Finding a Psychic

In my post “Watch Your Wallet: Flim-Flam Ghost Communications” I discussed finding a psychic in a room full of psychics, but suppose you want to go to psychic’s strip mall shop or one inside a new-age store or even one your friend goes to that works from home?

Friends: Should you take the friend into the room with you? A good psychic will tell you that it’s not a good idea because it will interfere with the reading. If they don’t tell you that, then be suspicious. A good psychic would let you record the session so you can play it back later because ideally during the session you will offer nothing but a poker face—no eyes widening, no head bobbing, no signs of ressurance. This is a very hard part of a reading but if you give even a slight recognition, the psychic will repeat what they said in several different ways to reaffirm they hit the nail on the head. This is a cold reading technique and a great parlor trick used by sham artists. See this old post about whether your psychic is a mentalist. When you get a full reading, a lot of the content is lost to you because you focus on the parts that apply and ignore the ones that don’t. If you recorded it, you can play it back and see just how “on” this psychic was.

Physical contact: Ideally, the psychic will read your palm or use tarot cards or in some way touch you or pass something physically between you, perhaps have you hold a crystal and hand it back. That physical contact makes the passing of information easier. You’re going to run into a lot of different psychic types; tarot card readers, aura readers, channelers with spirit guides, tea leaf readers, palm readers, and mediums who speak to the dead, but the need to link is the same for all of them.

So, what type of psychic should you use?
That will be entirely up to you. I’m going to say that fake psychics, if unprompted by you, will assume you are having relationship problems and then second assume that you are having finance/career problems. They are using cold reading techniques. If they approach you with either of this avenues, back away. I had one psychic come up to me in a shop and tap me on the shoulder and say “you shouldn’t feel guilty. It wasn’t your fault.” That was an enticement to get me to do a reading. The fact is, everyone feels guilty about something. I didn’t bite. I, in fact, had zero in my life to feel guilty about, I’m an upfront kind of gal. I declined her offer, but on a person who doesn’t know these techniques, that burst of “knowledge” spontaneously would shock them. I could come up to you and say “you’re not making yourself understood to your loved one. There is poor communication because of it.” Voila! (95% of the population if you’re dating the opposite sex). Some times, I enjoy getting my aura photo done, that’s probably one of my favorites, but if I were having a personal reading, I’d choose a palm reader for the fact that a physical connection can bring a greater depth to the reading. I read palms, but I have the advantage of the touching as well as the hand to give me a much better reading of the person.

Who do you trust? A psychic is like finding a friend. You have to look them in the eye, shake their hand, and see if you feel comfortable. A good psychic will not have a problem with eye contact. In fact, they need it. It’s a good sign if they can look you in the eye instead of summing you up head to toe as if checking how nice your purse and shoes are and hence assuming if you need cash or have cash so they can adjust the reading accordingly. If they seem to probe your eyes, they are making a connection. Good sign. Some psychics will tease you with just enough to make you come back. Avoid them at all costs! They’re like the therapist that stops the session when you just discovered you hate your father. If the psychic is in a shop and you can hear the reading they are doing with another person, definitely observe it. Is the person being read giving away information being reiterated to them by the psychic? Watch that interaction for those “gut feeling” signs that tell you this is not the one to use.

Warnings about using psychics:
We all want to know what’s in store for us and many of us want someone else to make or justify our decisions, but that codependence that occurs with psychics is frightening. I know many people who have seen the same psychic weekly for many years. This is a therapist, not a psychic. A psychic should give you a few moments of a window into knowledge about you and your life and set you free to be empowered by that information. They should give you techniques to deal with it at home. I recently read a dead relative of a dear friend and I told him that the reason she showed up during the reading (something I’ve never had happen before) was because every time he thought of her, she came. She was extremely maternal and protective of her “favorite.” So, I told him that he should feel free to talk to her out loud and not feel stupid. When he has a hard time in his life, she will come and be there and he should feel her comfort and know what decision he must make because he will feel the rightness of it in his gut. He doesn’t need me anymore. He shouldn’t. He can continue on his own now after a 10-minute read. Admittedly, I don’t charge for this service, but if I decided to make my living as a psychic, I would ideally be more into helping a quantity than a chosen few who come regularly. It works my skills and it spreads the insight to more people.

Warning signs:

When you give no visual or audio feedback the psychic gets frustrated and says “the spirits aren’t talking today” or some other excuse for lack of information. If they stop and ask you “does this sound familiar?” They are hoping to get information from you. Instead, say “keep telling me more and I’ll let you know.” Put it off and do not give feedback if you can help it.

He/She wants to set up your next appointment before you leave. Congratulations, you now have an unlicensed therapist!

They want to sell you things with the treatment from crystals/stones to protective devices or charms.

Under no circumstances make the reading “fit” by twisting your knowledge. Well, she said that my sister was sick for a long time. One time she did have mono… It’s possible for a psychic to pick up stray “signals” and go down the wrong path but they should be able to have a technique to pull back in and hone in on you, whether it’s touching you, having you touch something, or restudying your eyes.

Consumer Savvy: I readily admit that the same consumer skills that keep you safe in the real world do the same here. You know how when you see a ton of cheesy godawful commercials by the same company at every commercial break you think, “I would be paying for this ads if I go there…” This applies to psychics too. Check out their clothing and jewelry and overhead of their location. It sounds cruel, but if the shop is in a strip mall or a rented building, there is a big hungry rent to pay. If they are visiting for a short time, like a weekend, in your town and asking a large sum of money because they are famous or somehow have a piece of amazing equipment or spirit guide…be very wary. Spiritualism is as big a business as the church.

What can you do on your side to prepare for a reading? My advice is, don’t seek out a psychic if there is any aspect of your life you do not want to talk about or confront. The funny thing about psychic readings is when you get a legitimate psychic they will focus on the one thing you are trying the most not to expose. So, if you go to the reading hoping to discuss your love life and prospects but the one thing you don’t want to deal with is your boss picking on you at work and making you miserable, guess that the psychic is more likely to pick up on? The thing you don’t want to face because it has a place in the mind’s storage that is like an unlocked box just waiting to be raided. Kind of like when someone says “don’t picture a wooden crate with apples in it.” What did you just do? You just envisioned it, didn’t you?

I could have probably made this post into smaller installments. There’s so much to talk about in relation to psychics. Feel free to ask me more. I know other psychics would be really angry I’m confessing all this, but hey consumerism should work in the spiritual realm too.

Honest psychics have an important role: Lots of psychics make a good living doing an honest service and I appreciate that very much. Doctors do humanitarian work and charge for what they do, so psychics certainly should feel free to. It’s not a way that I ever personally wanted to make a living doing because it's a talent that I see can aid friends. I am, however, using those skills for my soon to be opened Etsy shop and I hope to be able to make it possible for people to feel what objects intentions are—their feelings, memories, and moods put together in a way that the common person not trained in their own psychic skills could visually see the mood and the power of objects and perhaps even sense the aura of it amplified by having the right parts placed together with powerful emotions attached to them. Every psychic finds their own path whether it's to aid the research world, to help family and friends, to make a living or spread knowledge. When you find a good one, it's pure magic.


  1. I have never visited a psychic.

    My mother read palms, not for a living or even entertainment, she just was able to do it. She did not enjoy it and only did so when someone would keep insisting. She looked in my palm once and never would again.

    Funny Word verification...boodog

  2. Gail;
    Yeah, you can go your whole life without a reading and wouldn't miss a thing. For some folks, there's a real excitement about knowing that you connected with someone and that psychic abilities do exist. I found a lot of people become dependent on readings, so it's hard to shake them. I get how your mom felt. I like to offer it to people when I feel either they would be a great read or a really hard one or maybe they just need to learn something to get mental relief. I prefer to be the pursuer in those cases. I love your verification word--hee hee!

  3. Excellent post, I hope you write more on this subject. I guess the main reason I see a psychic or card reader is just to know that everything will be okay.

    But at the same time, I have free will and can live my life the way I want. I should not depend on a reading in telling me how I should live my life.

  4. I have only been to two psychics and one was almost right about everything. She read my palm the other one didn't.

    Katie, Kennedy and I were walking through Target. This woman giving out free samples looked at Kennedy in a weird way. She asked if she had stomach issues. Katie said "NO"! She continued to tell her that she was a psychic and has always been able to sense things like that. She felt Kennedy was going to have an issue with her stomach sometime soon. We were a bit annoyed that she just shouted that out, and scaring Katie. However, I didn't like her doing that either but a week or so later, Kennedy got a stomach virus that made her sick for several days. This was the same virus she decided to share with me.....silly girl. Even though the lady was right the way she went about it was wrong. Katie and I were so worried!

    I like what you had to say in this post. Very good advise...

  5. Senorita;
    You have a great attitude about it. So long as you feel balanced by it and what they say isn't affecting your own decision-making, you are finding a great benefit to getting reads. That's really what it should be--a way to check in with yourself periodically.

  6. Julie;
    Yeah, I've had those kinds of messages about people before, but if it's a stranger, you end up sounding like a nut job and the person you warned ends up possibly changing many decisions in their lives leading to something that could be even worse a fate. A psychic shouldn't stop a person from having their journey. That's why I get frustrated when people want to know about their future. They will hear about one of many different futures which changes because you now know it, so you change your course and never meet that future...

  7. very interesting, still on the fence about the whole psychic thing though, not to be rude to any believers out there though

  8. Halloweenman666;
    Wow, I totally get it. Hey, I have the ability but every time I use it, I still shake my head and get chills. I keep thinking it's a fluke and it'll go away. I can't explain why it's possible, but I don't think it's anything woo-woo. I think we all have it, some just started using the skills early and do it better.

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  10. I went to a Psychic once on referral from a friend. I found it extremely difficult not to lead her with my non-verbal cues b/c I felt rude! It's like we're socialized to be encouraging and I just couldn't undo the 20 some years of social training even though I was aware of it.

  11. Heather;
    That's everyone's problem. It's extremely common. Plus, you know they're under pressure so you want to encourage them to spit it out. I always prefer to read people I don't know because what I know about them can cloud me. I also never want them to respond or feed me info. Ideally, I would look away and hold their hand. That's the ideal read situation.

  12. What do you think about the "Law of Attraction"?
    Whatever you think about you draw to yourself, good or bad.
    As in saying to yourself - I won't be late, I won't be late...but all the Universe hears you thinking about is being late, so you are late.
    Like the woman telling the girl Katie that she saw some stomach issues, and while she felt fine, her mind probably kept thinking about it and causes a stomach virus.
    I know that if I think about something, even an object. I tend to find that object almost immediately. Or everytime I think about a paint color I want, I go to the Hardware Store and there the color is in the mis-tinted discount paints. While I do believe there are some REAL psychics out there, I also think the Law of Attraction can be powerful too.

  13. Cindi;
    What you're talking about is real. When you are swimming in the stream of life optimally genuine--things come to you. It's the Midas touch for some, Karma for others, Law of Attraction for some. When you are using your skills and abilities, being genuine and real, no longer fighting the tides of life but riding the waves--things happen for you. You also tend to notice those things when you're in the right place. People who are stressed out and feel like they're fighting the world every day, they miss those connections and they don't look for them. When you feel an inner pull to go to the hardware store for paint, you are listen to your inner psychic and voila! There's the paint! When I do psychic testing online, I have a feeling in my gut when I know I'm right--not even a doubt and then -- I'm right. When I question it slightly, I picked the wrong one. When you learn that feeling in your body when you're right, you know when to do things. I tell people to do online psychic testing every day just to learn your gut feelings...

  14. I'm not entirely sure I see the line between psychic and therapist. For the most part people see them for the same reason: solace.

  15. RR;
    Very insightful. That's truly what it is. No matter what a psychic brings up in a read, the client wants to see the bigger picture, have hope, be justified in a decision, and it comes down to the psychic guiding them to "see" what is already known.

  16. Let's face it, psychics are not always a cheaper alternative!

    Didn't know if you would see a response to such an old post of yours. Kudos!


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