Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing With Ghost Hunting Techniques

We all think we know how to ghost hunt; you bring in a psychic, set up a séance, lay out a Ouija board, whip out an EMF meter, aim your laser thermometer, ask a lot of questions with a digital recorder in your hand, yada yada yada…

But, as there is no sure-fire way to prove a ghost exists and often times no equipment an capture fleeting things caught by the human eye, why not play with it, be a little more elastic with your hunting techniques?


Ghosts happen when you’re in bed. My tendency is to believe that a good deal of that is related to sleep disorders but there is also the very real possibility that the brain waves we exhibit when asleep make us an easier receiver for ghostly communications. Have you ever had a dead relative talk to you in a dream?

Why not camp someone out in a bedroom with recording devices and just let him sleep? But, before he takes a snooze, let him handle some of the target ghost's items. Let him talk out loud to him, invite him in for a conversation. Let him lie down and sleep with one of the objects beside him or a photograph. Now hit the record button on your nightvision camera and your digital audio recorder, and leave. Sneak in every few hours and change tapes. Let him continue to sleep out his night.

Want to take it to a new level? Give it the very best chance, choose a night with high geomagnetic storm activity because it does interfere with sleep and dreams and ghostly activity is more discernible on such nights.

Want to take it a step further still? Place mesquite wood in the room for a fragrance that can attract spirits according to Native American lore. According to Feng Shui, hanging a windchime in the room can attract spirits. Placing amethyst and azurite stones under the pillow are considered spirit attractors.


Who says ghosts just haunt the place they died or the place they lived in? Without a body, a ghost should ideally be free to go anywhere the hell he/she wants. If that spirit can travel from a body to “heaven” as proposed by a majority of religious followers, why can’t it visit family? Any where? Any time? As one of the millions who have had a deceased loved one visit you after death not in the place of his death, I say—why not?

Set up your KII meter on your dining table after going around the room and checking measurements and being certain it’s placed where it won’t pick up stray surges. Stick the penny under the on button and sit back. Study it for at least 10 minutes to be certain there are no stray lightings of the meter. If there are, the area has some electrical interference, set up somewhere more “dead” in the house. Now, sift through photos and objects of family members and talk to them as if you’re having a conversation. Catch them up on what’s happened in your life since they passed on. Tell them to come near and the device and make it light up so you know they’re there. Let them know that they can light it up for “yes” and not light it up for “no.”


Baby powder is one way folks check to see if a spirits has crossed an area, the windchime is another unexpectedly effective device (if windows are closed and air-conditioning/heating is turned off). Think in terms of how a spirit might interfere with something that can register. TAPS does the slightly unscrewed flashlight which I think is total cheese, but why not place a tap light on the table? The flame of a candle flickering is another potential indicator. Spray Pam spray on a mirror to make a film on it. Lightly fold up a tissue and leave it on the table and mark its position with a makeup pencil to see if it moved. Remember, you want to set up traps that are extremely easily activated. If spirits have so much trouble coming out on EVPs and photographs or making things move, just give them a break and prepare a room they can’t enter without disrupting.

Ideally when setting up a room of booby traps, you’re going to stay very still and keep air turned off and windows closed and folks upstairs not walking around and shaking the ceiling. Use the simple practical basics to make the room as controlled as possible.

No matter how you go about attracting ghosts and trying to stir up activity, think outside the box. Remember, for us to detect them, they must work within our world ruled by the principles of physics and it’s in those moments when, with our ingenuity and senses, we capture their existence.


  1. Sometimes you just have to stand there. Remember, I told you about the ghost at my office? Well, last night was one of my late nights at work, and I was taking a short break. A number of clients were going on a movie trip today, so I was checking the list on the bulletin board to see if any of mine had signed up. Well, as I am leaning over and reading the names, someone lets out a loud sigh next to me. I turned around to see which of my co-workers it was--there were only three of us last night--and I found that I was standing there alone...but I really wasn't alone. The hair on my arms stood up and my skin prickled. I kind of panicked and hightailed out of there. How do I handle that if it should happen again?

  2. Hey Mary;
    That's quite an experience. There's a sort of divide and conquer in regards to hauntings. Sure enough, someone leaves the room and -- bam! It shows itself to you. That's why in hunting it's actually helpful to be alone, except you won't have a witness. If one wanted to have an experience, it's ideal; if one wants to prove ghosts, it sucks. If you put it in the context of the building and what's occurring, it's definitely not a threatening thing. Two things could be happening, someone tied to the building who worked or lived there is still engaged in the environment or a sound from the past is replaying itself not at all attached to a spirit. Your bodily reaction is a typical one and when you look at it physiologically, piloerections (goosebumps) are a normal reaction and often times instigated by spikes in EMF or changes in the environment. Our skin a great indicator of activity. It's all in the interpretation. A person could experience that and think there was someone there bothering them and that the goosebumps meant there was danger, but someone who takes it in logically would say, "I just skimmed past something and was lucky enough to feel and hear it. It was truly magical." It's entirely possible that if this wasn't residual playing itself in the environment and was a spirit, the spirit would have sensed you too and thought, "what was that sound? What did I just feel?" After all, we are truly ghosts to each other. There is nothing of a threat involved in what you describe, but a wonderful gentle encounter. Hope that helps.

  3. I think you bring up an excellent point with the sleeping idea. It does seem to be when the most stuff happens. I would be interested to see what happens, although that might freak me out and make it harder to sleep at night.

  4. Dr. Heckle; For you, we'd put in the pay-per-view TV to lull you to sleep--adult channel, of course.