Saturday, May 15, 2010

QUIZ: What Animal Totem Are You?

It’s quiz time again! Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and scroll down to find out what symbolic animal you are…

1. If I see someone spanking their kid in public, I…
a. Step in the way and protect the child
b. Shut my mouth, it’s none of my business
c. Say a silent prayer that karma gets them.
d. Draw attention to them so they're embarrassed.

2. At big family get togethers, you’ll find me…
a. Watching over the little ones that no one is paying attention to
b. Calming down the two relatives who fight
c. Listen to people complain and give them some wise advice
d. Watch the whole display and realize how different I am than my family.

3. My friends like me because I…
a. Take responsibilities seriously
b. I get them out of bad situations
c. I give good advice
d. They see me as their most sane friend

4. At work, I usually get stuck…
a. Having to relay information
b. Being the go-between for two sides
c. Giving my coworkers advice
d. Doing the research.

5. Ideally, I would like to be remembered for…
a. Being strong
b. Being clever
c. Being intuitive
d. Being wise

Now, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and find out which one you have the most of and scroll down to find out what animal totem you are…

a. Hawk: Messenger, guardianship and protection
b. Fox: Cunning, wildness and diplomacy
c. Owl: Clairvoyance, wisdom, intuition
d. Wolf: Learning, wisdom, accessing higher self


  1. hey, Little Sister, hey. Well, speaking of totem animals, and the to-be-released in September new exquisite CGI animation, Legend of the Guardians, according to this survey of yours, Sweetheart, mine's the owl. And it worked, your power of intent; on Sequoia's & my drive yesterday to PA to get our animals' feed (to save on the couple hundred on shipping), we were in back of a plate with an owl on it for miles, and only moments ago I actually heard one out back with my Alaskan husky mix, Embla, & my friend, Cellina is right, they really do sound as if they're saying, "Who cooks for YOU all?" ~ (•8-D

  2. Hmmm, I'm a fox (it's been awhile since I've been called that! LOL!)

    Last night I TRIED to leave a long comment on your clown story - twice! Stupid Blogger made it disappear both times.
    So, in a nutshell - I have never been scared of clowns just very annoyed UNTIL Pennywise, Then I read your story just before going to sleep....I tried not to think about it...obvbiously you did a GREAT job!

  3. Bror;
    It took me just one focus to bring the owl to you, for some reason I had the distinct feeling it wanted to go so it took little encouragement, felt as if it were already inevitable and a fact. That's one thing about precognition too--it comes to you in the form of an absolute--already written in history's records ahead of time, like it's traditional fate. So glad. I hope I didn't open a can of worms now and owls won't leave you alone, although they aer a fine companion...

    That's a great mix!

    My buddy, you are a mix again?? Okay, what are we gonna call you this time? A "Wowl" or an "Owlf"?

    Yeah, I agree--Pennywise, freaky but I admit seeing it played out in the TV miniseries was really creepy. Sorry my story kept you up, but also secretly glad it did--at least it unsettled.

    I was the owl

  4. Howl, I am a wolf but there is a bit of an owl in there too.

  5. hmmm, i'm a wolf.