Don't Miss Season Ender - "Ghost Hunters"!

Wednesday is THE night, the season ender for “Ghost Hunters.” The team will be going to Norwich State which they consider to be a goal location to investigate. I know I’ll be watching and waiting for something crazy to happen. I sure hope so. I need it!

Hey, and for those of you have the same sense of humor and love of crazy horror, you will want to tune in Saturday night on SyFy to see the movie “Mongolian Death Worm.” I love this subject (huge “Tremors” fan) so I love the concept of underground creepy things going after us sort of like having a shark attacking you on the land.



  1. LOL, that does have a Tremors feel to it. I will be watching GH too but since I have to work tomorrow, I probably won't be doing a recap.


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