QUIZ: What Post-Apocalyptic Monster Could You Beat?

It’s quiz time again cause, well gosh darn, they’re fun! Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and scroll down to find out what apocalypse-related monster you could survive.

1. When it comes to partying I tend to…
a. Like a crowd, there’s fun in numbers
b. Prefer a bottle of wine and a private date
c. Keep my eye on the troublemakers and calm them down
d Stay up all freakin night, last to go home

2. When it come to anger, I tend to…
a. Have no trouble showing anger can go berserker
b. Distrust others and tend to scare them away
c. Protective of loved ones, get angry for them
d. I think first and plot out how to deal with it best

3. So far as the time of the day is concerned, I…
a. Have bursts of energy throughout the day
b. Get creative at night and stay up late.
c. Am a morning person and with caffeine, go all day long
d. Love the night—prefer to sleep in the daytime

4. If I had to pick a major in college at this point in my life, I would pick…
a. Fitness/health/nutrition
b. Medicine/doctor
c. Psychology/behavioral science
d. Electronics/contracting/building

5. A weapon I would actually be willing to carry is…
a. A baseball bat
b. A knife
c. A shotgun
d. A torch

See if you get more a’s, b’s, c’s, or d’s and scroll down and find out what post-apocalyptic monster you could kick butt against!

a. Zombie
b. Vampire
c. Radioactive scavenger
d. Night-dwelling “Omega Man” creatures


  1. My answers are so different from what they would have been years ago, but now apparently I would get up early, keeping my eye on the troublemakers for my loved ones and use a little Psychology before blowing away a radioactive scavanger!

  2. Awesome Cindi! I had a hard time taking the quiz cause some answers I could go either way, but ultimately I came down to the night-dwelling Omega Man creatures...

  3. I had to really think! I had four cs so I guess I shall hunt radioactive scavangers. I would have been after Charleton Heston monsters if I picked the monsters, I love that movie!

  4. Stranger than strange...I was just looking over your page and the furniture shown at Overstock.com are the exact pieces I have been viewing this past week!

  5. Gail;
    I did love "Omega Man" and thought they'd be the easiest to fight but you have to think strategy cause they can get you while you sleep... That's funny about the furniture. I've been having a ton of serendipity the past week where I think something and it happens or someone emails me something extremely obscure when I just hit the post it button for a post I wrote about that obscure subject. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...

  6. I'm an Omega Man zombie...barely but still one nonetheless.

  7. Sweet. All we need now is clown white face paint, over-sized senior sunglasses, some black glittery garb and we're good to go!

  8. Naw, what we need is a chessboard and a wooden mannequin, a cigar, some music, and brandy (wasn't that what Charlton was busy doing awarding them off?)

  9. Always seem to be split between two worlds. This time its between vampires and radioactive scavenger. Feeling pretty good that I can beat them both. :)~

  10. I am clearly on the hunt for night-dwelling “Omega Man” creatures. I probably should be asleep right now.

  11. I am all over the place with my answers but Zombie and Omega Man rule.

  12. Pangs;
    Another member of my team--awesome!


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