Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dale the Doll: Don't Listen to the Human

Don't listen to the human. She will tell you that I was unruly, uncontrollable, and downright rude. She'll tell you that she may not have me back on a ghost hunt with her, although I made fine bait for trying to get the little schoolgirl to talk to them. She'll tell you that I got drunk on their champagne and went to the cemetery in search of female dolls, picking up on angels, cherubs, and even Mother Mary!

Lies, it is all lies, I tell you!

That video she took of me in the prior post--it had to be posed. I would never do something so outrageous. She even will tell you that I drove the car drunk! There is no proof of that (please disregard photo above).

Admittedly, I woke up feeling quite horrid and, horror of horrors, sleeping on the pillow beside the human! If only I had my wits about me, I would have horrified her in her sleep. I woke up twice during the night when the human did. We both heard a little girl near the bed speaking a full sentence. The same thing both times, but could not make out the words. Even I got doll goosebumps.

I don't like this ghost hunting thing. It scares me. I would only tell you that, but not her. They propped me up in a rocking chair with a KII meter and a candle flickering and offered the little girl to come and touch me. God, if she had done that I would have shrieked and hid under the bed!

Admittedly, I do not seem to scare the human. She is hardcore. She hunts ghosts! I will not underestimate her, nor will I ever sleep beside her--even when I am thoroughly drunk!

She scares me!


  1. Hmmmm...I'm thinking maybe your Human could bring another doll along on the next hunting adventure to keep you out of trouble or possibly party with you. LOL!

  2. Cindi;
    Don't encourage him--I can't imagine him with a cohort!

  3. Drinking, rocking chairs and lit candles. Sounds like a doll nightmare in the making. I can just hear the painted lips blistering around Dale's silent screams.

    Do dolls dream of wooden flames...over a sacrificial pit?

    Keep up the good work, Dale. Sometimes the truth is your only reward.

  4. Pangs;
    Flaming sheep huh? I like the way your mind works. He was muttering in his sleep. It could have been the champagne but it was something about the doll apocalypse... Hopefully, he's sufficiently frightened of us females now and will behave or we'll send the ghosts after him. (It appears that besides a weakness for angels, cherubs and the Mother Mary, Dale's other weakness is fear of ghosts).

  5. At least he didn't mention being put in the back of the car with the luggage and having your computer case lying on his head most of the way. Maybe the little dickin's forgot and has filed it way back in his little wooden mind as a horrible experience never to be talked about...

  6. Hey, Julie, remember that post about his family? That was part of his training to prepare him for the steamer trunk. Didn't faze him.

  7. I'm just glad he didn't come up behind me and say "hello Julie".....and Dale, you did run amuck in Globe and you know it, lol.

  8. I just want to say that I had a fun time with the ladies and even with Dale the doll. I'm still leery of you, Dale, but warming up...