Tuesday, May 11, 2010

QUIZ: What Monster Are You?

It’s quiz time again! Count how many a’s, b’s and c’s you get, scroll down below to find out which one you are by which letter you answered the most often…

1. When it comes to intimate relationships more often than not, I tend to…
a. Put on the charm/flirt to get my way.
b. Answer to no one, I’m independent.
c. Nod my head but don’t listen.

2. When doing my work, you’ll find me to be
a. A leader, I tend to influence others to do things my way
b. Working best alone, unsupervised.
c. Pretending to work and staying under the radar.

3. In my free time, I’d most like to
a. Hang with friends.
b. Hike, exercise
c. Take a nap.

4. The group I identified with in high school was...
a. Actors/teacher's pets.
b. Football players/jocks.
c. Stoners.

5. My favorite outlet for stress is…
a. Sex.
b. Exercise.
c. Sleep.

Now, count you’re a’s, b’s and c’s and see which one you have the most of and scroll down to find out what monster you are…

a. Vampire.
b. Werewolf.
c. Zombie


  1. no way! i'm a zombie

    here's an interesting article for you


  2. Sandra--you zombies just cause all kinds of problems! Hee hee--that was a funny article! I love reporters that take something boring like a rogue satellite and turn it into a zombie--that's brilliant writing.

  3. I am a werewolf.... Do I get to go out and howl at the moon now?

  4. I am a werewolf with a bit of a vampire thrown in for good measure...humm, I do howl at the moon, lol.

  5. Werewolves--huh? I'm jealous. I'm a vampire. How lame!

  6. It was almost a tie but I guess I'm a Zombie.
    But I'm working on it...soon I'll be a Werewolf!

  7. Cindi;
    Zombie's aren't so bad, they get to fly under the radar and no one sees them as a threat, then they sneak up on you and CHOMP! Of course, werewolves are much more straightforward about their intentions. Me? I seduce it out of them and drain them when they're helpless....

  8. I'm a vamp-wolf...or is it a were-pire? Well I'm a little of both.

  9. Geof;
    You lucky boy--that's the best combo! I wanted to be werewolf, but I'm more vamp.

  10. Another vampire here.... :)

  11. D;
    Yahoo--got a partner in crime now. You should take my other quizzes I did about a week ago on there--one was which horror movie hero/heroine are you and which horror movie killer are you...

  12. I have to go with being a Zombie.

  13. DS;
    It was a close call, huh? Hey, zombies are cool and hip, so you're in a nice category.

  14. The problem is that I now become susceptible to silver and wood. But I guess I can now fly and run extremely fast on the ground...mind you on all fours like a canine. I'd be a woolly bat. Haha

  15. Hah, ha! My wv is sporked. Shouldn't've it had been spooked? Hey, sis', hey. I, too, am most disappointed to've turned out a vampire. Phtht! I soooo want werewolf, too. I thought that mayhap the Frankenstein Monster would've been a choice or an outcome. After all, Boris Karloff is pictured in that role at the top. Speaking of depicting monsters, & heroes, gods, goddesses, & et cetera, we just lost Frank Frazetta. Christopher Knowles writes an in-depth tribute piece at one of his blogs, The Secret Sun. Why not drop by & leave your condolences. I did ~ (•8-0

  16. I was split between zombie and vampire (vambie or zombpire). Awesome fun little post by the way!

  17. Geof;
    I think you've just invented the next horror movie monster!

    I'm thrilled you're a vamp too! I know, I love werewolves, but honestly we're probably too sensual for that, huh?

    You have me laughing! I love it--perhaps the next quiz should have variations for people who are on the cusp...

  18. I'm a werewolf. No wonder I don't like Coors Light!

  19. Pangs--Should I just call you Wolfie now?

  20. Well..........

    3 for werewolf, 2 for vampire

    I'm another fiendish spree-killing, blood-lusting hybrid.......I like it!!!!