Saturday, May 22, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch Review: "Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness"

My toes curled when I saw this in the instant watch documentaries on Netflix! Wahoo! I've long been an urban explorer, actually since I was really little, but have taken up the passion again with a hunger that is hard to quench. What is it about sorting through abandoned places and crawling, climbing, and poking around? It's hard to describe unless you've ever just been curious "what's in there?" then gone inside and found time frozen... The most interesting places to me are ones no one has been in for a very long time, not the tagged properties in the city everyone knows about. I'm talking about places put to rest and hidden away where no one goes, sometimes with furnishings and belongings till left behind. As a psychic whose main expertise is touching items and gathering info, this is a thrill ride!

This documentary follows a whole lot of nerds, the guys who had no group in school, sulked in a dark corner, weren't real good at conversing... You know the types. We called them spazes and goths, sometimes nerds and general misanthropes...

This quirky bunch of people finds what they do to be the coolest thing in the world. They test their bravery and skills against something that can't talk back, a sewer, a tunnel, a crumbling building. They go in the darkness when no one else is around (their favorite time) and make a conquest like Zak Bagans screaming at a haunted building with bravado he might not have if that building were full of people.

This is funny and amazing and totally stupifying because a lot of the documentary is about the personalities who do it. It's a whole (pardon the pun) underground culture. They go all over the world with more equipment than a ghost hunter. Even if you're not so into urban exploring, this video was so worth seeing for the beauty alone. There are lots of still shots of the most amazing sights you will never see if you don't haul yourself off at nighttime to trespass and endanger your health and your freedom. Live vicariously through these guys and see stuff you never imagined...


  1. Awesome! I'll look that one up! I love urban exploring. I used to get in trouble for that.

  2. I think it's cool they're doing a TV show but hope no kids copy the behavior and drown in some sewer or something. Bleh.

  3. Sharon, you would love Old Sacramento. Because of flooding, they had to raise the town store fronts up. So what is left is a maze of walk-ways, store fronts, restaurants, etc.

    I've seen a documentary where they took cameras down there ... How fun would it be to just walk through the lower level with a lamp and your psychic abilities.

    How you are doing well.

  4. This is one of those deals that falls under the category of "We all know how kick-ass it is to do this stuff- as long as it's not MY kid..." LOL. I mean, as many times as I've gone into these types of places with no safety belt, I kind of hear what Sun Tiger is saying- I'm a little leery of making it look "cool" to the kiddies...

  5. The show does cover the safety issues including a memorial for a kid who died and talking about others who have died. They also cover the legal issues well too. Definitely not a hobby that's going to keep you healthy either--tons of asbestos and sewage. Ick! But, to see the photos--I'm glad someone went down and took them, but some of those places I wouldn't go no matter how cool--I'll stick with the ones I have an easy way out with.

    You're right--I would totally love that!! I am doing great--how are you doing, sweetie?