Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another long but hopefully fruitful summer!

Well, after much debating back and forth with myself over whether to be a nonfiction writer or a fiction writer, I decided on both. The Haunted Formula I began last summer evolved through more research into something too irresistible to ignore, but as I have a tendency to do 10 things at one time, I wanted to get someone to be co-writer and developer of this formula. After last summer's exhausting research, I knew I couldn't do all this alone in any reasonable length of time.

I found a perfect fit! You know my determination to meet and hug all the bloggers? Well, when I met and hugged Julie from Above the Norm and brought her on a ghost hunt with me, we’ve fast become good buddies and hunting partners. In fact, we’re very soon taking an overnight study of a haunted schoolhouse in a mining town, so I asked her if she’d be interested in co-developing and co-writing The Haunted Formula with me and she was game for it!

This is a huge help because the things that need to be researched on these 50 haunted sites for the book has been overwhelming time wise and I need someone to help me make observations, see correlations, and organize thoughts. Julie is just the lady. Her blog is a wonderful one that follows all the weird and bizarre paranormal things in AZ. And, this is a very crazy state!

So, in the future, expect to hear some updates on how the book writing is coming along. I would personally love to dedicate it to all the wonderful bloggers who were following me during last summer’s endless findings on commonalities between haunted places. You guys kept me going when I was cross-eyed and bleary by reminding me that I was onto something.

When all is said and done, we hope to find the physical and historic similarities that are common in actively haunted sites, the types of features that seem to instigate certain types of hauntings and even perhaps predict the best time to hunt there and get results. This will make it possible to even predict the site of a future haunting based on current history and physical features.

I can tell, it’s going to be another long summer!


  1. You sound very much like me. I tend to do two to three things at once myself. Actually, that is the only way things get accomplished. I wish you all the best with your book writing...and let me know. I will be watching for them.

  2. Hey Mary;
    This blog is the launching point for this haunted formula. Last summer when I was dinking around with comparing haunted places to find similarities, I didn't expect anything to jump out at me, but then it kind of screamed "keep it up!" I knew I couldn't leave it alone, but I definitely didn't want to do it by myself. Hopefully this will be a way to help investigators and those living in places they think might be haunted to know just what their chances of a haunting are and what kind to expect in that location. The ultimate will be to find a way to tie all the features up and explain the synergy of this kind of reaction. Alas, I am only one person. Glad to know another multitasker. You can't imagine what I have on my plate right now. I hate to put things off and it's so damn hot in the desert all summer, that I suspect this might be the way to tuck myself into a dark room and pretend it's autumn already..By the time I emerge, it just might be!

  3. Superfantastik. Can't wait to see where this research leads.

  4. Hey Pangs;
    Thanks. I will definitely be keeping ya'all updated. We're taking it into a deeper direction that should help us to even define what type of haunting is most likely in what place...

  5. Ok, I'm getting a little spooked out...the more I read about you, the more I realize that none of this was an accident. Me finding your blog, my "Mom" stuff and the "Stuff" I DO remember...and I kinda think you already know...
    and if you do, it's gonna totally freak me out!

  6. Hey Cindi;
    Yeah... I think I do know. :-)

  7. This was definately something I never expected to be doing but excited to get the opportunity. The haunted formula was an interesting subject that I followed through each post. I'm learning new things all the time and loving it.

  8. exciting. Good luck with the sounds right up my alley.

  9. Great! Not only would it be a great read, but such a book could prove an invaluable resource for researchers and investigators.
    Good luck to you both!

  10. Burt and MarZel;
    Thanks! Yeah, I'm dying to see if this new dimension we're researching leads to something. Burt, you know BF is going to have to be the next research--you want to co-write that one? I'd like to find the commonalities in the sighting places and features--hmm... "The BF Formula"?

  11. I wouldn't think you'd have to much trouble finding contributors considering all the people you have following a blog. Writing a book can be tough...trying to compile enough of the right information, trying to figure out what order everything should go in to make sure the whole book flows good, trying to word everything right with the proper grammar and can take some patience. I think that's why I like blogging. I can write shorter pieces and just write them as often as I like. Having a co-writer for a book could make writing it less of a headache. Good luck, both of you!

  12. Jeff;
    Thanks. Yeah, I'm a classic Virgo and very organized and a huge lover of nonfiction, so I think the actually layout and presentation of info will be the fun part. The part hard part is all the research and working the formula until it shows it's consistently accurate.