Friday, May 7, 2010

Heaven-Sent Hell Scents

John from Season of Shadows wrote about this a while back and I tucked it away, meaning to get online and order some fragrances. I found the note to myself today and immediately got online and ordered myself four scents to start with that I thought might be nice for my "summer smells."

This company,Goth Rosary, makes loads of fantastic things that just curl my toes, but what really gets me excited are the scented oil samples. They’re very affordable, a tiny bit of scent goes a long way, and the combinations are to die for (no pun intended). At $2.99 for a sample vial with a wand, you can go for any mood you’re in. These are only a few samples of what they have scent-wise, they are all inventive:

Mayhem: Burnt bits and smoldering embers…the smell of smoke mixed with wood and spice.

Crypt: Surrounded, haunting, the smell of moss clinging to a marble mausoleum.

Graveyard: Green and floral, the smell of rich loamy foil, fresh green grass with a note of floral.

Heathen: Soft, warm & earthy…the smell of cannabis swirled with patchouli, and sandalwood incense.

Seattle Rain:
Clean and fresh, the smell of a down pour, a hint of ocean and mountains.

Wicked: Wonderfully tempting, the smell of supple black leather and tobacco.

The really masculine scents the men might like and I have no doubt the women will enjoy smelling are Mayhem (dangerous), Heathen (earthy), Wicked (sexy), Shadows (vampire-like with the scent of musk and incense).

You can even get a sample box with all the sample vials for $53.82. Not bad at all! You can’t get that much in one perfume of the same amount of volume!

I personally am planning on getting quite a few of them so I can go with whatever mood I’m in and whatever season.

They don’t just have these crazy custom fragrances for the goth set, they also jewelry and skin care. I hope they expand. This is just the kind of place I plan to do my shopping. Perhaps when I get around to hugging all the bloggers, I will smell like a rainstorm to one, another day like Samhain, and yet another like fairy wings. You will never quite know who I am, always changing, hence, the changing autumn leaf tattoo on my arm, hmm?


  1. I'm sure you've seen this joint, but for anyone that hasn't...

  2. Pangs;
    You have infinite wisdom. I hope you do the quizzes below--I'm curious which horror movie good guy and which horror movie killer you might be...

  3. Oh! I love the NAMES of those fragrances!
    My "scent" is called "Dog Spit"!

  4. Cindi;
    That's a good scent. It develops over time and depending on the diet, so like these fragrances, you never know just what you'll smell like day to day. Hey, and you have an unending free supply, so there's always that...

  5. Heaven Scent... has been my love since I was 15.

    Hard to find now days.

  6. @eloh;
    I loved "Skinny Dip" Do you remember that? circa 1970?