Monday, May 17, 2010

P. Reed Willis II : Justice is served: May You Rot In Hell!

Banks Force Developer P. Reed Wills II Into Bankruptcy Court

Three banks this week forced third-generation Northern Virginia real estate developer P. Reed Wills II into bankruptcy court as months of negotiations to restructure hundreds of millions of dollars of delinquent real estate loans foundered.
The three banks moved in order to prevent a fourth bank, First American Bank, from claiming Wills's assets and gaining a disproportionately large share of his wealth, said David R. Kuney, a lawyer for Wills. After talks between Wills and First American broke down Monday, First American was gearing up to seize Wills's bank accounts, Kuney …

You know, the only time I ever did a negative spell was one to let karma get someone who did something extremely evil and selfish. I wanted his balls to shrivel up, but I didn’t ask for that. I only asked that he lose everything he did in the name of money for what he did to my childhood home, Aspen Grove, when he bought it and planned to wreck the whole thing for condos. He did get his way—the outbuildings of historic value and the grounds dug up without archaeological intervention to build condos around the manor home and boxwood garden. When I read this, I felt such joy, I just had to share the info. I know you were all cursing him and spitting at him too.

May you rot in hell! (and it's the only time in my life I've ever sincerely felt that about someone)


  1. Georgina--I am able to be such a pacifist because I know people make their own traps, but this time, I couldn't help giving it a spiritual nudge.

  2. Aw, you must be beyond ecstatic right now. I'm very happy for you!

  3. Court;
    Did you feel the earth shake--that was me doing a little jig. I highly suspect my mother, father, brother, sister and family friend who haunt the place might have had a bigger hand in karma...

  4. Halloweenman666;
    Don't you know it!

  5. Scott;
    If you tear down an historic site--you probably will piss me off, but I suspect you have much more important things to do than this shriveled up nasty man did...

  6. Dumb schmuck! I was fortunate to learn two valuable lessons early in life:
    What goes around comes around
    Never, EVER, piss off a redhead!

  7. BG;
    "Boy, ya dun learnt well!" :-)

  8. big sis!!!!
    - this is way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just the other day (thinking about the BP oil leak) and talking to mom - I said "wouldnt it be something if simple and evil human greed -in this case the lust for oil - is the end of us all?"
    all the best to you as always!!!!

  9. Bror,
    I have to say that I was disappointed. I don't want ecological disaster, but it looks like they might get away with this without disaster and it will be forgotten about fast. I can just hope they have to go to the govt and beg for cash and be told to kiss our collective asses.

  10. It makes me sick what people will do for money, I'm glad that negative spell worked its magic.

  11. One time I walked out of the grocery store and DIDN'T buy any Girl Scout cookies. The next day the toilet clogged... Karma is a bitch.

    It's pretty cool that you got to see him get his. That never seems to happen for me.

  12. Thanks Doc;
    I admit that I usually use the excuse "I bought cookies from my nieces" and they smile. I feel bad for fibbing, but I can't have those things near me--I'll eat every last goddamn one! No karma yet for that, but if that's my biggest offense, I think I can counter that by all the folks I help every day. It's about balances... And yes, it was fantastic to see him get his. Only wish I could have witnessed his balls shriveling...

  13. I must admit that we did a little magic of our own when we were there. We were all so appalled at what had been done that we at least felt that we should do something. I never wish anyone ill will (it comes back to you if you do) but we did ask for whatever fate was appropriate for whomever had committed such an offense. Justice is served.