Friday, May 14, 2010

The 1970s Changed Horror Movies Forever!

The 30s and 40s showed us horror movies based on the classic monsters, but the 70s showed us that horror can have many different avenues to explore. In fact, that single decade made horror movies splinter into so many directions that it has never been the same since. In that one simple decade coming out of flower power and heading towards the 80s “yuppidom,” we were in an ideal place for expanding the genre. Here are some samples of huge variety of subclasses that occurred:

Occult: “The Omen,” “The Exorcist” “Satan’s School for Girls” “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Blood on Satan’s Claw,” “Satan’s Cheerleaders,” “The Brotherhood of Satan,” “The Wicker Man,” “Crowhaven Farm,” “Race With the Devil,” “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.”

Supernatural: “The Legend of Hell House,” “Amityville Horror,” “The Evil,” “The House That Would Not Die,” “Audrey Rose,” “The Possession of Joel Delaney,” “The Fog,” “The Shining”

Slasher: ”Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Friday the 13th,” “Halloween,” “Hell House,” “Black Christmas,” “When a Stranger Calls,” “Terror Train,” “Prom Night”

“Let’s Scare Jessica to Death,” “Duel,” “Born Innocent,” “Last House on the Left,” “Bad Ronald,” “I Spit on Your Grve”

Disaster/Nature Rebels: “Prophecy,” “Day of the Animals,” “Food of the Gods,” “Airport,” “Earthquake,” “Towering Inferno,” “Jaws,” “Dawn of the Dead”

Technology/Inanimate objects:
“The Car,” “Killdozer,” “Christine,” “Magic,” “Trilogy of Terror,” “Tourist Trap”

If you wonder why remakes of horror movies are rampant right now, you just have to look back at this magical decade to see why we reach for the roots from which we sprang.

What 1970s horror movie thrilled you in a new and chilling way and nothing was ever the same again?


  1. Sadly, I missed most of the 70's, but when I look back at my favorites from the 70's I'd have to say The Exorcist. It is the only movie that scares me.

  2. Yeah, most of those we all saw on TV as repeats--too young to see them in the theater. I think the one that totally shocked me was "The Omen." I had never seen anything so scary before and it wasn't that suspenseful romantic ghostly type of movie I was used to--it was even creepier when you think your religion is supposed to protect you but perhaps it's part of the corruption...

  3. Can't wait for the "Fright Night" remake. Just saw "The Mist" and LOVED it! And speaking of "Christine" and killer car shows, I'm working on a plot right now with a hell car theme. Should be done in six years given the rate at which I work.

  4. Grim;
    You are totally welcome back in the critique group fold. We have added two new members, a prolifically published author
    and a horror movie reviewer who seriously reminds me of you with the same wit and gore-factor and horror craziness

    Gregg and Scott are great additions and I very much miss reading your work. You are my favorite horror writer of all time and if you stop doing it, I will lose all hope in the world.

    I am freaking excited about Fright Night and the yummy Colin Farrell playing the part--delicious--he was great in Phone Booth with a similar kind of slimy guy. Bless your heart for working on a killer car themed story--it's my favorite of all time and "The Car" was the best ever! There was also another one I can't remember the name of and it's driving me insane in which all the cars came to life and were trying to kill people in a diner...If you know the name, let me know. I want to add that to my collection. It was hilariously wicked.

  5. I'm still debating about the group. I kinda miss it.

    Was the movie "Maximum Overdrive"? People were in a cafe or gas station or something like that in that one. If not, maybe it was Steven King's "Trucks".

  6. Holy shit! I've been to Trent's blog before. I so totally freak'n wanted to buy his book on Magick and Witchcraft!

  7. Grim;
    Yeah, I know you got it--it's one of those movies-yahoo--you knew it! I miss that one. Love those bleak rough western desert feeling horrors like that and Tremors. I'm glad you've seen Gregg's site. He's a fantastic guy and a prolific writer. We are going to be hopefully working on something that is hush-hush now, but I will introduce it on the blog when it comes out later. You should EMAIL me and get caught up. You might like the post about to come out in a few minutes here. The guy is seriously an amazing nonfiction writer. I'm hoping to encourage him to take the leap into fiction--he's a natural. So, you could be working alongside us all... You'll love Scott's idea from Anything horror. He's got the keenest mind for horror and over-the-top stuff and a sense of humor about it which is rare.

  8. "The Omen" was way creepy as a kid, especially with the concepts being publicly reinforced once a week.

    "Magic" was horrifying. Doll. Enough said.

    I'll toss in "Race with the Devil" in the Occult category and "Burnt Offerings" for having a proper ending.

  9. Pangs;
    Very good taste! I remember sneaking into "The Omen" and getting my friend's brother to buy the tickets. I was sobbing the whole way home. Hee hee. I own Burnt Offerings and I have a made crush on Oliver Reed so I adored it and Karen Black was just so creepy and awesome. My sister took me to see Magic at an old-drive-in that was all beaten up and nasty and we were the only car in the whole section of the place and it was so scary. I remember that started my deep fear of ventriloquist dolls and if you tell Dale the Doll about it--I will have to seek you out and tape up your mouth! p.s. Today, I'm shopping for a new outfit for Dale for my road trip and filming him in a scary film. You will have to watch later in the next week for his little movie...