I think that means I could evade them all!!!!! I don't want to think about THAT!

  8. Cindi;
    I guess technically you are a C, but it's good to know that you might recognize the other killers should they come upon you. You will be on the defense.

  9. Looks like mine was B's so no American Psycho's are getting past me. Must be the fake that I hate fake people that I got so many B answers ha ha

  10. LDGN;
    I totally agree. He was the one I could evade too. I hate fake people and those into class and status more than anything in the world--super turn off--says there's no substance inside, so I probably wouldn't even run into that character cause I'd avoid his kind.