Thursday, May 6, 2010

QUIZ: Which Horror Movie Killer Are You?

It’s quiz time again. Learn more about yourself, like which horror movie killer you most identify with…

Take the quiz and count your a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s then scroll down to the page to find out what killer lurks inside of you!

1. When it comes to people, I tend to…
a. Have trouble finding smart enough people to hang with.
b. Don’t trust them, been hurt before.
c. Know that no one will care about my concerns as much as I do.
d. I find them easy to get to do what I want.

2. When it comes to revenge, I like the idea of…
a Stalking covertly looking for opportunity.
b. Taking people unaware when they’re relaxed.
c. Knowing they will face karma in due time.
d. Finding others to join me in the quest.

3. These 3 words best describe me….
a. Intelligent, classy, patient.
b. A loner, focused, independent
c. Controlling, determined, clever.
d. Charismatic, leader, precise.

4. I’m closest to…
a. A savant.
b. My mom.
c. Myself.
d. God.

5. The thing I dislike most about the world is…
a. Stupidity.
b. Laziness.
c. Liars.
d. Rebels.

Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s. Find out which one you have the most of and scroll down to find out which movie killer you identify with…

a. Hannibal Lecter “Silence of the Lambs”
b. Jason Voorhes “Friday the 13th”
c. Jigsaw “Saw”
d. Isaac “Children of the Corn”

p.s. I am Hannibal Lecter, but I promise you, I despise fava beans, but I do like Chianti (wink).


  1. I'm Jason. Funny, I don't see myself that way. LOL!!!

  2. Blast! I'm stuck as a Michael Myers knock-off (Jason Voorhees). Still, that was a fun quiz :)

  3. Yeah, I gotta say, I thought about doing Michael, but his motivations were always vague. At least Jason we know was left to drown by the oversexed counselors...

  4. As I started to write about your questions with a bit of a complaint....

    One must always stalk and catch the target unaware...

    Yeah I'm an "a" which is also for another word I know pretty well.

  5. @eloh, you and I think alike, huh? Now, to come up with a master plan to eat all the stupid about gluttony!

  6. oh, oh, i'm jigsaw!

  7. Sandra;
    Jigsaw is highly intelligent, very plotting, and doesn't like injustices... not so bad, huh?

  8. I'm not sure how to take this .... I got 2 "b"s and 2 "c"s. So I'm most like Jason Voorhes AND Jigaw, That just CAN'T be good!!!

  9. Tie breakers--be sure and use the "what 3 words best describe you" as the deciding answer. :-)

  10. It's a tie between Jason Voorhees and Jigsaw. I got the best of two worlds.

  11. I more Jigsaw than the others. Should I be worried going out of town with you if you are Hannibal, lol?

  12. Julie;
    I promise to bring champagne on the trip instead of chianti. I've found that human flesh doesn't taste good with champagne. But, how can I be certain you won't rig traps for me???

  13. OK! The ONLY movie out of the 4 that I haven't seen! And I'm Jigsaw!

  14. oldblackcatboo: To set it up for you--he was a man with cancer and as he's dying he goes angrily after people who have vices and are liars and sets them up in traps where they must do something heinous in order to survive, like climb through a trap made out of barbed wire, or dig a key to get you out of a room before it explodes--only the key has been surgically placed behind your eyeball. Yikes!

  15. ok then....hmmmm
    I guess I could rent it, at least I'll be prepared for that eyeball thing.
    But personally, if the option was not to see, well I think I'd just sit down and wait for the explosion. Maybe read a book while I'm waiting...hopefully something good, like what you write.

  16. OldBlackCatBoo;
    Yeah, I'm thinking if I woke up in a room and there was a film being shown of someone operating and putting a key in my eyeball and they gave me the option of digging it out or being blown up, I think I'd wonder why I'd think someone that locked me up would be honest...

  17. oooohhh, so you're saying that the key is not really there.....
    dang, now I do have to rent it

    thanks for your advice... (ya know my mom stuff)
    I left you a return comment on my blog
    I'd hug ya, but I don't really hug...but here's one anyway
    XOXO - Cindi

  18. Cindi;
    No, the key is there, but I wouldn't trust anyone who went to that trouble to get me to dig my own eye out. He puts people in traps in which they must become maimed to try and survive. Ick! I will check your response on your site.

  19. Just hand me my hockey mask and machete already.

  20. Pangs, buddy, welcome to the killers club!

  21. What a surprise.....

    I'm another hybrid psycho.....

    A cross between Hannibal and Isaac.

    Malachi!!!! Where's my Chianti???!!!