Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother Trainer's Day!

From one mommy to the others, have a really good one. Get a squeeze, get a hug, get misty-eyed reading a sweet card, and choke down that homemade breakfast with a smile. If you’re living your life right, every day is mother’s day. You always know that when things are bad and they just want their “mommy,” you’re the image they conjure up to keep them going.

My son is 22 now and even though it’s the day to honor me, I honor him. He taught me how to be a mommy and I’m such a good one because he taught me so well. I am honored beyond belief to even be part of the life of such an amazing man, but to be his mother…it humbles me. He is the finest human being I have ever known.

So, happy mother trainer’s day to my son!


  1. Oooh! You made my eyes water. You are such a sweet mommy and person in general...
    Happy mother's day!

  2. Happy Mom's Day!
    It doesn't surprise me that you have such a wonderful son! I'm so glad that you have each other.
    Have a Great Day!
    You Fabulous person You!
    XOXO - Cindi

  3. Thanks girls! The mommy part is easy when you have a kid who's a wise old soul, never had the terrible 2's, never did drugs, drinking or smoking, who was in gifted programs, and curiously a mix of artist and logic, who gets goofy and soft inside when he sees pets, the elderly and babies, opens doors for strangers, offers to help any friend in need, and has an inner drive to be an entrepreneur (oh, and has a wicked sense of humor like his mommy---see the video he made one night when he was goofing off

  4. That's so sweet. I feel that way about both my kids. Happy Mothers day, Sharon!

  5. BTW, this is my new Julie's Family Connection blog if you did know it was me. I am switching from my website to a blog because I had trouble with my yahoo account and site builder. It will take some time because there is lots of information on the website.

  6. Hey Julie;
    You even have a little cutie grandkid to make mother's day even more special. How fantastic! Yeah, we think we define our kids, but they really define us, huh? Wouldn't have it any other way, knowing you send good ones out into the world to make it slightly better.

  7. Your son sounds very special. Hoping you had a wonderful day today with lots of joy and love.

  8. Thanks Mary,
    I sure hope your day was nice. I just liked not having to cook or clean for an entire day--wow!

  9. Great Post!! Happy Mothers Day!

  10. MarZel;
    Thanks--Hope you had a great day!

  11. you are a lucky mom! i hope you a great mom's day!

  12. Sandra;
    Thanks. It was a great day!