Thursday, May 27, 2010

Handling Ghostly Encounters

People ask me all the time, “isn’t is scary going on a ghost hunt?” That’s not really the way it is for me, but perhaps I’m not your usual ghost hunter. I grew up from a baby into my teens in a very actively haunted home. I have no reference for what it’s like to be “new” at coming across ghostly activity. What I can tell you is that, although I’ve had innumerable unexplainable encounters and some actually chilling, I still have the same reaction at first: “What was that?” You wait for it to either repeat itself or you go in search of its source. This is a natural debunking reaction and highly favorable for ghost hunters as well as "civvies" encountering the unknown.

So, when I come across something novel, my first thought isn’t “ghost,” it’s “what is the source?” When all possibilities have been rendered impossible, you are left with “unexplained.” The unexplained is when I finally get excited. I’m not scared, but sometimes startled if something loud happens, but then I’m thinking it’s something perfectly earthly. However, when that doesn’t seem the case, I get excited. I get quite enthused. It is hard to contain me when I feel I’m chasing something psychically and physically at the same time. I want to pinpoint it. I want to put parameters on it. I want to test it. I want it to repeat itself. So, I am fully engaged when hunting, but my mind is thinking ahead on how to test in new conditions for new situations. You have to literally make up techniques on-site.

I was on a hunt where it seemed as if by my meter’s reaction and the right side of my body, someone was nearby. The KII meter jumped and I realized we might have actually made contact. Then I felt it move across the room. I went to that spot where it went with my EMF meter and told it to come with me. The EMF meter stayed high all the way to my chair. I told it to remain there and I walked away the same path—no reading the entire way. This concluded for me that it was not an EMF emitting source having to do with the building’s electrical in that area. Earlier as I walked with it, it remained high, but now it was completely gone with the supposed entity staying put. I went back to the chair where I told it to stay and the meter went back up where I had told it to stay. I told it to stay again. I walked away again and nothing at all on the meter. I sat down in the chair with the meter still high and we asked questions. Then, at once, it went away and the meter stopped reading. I went back to the other side of the room to find its original spot making the EMF go up again. That night as I slept near that spot, I heard a little girl’s voice twice saying a full sentence. It most definitely came from that same favorite spot. It was also a place where the girl had been seen by others in the past.

My advice to anyone out there who’s had an unexpected encounter, to keep it in perspective. You didn’t get hurt, there was no threat, just an unexplained feeling, sound, smell or sight. Take it in, take a breath, explain it. If it’s not explainable, observe. See if you can find the conditions to happen again at the same time, same place so you can see or feel it or hear it face-on.

Knock those notions of being watched while you shower out of your mind. The truth is, interactions are rare. If a ghost is actually the soul of a deceased person and they can interact with you, they would do it all the time if it were that easy. Hell, your dad might torment you forever about your choice of job or husband, so be rest assured that we encounter them fleetingly and most apparently they encounter us as ghost-like interactions as well.


  1. Good advice. I remember Grant Wilson once saying "I startle, but I don't get scared"....I'd have to say I react the same way.

    The only time I can recall really feeling the need to leave a location was when I was recently alone in the "death tunnel" at Waverly....way too creepy, and I felt "outnumbered"! :)

    Certainly there are negative entities out there that like to 'cause trouble with they can, but in general I believe that most spirit contact is that of someone who used to live and wants to have some sort of communication, no harm at all!

  2. Good attitude, Dan. Jeez, I love to be in hardcore dark places with nasty histories like that. I would kill to be in that tunnel alone for a couple hours! I'm seriously twisted.