Monday, May 24, 2010

Ghost Hunting Shows: Are They Faking It?

Okay, okay, before you get all defensive and irate, it’s not THAT kind of post. Actually, a dear blogging friend, Grim, brought up this idea. We were contemplating the “genuineness” of the TV ghost show personalities. Not whether they fake evidence, but more important to their integrity, are they enhancing their assets?

You know once you go celebrity, we’re all allowed to sit around and conjecture about your love life, your weight gain and your apparent changes…

So in the spirit of “TMZ” and “Insider,” let’s start a frivolous unimportant conversation based purely on speculation for the sake of air time...

Does Grant from “Ghost Hunters” dye his hair?

Does Zak from “Ghost Adventures” take steroids?

Does Ryan from “Paranormal State” wax his eyebrows?

Does Kris Williams from “Ghost Hunting” use a push-up bra or something more permanent?

But, like the gossip shows on TV, we must discuss…

Should Steve stop tattooing? Would you like to see him without this freakin hat? Maybe he could neaten himself up a bit? Use a razor? Wear something not baggy, dark and depressing? Let’s give him a George Clooney makeover. Now, wouldn’t that add a new feel to the show? Perhaps brighten his attitude. Hell, he might even crack a charming smile.

The Klinge Brothers from “Ghost Lab” might want to go to a boot camp and toughen up their bodies and their diets. I’d probably put them through a diction lesson or two so they can bite off some of their twang. Perhaps we could use Seth Rogen as an example for their “after” shots.

Would you like to see J let his hair grow out? However much he might have?

Would you get G to shave his neck finally?

Let’s start the banal and superficial conversation now. I’m curious to see where ya’all stand on important issues regarding the ghost hunting shows; whether they are faking it or should fake it…


  1. Steve should go see someone about all his phobias. Hopefully that would take about 2 years of therapy...during which he would be off the show.

  2. Hee hee. I feel so sorry for him. I used to run a self-help group helping folks with phobias. It's extremely treatable. He has not been seeing the right therapist. He needs cognitive-behavioral none of this lying on the sofa boo-hooing about your childhood shit.

  3. Steve's (the real-life TAPS member) phobias are a part of "Steve"'s (the TAPS member he plays on GH) character. They're exaggerated and thrown into the show just to add interest.
    Regarding the "does she or doesn't she" question about Kris "boosting her ratings" so to speak, who cares? Works for me!

  4. BG;
    You are a "dirty pillows" man, aren't you? Perhaps that's what Steve needs...a little silicone enhancement? Hee hee. I think they enjoy playing up the irony of a dude with tatt's all over him (no fear of needles) who tromps around in dirty creepy places to meet up with ghosts but can't sit in a chair 30,000 feet in the air or climb a stairwell in a lighthouse. It's that old hero with a weakness scenario. I heard Jason hates germs and shaking hands. They should have played with that, could be pretty funny if he's constantly slapping on antibacterial lotion...

  5. They have shown Steve without his hat on occasion. I say he looks better with it. I think the Klinge brothers (at least one of them anyways) needs some chill pills. Gets WAY too excited too easily. Becomes quite annoying.

  6. I doubt Zak is on 'roids, but considering he's the stereotypical jock-looking type of dude, it doesn't surprise me that anyone would assume that.

  7. I agree about Barry--the man is a defensive spaz.

    Zak--Roids or implants, one or the other.