Tuesday, May 4, 2010

QUIZ: Which Horror Movie Hero/Heroine Are You?

I haven't done a quiz in a while...thought it would be fun.

Count your A, B and C answers and see which one you have the most of (scroll way down to see who you are)

There are separate quizzes for girls and guys.

1. When entering a party where I know no one, I tend to:
a. Get a drink, stand near the food table, and watch.
b. Look for another person who looks lonely and introduce myself.
c. Go to the host/hostess and ask them to introduce me to the cute guy.

2. If my boss finds something wrong with what I did:
a. I rush to fix it and vow never to do it again.
b. I get mad at myself, pout in the bathroom.
c. I not only master it, but I go further and exceed standards.

3. A Jehovah’s Witness rings my doorbell
a. I listen to their whole speech and ask them for a pamphlet.
b. I invite them in and we end up talking a long time about spirituality.
c. I don’t answer the door, I have more important things to do.

4. If I won $500, I would likely spend it on:
a. Books.
b. Taking my friends out for a fun day at the mall, buying them things.
c. Invest it.

5. When everything goes wrong all day long, I tend to
a. Ask myself "what I could have done different?" and learn from it.
b. Ask myself “why me?”
c. Work twice as hard.

1. When entering a party where I know no one, I tend to:
a. Crack a joke, get someone to laugh, play it casual.
b. Find a group that looks harmless and work my way into conversation.
c. Get a drink or two and watch the crowd finding things wrong with everyone.

2. When my boss finds something wrong with what I did:
a. I joke about it and get around to it when I feel like it.
b. I thank him for pointing it out and studiously work to fix it and get his approval afterwards.
c. I question if it’s actually wrong and then ask several others if they think it’s wrong.

3. A Jehovah’s Witness rings my doorbell
a. I tell them they’re interrupting my Devil worship and slam the door while laughing.
b. I ask if they have a pamphlet I can read.
c. I tell them my spirituality is none of their damn business!

4. If I won $500, I would likely:
a. Hit the casino.
b. Give it to my mom who needs to get a new dishwasher.
c. Put it in the bank.

5. When everything goes wrong all day long, I tend to
a. Laugh about it and don’t really care, it’s a typical day.
b. Try not to make any decisions because I’m obviously not having luck.
c. Blame it on the people it belongs on—the ones who got in my way.


Count your As, Bs, and Cs. Whichever one you have the most of, you are that character:

A. Laurie Strode (“Halloween”): Studious, responsible, nerdish, practical.
B. Sarah (“The Descent”): Emotionally tender, wounded, afraid to trust.
C. Ivy (“The Village”): Overcomes everything, goal-oriented achiever.

A. Ash Williams (“Army of Darkness”): Dry humor, no game plan, wings it.
B. Jim (“28 Days Later”): Nice guy, a follower not a leader, thankful for friends.
C. Rev. Graham (“Signs”): Skeptical, closed off emotionally, not proactive but reactive.


  1. I'm Ash Williams all the way .
    LOL !

  2. Well I need to see that it says I'm Ivy.

  3. Yikes, I'm Laurie Strode.....I better be nicer to my younger brother.

  4. DS; Why am I not surprised?
    Becca; I'm Ivy!
    Julie; Laurie Strode is good-she does survive, right?

  5. Yes, at least Laurie does survive years of baby brother's bloody rampage.

  6. Hmmmmm I appear to be a bit of everyone. I would hope that I would be like "Rita" the Nancy Travis character in "The Vanishing"

  7. Yes, I am Ash! I love the Evil Dead Trilogy... Although the other options weren't that bad either.

  8. I'm Jim....could of told you that anyway sista! Happy Hump Day!

  9. I'm actually evenly split between Ash and the Reverand.
    (and if I won $500.00 I'd head to the gun store or army surplus store, but that wasn't an option!)
    And the last question reminds me of my personal definition of "idiot": anyone who's on the road the same time I am!

  10. Dr. Heckle;
    Ash is awesome!

    Jim's the one you want by your side.

    I would have pegged you for the two of them. Perhaps a bit more of the reverend than Ash, but only slightly.

  11. I'm a little of everyone. But can I be Ripley from Aliens? I really like her.

  12. Sweet.... I'm Ash!!! Deep down I knew that's who I was!!

    Groovy quiz!!

  13. I am Sarah from the Descent! :) Right on!

  14. Pangs;
    I'm digging this--lots of Ash's out there. I'm what I consider an Ash/Ivy combo--cause I was a tomboy, so I should be allowed to do both.

  15. Hey I'm an Ash/Ivy too!! Us tomboys have to stick together! ;) LOL