Friday, May 28, 2010

QUIZ: What Horror Character Do You Make Love Like?

It’s quiz time again! Get to know yourself better. Ever wonder what horror character you make love like? Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and let’s find out!

1. Put me in study group and my role will likely be…
a. Quiet, listening, not contributing, just physically present
b. Socializing, getting to know folks, summing them up
c. Leader, begin to delegate, hate wishy washy folks
d. Refuse to take orders, do my own thing, screw them!

2. My friends would say my role in their lives is…
a. A sounding board, a listener
b. A cheerleader, charm and compliment them
c. A great advisor, influential in making decisions
d. A party animal, just fun and crazy and not serious

3. Sex is all about the…
a. Physical stress relief
b. Anticipation, seduction
c. Getting what I want the way I want it
d. Screaming orgasm

4. When faced with choosing between two things, I…
a. Just choose one, they’re both fine
b. Find myself wanting them both equally
c. I choose with confidence
d. Whatever is the easiest

5. I dance like…
a. A stiff-legged awkward rhythm-less freak
b. Grinding my groin against my partner/dirty dancing
c. Slow dancing, controlling the pace
d. Like a crazy spaz, all arms and legs

Now, count your a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s and scroll down to find out which horror character you make love like!

a. Michael Myers
b. Dracula
c. Freddy Kruger
d. Wolfman


  1. There I go again.....a vampire with Freddy Krueger tendencies! Not so sure that's a good thing....

  2. Most women'll tell you having a guy vampire--very exciting. Wolfman too! The Freddy Krueger thing is definitely a sign of a born leader... I'm a half Krueger/half Wolfman myself.

  3. I vant to bite you in the neck.....Dracula!

  4. Julie;
    Awesome! We need more vampires out there.

  5. Freddy with a pinch of Michael Myers. Hmmm....

  6. Pangs;
    I had you figured out as a leader type and persuasive. Awesome--cool thing to be.

  7. Perv! And I'll never tell....

  8. Another great quiz, keep em coming

  9. Sober, a total Dracula
    Drunk, a total Wolfwoman

  10. Brian; Wolfman, right?

    Halloweenman666; I love doing these!

    Cindi; I never thought of the sober/drunk quiz... hmm... I think drunk I'm a total wolfman but sober I'm still a wolfman/Freddy mix

  11. Wow. I'm Freddy Kreuger. That explains all the claw marks on my husband's back.....

  12. Yikes! I wonder what you do in his dreams???

  13. After taking this quiz, I have been inspired to write a sex help book entitled "Man of Your Dreams Make Love the Freddy Krueger Way"

  14. Geof;
    Go for it! Women might want to you to do them, but if you're Freddy--they won't want to sleep beside you...

  15. I'm nothing but a mere clone of Michael Myers and Dracula. I think it's safe to say I have issues. ;)

  16. Michael Myers and Dracula--now that's an interesting combo!

  17. Half Michael and half Wolfman. Just a bit of Dracula. (no pun intended!)

  18. BG;
    I could see that--a guy who goes by his instincts.

  19. Too bad there wasn't a "Jason Voorhees" option.
    There are quite a few women I'd like to wear like a hockey mask. :)

  20. Personally, BG; I'd be totally turned on if the guy was wearing a hockey mask--I have a weird thing for Halloween masks!

  21. I make love like Freddy Krueger? Ha, I should have known!