Friday, May 7, 2010

My New Special Blog Vice

I believe in exercise--the body, the spirit, the mind, and especially the sense of humor! I admit to having a new humor vice. I like to escape during the day and go to Dr. Heckle's. It's a simple enough premise. He posts a headline with a photo that is just too weird and bizarre. Then, he lets his avid followers leave comments that are one-liners about the featured photo. It's so addictive, it's definitely a vice. Since I adore both MST 3000'ing movies and Jay Leno's Headlines, this is a perfect fit. Bless his goofy heart for designing such a great getaway! My goal is always to see the picture and write the very first thing that comes to mind. I refuse to take more than 2 minutes coming up with something. It's a mental and humor challenge in one and the things people write--will have you laughing so hard, you better have a sound-proof cubical at work!


  1. You know, that site I found that picture of the UFO car on has a similar setup ( to that site. But if you like that sort of stuff, you might want to look up the cheez burger network of's basically a bunch of different sites posting funny pictures of a certain theme. If you go to one of the cheezburger websites (such as,, or and scroll down to the bottom you can see a list of the funny sites in the network.

    Another good one is

  2. Thanks for plugging my site!

    Jeff - I've been around much longer than the cheezburger orignal site(2007). Alas, I harbor no animosity for their worldwide success and book publishing... However, I have heard that visiting their site will make your testicles and/or breasts shrink by an inch or more... Just sayin'.

  3. Very fun and cool site. I added it to my Random Mind blog.

  4. Okay Julie;
    I wanna see what comments you have on the photos. They are so stupid, they make it really easy.