Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Skin Does Not Define Us

As most humans, you rush about your day, feel offended when crowds press in on your personal space, and assume that everywhere you go—there you are. But, the skin that outlines our bodies and shows the shape in which our vital contents are held is not our real shape. Our real shape is spiculated, expanding, contracting, and oblong. In other words, we extend past the dermal layer.

Some instances when this becomes apparent are when one is thinking ahead. All of us have done this and hate to admit it, but we drive down the road, maybe heading home from work, and we think about something so hard that we arrive to our exit and can’t remember the drive at all. Where were we? What about when we go to sleep and dream, when our bodies are in park, but our minds are in overdrive? We wake up feeling as if we had just gone on a long complicated adventure. What about when we know who’s calling when the phone rings, even though it’s someone who doesn’t often call? We walk into a building and get goosebumps without there being a chill? When we sit next to someone at a sporting event and feel overwhelming uncomfortable when normally we sit near people and have no problem? How about that meeting we practiced in our minds before attending it? Then, there’s the memory from childhood that comes rushing back when we smell chlorine and suntan lotion and for a moment we're in a different time. How about the sexual attraction when someone touches us and everything goes into a network of tingles and sensitivity when another person touches us and there’s nothing?

You get the picture. In many spiritual practices, all living things are believed to be interconnected. You are the tree, the wind and the water; they are you. There are no boundaries. Our mind can actually register things outside of its structure.

For instance, I have traveled and met people in my sleep and had premonition dreams. In fact, Thursday night I had a dream I was on a boat and it was very crowded. I was looking out the tons of picture windows around me and something struck me as wrong. I screamed and yelled, trying to pull people down to the floor, but they couldn’t see or hear me (one of my features of premonition dreams in which I seem to be forced to be a silent witness). I watched the boat hit something solid and the people went flying in a scrambled mess. I knew, however, that this wasn’t a deadly wreck I was witnessing which is a relief since most of my premonitions involve airplane disasters with me having to go down with the plane. Saturday morning, the news showed how the Staten Island ferry crashed and 60 people were hurt. It’s almost always within 48 hours that these dreams come true and I wasn’t at all surprised. I’m rather used to the routine, but it did make me think. The mind can project itself in time as well as space. We are not limited by our skin as to where we can travel.

A fine example of this is the television set. If you were to be an alien and walk into a human’s home and see this human sitting on a sofa staring at a box for hours on end, you would wonder what the heck was the purpose of that? A kind of sleep state? A simple mind that can sit and stare for hours? Without the brain’s engagement, the TV is just a box. Try sitting and watching it when it’s turned off some time and you’ll see what I mean. Yet, engaging our mind, we feel as if we just went on adventures, met famous people, connected with our tribe to hear the news…

The healing of hands, the power of prayer, the response to spellbinding, the premonition of the future; all examples of the power of the human outside of his body. Just look at a building; constructed by man outside of his body, forests cut down, pollution and fires created by man... Electrically, hormonally, intuitively we exceed our bodies and affect everything around us. Within one day, we are in the future, the past, the present and a dream state.

Scientists believe that every cell of the body has information of the greater knowledge within the brain. People with transplants have reported changes in their preferences and moods following the introduction of someone else’s cell matter into their bodies. Any psychic will tell you that to touch an object and extract information by those who have touched it before is clearly not a case for us only having an effect within our body. We leave a trail of emotional will-o’-the-wisp behind us, sometimes making a room feel oppressive or tragic, a home comfortable or unsettling. Ever choose to sit in one area in an empty lecture hall, then change your mind and move on to another set of seats?

So, next time you reach out and touch something with your hand, imagine that part of you is extending and probing into the object and getting information that is vital to make decisions in your life. That sort of “sixth” sense that is often referred to as a psychic skill but perhaps could be more accurately described as “your auric extension.”


  1. You're very right. We are indeed not limited by our skin. It's the mind that takes us beyond our skin and our body.

    It reminds me of the cliche: 'The same blood runs through our veins' - that's correct but meaningless. It's the mind that is meaningful, that does all the work, generating what's known as mentality , which difers from individual to individual, from group to group.

  2. It would be a tragedy if our skin did define us. It grows old, wrinkles, fades. If we are no more than the flesh we aren't much at all.

  3. Jessica;
    So true. It's funny though how often we think that wherever we are standing--that is where we are...

  4. I love this!
    I feel that I'm on an enlightenment odyssey!

  5. Cindi;
    You can probably type just about anything in the search bar on the right and find that I've written about it in the past. No subject is off limits on this blog. I love to just start a discussion.

  6. Yup, I call the body the earth suit.

  7. I may never watch TV again!
    So much to read,
    SO little time!

  8. Barry;
    I like that--the earth suit. I can't wait to see what I'd wear on another planet...

  9. What a great post Autumn and all of it's sooo true! I remember having a dream about my grandfather dieing shortly before he actually did and dreaming of my grandmother having a heart attack right before she did. My friend had a dream about me being pregnant...she didn't even know I was seeing anybody. A couple days later I found out I was pregnant. Ok, so are there any particular people who tend do I put it? Umm...are there any people that are like magnets to this kind of activity or these type of people. I feel like I attract them. lol Over the course of time, I've been the object of many people reading me or I've been able to do it even though some of it is very out of character for me. I guess I'm asking if there's any way to categorize the "inner" attributes someone has that allows them to see things only some of the time. Is there anything to the idea of people having an aura ya think? I know what I'm asking and saying isn't totally on subject but your post provoked a curiosity. :)

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  11. Kim;
    Great observations and questions! You will find that when you are sensitive, you tend to seek out those who are sensitive. People that follow my blog kind of know this about me, but I tend to be drawn to people who I psychically know are either a great match by the kinds of hurt and joy they've felt or they are psychically sensitive. We can't seem to help it, but when we meet someone, we don't even know much about them, but we seem to know--there's something lurking below the surface. We make connections with those other sensitives. An explanation for the types of qualities can be found in this post I did in January:
    That you are an easy read is intriguing. Your thoughts in your mind are very focused. As a psychic, I can tell you that a lot of nonbelievers (men especially) will say "you can't possibly penetrate my skull' but they end up being easier actually. The hardest reads are multitasking type As who think too many things at one time and can't just sit with one project or one thought for long. When these nonbelievers think they're putting up a barrier, they're actually focusing themselves so well, they're easy to read. Make sense? It's a weird thing to explain. Hope that helps.