Monday, May 17, 2010

My "Girls"

Lyn at Escape from Obesity gave me a great inspiration to just make it a "love your parts" day, so I'm posting this picture of a part of me I appreciate so I can learn more self body love and concentrate on something I think is good about my looks. Hey, I'm an ex-model, there's not a lot about my looks I dig--ever. It really can be a mind screwup for a young person at a tender age. I was either too thin, too tall, too gangly... So, here it is. A shot of something I appreciate. These "girls" when hoisted up even higher can be imposing and quite distracting apparently, as men have trouble remembering I have a face, but they are soft and feminine and for a girl who's always been built like a stick figure, having something soft on your body is pretty darned nice. As I work my way towards doing a bikini shot on my birthday, I think about these girls and hope they will stick around as I whittle down my mid section for that glamour shot. I really enjoy Lyn's blog. She is insightful and what she talks about applies to all women who never think they've quite "arrived" when all the time they were always "there," they just had to see it. Her photo today made me decide immediately to post one of myself before I did the usual girl thing and change my mind.

On a side note, I like my legs--always have. Being tall has its advantage and having long legs is one of them. I used to hate them for being so spindly, but they have gotten me through skateboarding, freestyle rollerskating, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, diving, swimming, dance, and a ton of other things I've enjoyed over the years--I will never complain about their strength or their length.

So, what's your proud part?


  1. Ahhhhhh! I have really no idea what to say! Nice gams! I'm in love?

  2. I know what to say...nice rack !
    Sorry, I can't help myself.

  3. We.. helllooo laaaadieees! Nice to see you (again!) ;)

  4. Yeah, nice rack! Oh, wait...I'm not a guy...oops. lol. You're lucky to have nice long legs. I have short fat ones...i am thankful for my legs, but man oh man the things I could do with long legs.

  5. Well, I must say "Not bad, not bad, at all." Some great "girls." Nice legs, too!


  6. ROFLMAO! When we're playing vball and we take a chest shot we either say the "girls took one for the team" or "don't be hatin' the sistas!" Only you...Fun post!

  7. Why do I get the idea ya'all took this post entirely the wrong way? Men are so easily distracted! Hee hee

    I can't believe it, did I make a southern boy speechless?

    Thank you.

    Yes, you did get an early viewing of the photo I threw out of the bunch my friend took. I was going to ditch the picture all together until I saw that post and thought--I'm proud of the gals.

    Long legs are okay. I didn't like them when I was younger even though clients liked them for modeling. I always hated being tall cause it was hard to find boys taller than me in high school. Yes, long legs have some wonderful advantages, but I think I'd rather have hips. I have a very boyish shape. Ugh!

    You have me blushing!

  8. LOL, you do have nice legs missy. I have shorty ones, lol...

  9. Great pic. I agree on the gams and rack. :)

  10. Well, I have to be honest. my immediate first thought was "Oh! pretty hair" I guess it's a girl thing. Personally, I'm not too fond of my girls anymore. They used to stay exactly where they should be, now I have to put them where they belong. My legs used to be my best feature decades ago when I rode my bike a minimuim of ten miles a they are lumpy with little lines! Ugh! Gross....Guess I better go check out that blog!

  11. I love that you did this! You're right... very lovely parts indeed! And thank you also for the kind words about my blog. You are such a sweet, supportive person and your comments have helped me so much. Thank you!

  12. Cindi;
    Thanks. I actually brushed the curls out for that picture, it's normally very tumbling and deeply wavy. The sun and pool are making it too blonde for my tastes, but that's what it wants to do. I think you can find that part you covet. For some gals it's their skin or hair or their smile or eyes or the curve of their waist or their fingers...You'll love Lyn's blog. She is a sweet, honest woman and has done an amazing job of making women get to what's really important--self appreciation.

    Glad you liked it. You have inspired me with your blog. My sister had died after stomach stapling surgery that took her from 280 to 150 in a little over a year. She enjoyed a couple years of skinny and died. I felt so bad about it because she never really grew into her new body or was comfortable with it. You have helped me to realize many things that went on in the dynamics of our family. My sisters were overweight and I was very skinny. Mom would make me eat burgers and shakes and make them eat Ayds diet chews. I didn't understand the way it separated us and it actually made me ashamed of my body too. So, I am proud of the girls, they make me womanly. You made me realize that.

  13. Now I'm thining about donning a pair of boxer briefs and posting about my "package".
    Mmmmm... naw, better not.

  14. BG;
    I want a shot of your "boys."

  15. Mbe later in the Summer, once I've had time to get some sun on 'em.
    (you ARE talking about my chest, right?)

  16. Do you put your chest in your boxers? :-)